September 18, 2015: In This Issue
September 19 - Opening Reception "Measuring the Fate of the Amazon Rainforests" Exhibit; Ironwood Gallery
September 26 - Annual Plant Sale: Member Pre-Sale
September 27 - Annual Plant Sale
October 17 - Raptor Free Flight Returns
October 24 & 25 - Natural History of the Sonoran Desert (class full)
October 31- Opening Reception "Andrew Denman: The Modern Wild" Exhibit; Ironwood Gallery
November 8 - Perfect Pruning
November 8 - Birds, Bats, Bees & Butterflies
November 12 & 13 - Celebration of Food & Basketry: Symposium
November 14 & 15 - Celebration of Food & Basketry: Festival
Annual Plant Sale Sept. 27
Angelita Daisy
(photo courtesy A. Krasofsi)
Next weekend is just around the corner! Shop hundreds of extraordinary desert plants adapted to this area including cacti, succulents, vines, plants for pots, and those that support the journey of the Monarch butterfly. Botanical experts are on hand to answer desert gardening questions. Become a member for a discount and admission a day early! Member Sale - Sept. 26; General Public - Sept. 27. 6:30am - 1pm both days.
Amazon Rainforest Exhibit
Photo courtesy Jake Bryant
Any large change to the Amazon rainforests can globally affect our atmosphere. Opening tomorrow, the exhibit "What Happens in the Rainforest Doesn't Stay in the Rainforest" documents the National Science Foundation's Amazon-PIRE study of the potential effects of climate change on the Amazon. This multi-media show of the scientists at work will give you a new awareness of the impact of environmental change.
First Time Open to the Public
Photo courtesy TOCA
An intensive meeting of the minds, the Celebration of Food & Basketry Symposium gathers indigenous experts in cooking, history, art, academia and other topics, to discuss issues relevant to our native peoples.  Sample freshly made native foods and learn how to make them. Workshops include traditional food and agricultural practices. Thurs. & Fri., Nov. 12 & 13. Registrants get a free ticket for one day of the public Festival, Nov. 14 & 15.
Raptor Free Flight
Sweeping over your head, the raptors announce their presence. The breathtaking birds of Raptor Free Flight take to the skies next month! From the Peregrine Falcon diving at more than 200mph, to the Great Horned Owl's impressive wingspan, you'll experience the different mechanisms of each bird's flight. Presentations at 10am and 2pm daily. Opens Oct. 17.