March 18, 2016: In This Issue
March 26 - Sun Cooking & Passive Solar Design 
April 2 - Cholla Bud Harvest
April 8-10 - Birding the Chiricahuas
April 16 - Pine Needle Basketweaving
April 17 - Food & Drink Fermentation Workshop 
April 23-29 - Land of the Hopi 
& Navajo Tour 
April 24 - Desert Museum Annual Gala: Desert Canids
Oct. 3 - 9 - California Missions
& Wineries Tour 
The Desert in Bloom
Arizona Claret Cup
Arizona Claret Cup_ASDM
Planted or potted, your Desert Museum is going "wild" with color! This is the time of year when our gardens and grounds take center stage with vibrant hues of blooming cactus and wildflowers. If you have a passion for orange, scarlet, fuchsia, purple, yellow, and blue then here is your chance see them all.  Don't forget your camera!  Dig Deeper

Raptor Free Flight
Great Horned Owl_Kenny Don
Time is flying by! This season of Raptor Free Flight ends with the 2 p.m. demonstration on Saturday, March 27. If you haven't had the chance to watch these amazing aerialists soar just over your head, you should plan your trip today. Just remember, the birds don't fly on Wednesdays so pick any other day of the week. See You Soon

April 17 Fermentation Workshop
Fermentation_Dan Dorsey
In this fun workshop we'll eat and drink our way through 2000 years of fermentation history, as we sample and discuss how to make sauerkraut, kimchi, various drinks like hard apple cider, wines and meads, no to low alcoholic soft drinks, as well as sourdough starter breads, vinegars, and other ferments. 
Become an Earth Ambassador
Earth Ambassadors_ASDM
Does your teen have a love for the outdoors? Do they want to protect the natural world but don't know where to begin?  Then take a moment now to discover the Desert Museum's Earth Ambassador program. This one-year series of outdoor adventures and hands-on learning projects inspires teens while building leadership qualities and lasting friendships.  Apply Today