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Harvest Your Way Into Summer

Have you noticed the bright bursts of red on top of our symbolic saguaros? These red clusters are saguaro cactus fruit (aka delicious)! Join us next Saturday for a morning filled with gathering, preparing, and cooking the fruit into a sweet syrup. So how do we actually gather the fruit? We use a harvest pole made from the ribs of the giant cactus. $66/members, $72/non-members. Feeling Fruity?
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Happy Hummingbird 

This week, we are highlighting our hummingbirds. Did you know there are more than 300 species of hummingbirds? In our aviary, we have several representative Sonoran Desert species. These birds are fascinating! Not only do their wings flap around 100 times a second, their hearts beat about 1,200 times a minute.They are also quite the musical stars.  Name That Tune!

ASDM/Kat Rumbley
Flower Friday

Happy Flower Friday! The infamous flying saucers (Trichocereus hybrids) are coming!  According to our horticulturist, Jason, these beauties will bloom early tomorrow morning. This is something you do not want to miss! Pro tip? Get here before noon to see these flowers in full bloom. The blooms typically only last one day. Gates open at 7:30 a.m. Dig Deeper!

Art Institute/Jay Pierstorff
We Need Your Vote

It's that time again! Tucson Weekly's "Best of Tucson" is back and our very own Art Institute has been nominated for their classes. The Desert Museum has also been nominated for best public garden and best fun for the whole family. The final round of balloting ends on July 31. Not only can you vote for us, you can vote for your other favorite local spots. Show Local Love!

Renee Clancy
Desert Destination: Wedding Style

Calling all couples! We offer two stunning outdoor ceremony sites and three unique reception spaces for weddings. Choose from a shaded desert oasis, picturesque patios, an intimate dining room, or a reception hall with breathtaking panoramic views. Invite animal guests to cocktail hour, dine on Southwestern-inspired cuisine, and dance under the stars! 2016 fall dates are still available.  Tie The Knot!
What's Going Down in the Desert?
  • Cool Summer Nights - Full Moon Festival (June 18)
  • Saguaro Fruit Harvest (June 25)
  • Cool Summer Nights - Monsoon Madness (June 25)
Want more info on these awesome events? Check it Out! 
JUNE 17, 2016