Artwork by Dr. Barbara Taylor/NOAA

Did you know there are fewer than 60 vaquita left? This means this rare species of porpoise is now the most endangered marine mammal on the planet. They need our help! Join us next Saturday, July 9, for our Cool Summer Nights' celebration of "Volcanoes & Vaquitas." It is also International Save the Vaquita Day.  Learn how you can help vaquitas while also exploring the Earth's fiery power forces (volcanoes).  Where is the Vaquita?
Curious? Ask a Curator

Are you a Desert Museum Silver or Gold Member? If so, you have an exclusive and direct pipeline to our curators for questions about the Sonoran Desert region. Wondering about saguaros and their fruit and who's eating it? Mark Fleming, Curator of Botany, has the answer! Wondering about tarantulas and how monsoon season tends to bring them out? And what about those stingrays? Stephane Poulin, Curator of Herpetology, Ichthyology, and Invertebrate Zoology (whew!), has the answer. Cure Your Curiosity!
Facebook fan/James Warren
Poisonous vs. Venomous

A common misconception about gila monsters is that they are poisonous. They are actually venomous! So what's the difference between poisonous and venomous? Both produce a toxin that is harmful or even lethal to another organism, but the real difference is how that toxin is delivered. Venomous creatures may inject their venom, while poisonous creatures may be harmful if eaten or touched. Have more questions? Please e-mail us.  Gila Monsters Galore!

ASDM/Kat Rumbley
Flower Friday

This gorgeous 'Oh Wow!' Hybrid Torch Cactus (Trichocereus hybrid) is blooming near the Ironwood Terraces. While most of the parent species are native to Argentina, the torch cacti always display magnificent and vibrant flowers. Want to "wow" your neighbors? Plan now to attend our annual Plant Sale in September where you can purchase hybrid torch cacti. In the meantime, it looks like another 'Oh Wow!' is ready to bloom nearby. Plan to visit us this weekend if you want to see it.  Dig Deeper!

ASDM Volunteer/Bob Clarke
Volunteer Viernes

To celebrate Volunteer Viernes, we would like to give a shout out to two of our newest Guest Services volunteers, Madyson and Howie! Make sure to come visit them (and your favorite desert animals) tomorrow evening at  Cool Summer Nights - Creatures of the Night!  Guest Service volunteers are the first smiling faces that people see before they explore the Sonoran Desert. Not only will you be able to educate, you will meet people from around the world.  Greet the Guests!

What's Going Down in the Desert? 

  • Cool Summer Nights - Creatures of the Night (July 2) 
  • Cool Summer Nights - Volcanoes & Vaquitas (July 9) 
  • Cool Summer Nights - Full Moon Festival (July 16) 
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July 1, 2016