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JANUARY 10, 2019
2019's Security Token Market Trends
#1 Exchanges won’t be successful in 2019

As the security token market gains popularity among the blockchain community, many people are focused on the exchanges as the gateway to liquidity. However, I believe that the market is too nascent for exchanges to bring any value to the tokens that are being listed on them. With that being said, I still believe that major traditional exchanges, such as the Nasdaq, will develop their own solutions to facilitate the trade of security tokens in 2019.

Nasdaq-Powered Exchange to Launch EU-Regulated Tokenized Stock Trading

Estonian digital trading platform DX Exchange will begin offering tokenized stocks on the Ethereum blockchain next week, the company confirmed in a press release Jan. 3.

DX, which will reportedly be the first exchange to offer such trading in a fully regulated environment in the European Union, will use Nasdaq’s Financial Information exchange (FIX) protocol to deliver the product.

Some Harsh Advice for the Blockchain Industry 

For the blockchain, 2018 is ending with a marked contrast to how it started, no matter how optimistic you care to be. That’s because the largest mindshare has been on the price of tokens and cryptocurrencies. That is an unfortunate frame of reference, because it symbolizes the velocity of hype, more than enlightens on the real measures of progress in the industry.

It would be an interesting experiment if we could...

10 Crypto Events you can Expect in 2019

If 2018 was the year we all realized unregulated cryptocurrency offerings (ICOs) would have to be replaced by regulated “security token” offerings (STOs), 2019 is shaping up to be the year we see that regulation implemented.

As a result of that change, here are 10 events I predict we’ll see in the crypto space within the next 12 months:

Winklevosses' Cryptocurrency Exchange Says the 'Revolution Needs Rules'

Gemini Trust Co., the cryptocurrency exchange founded in 2014 by Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, argues in a new ad campaign that its chaotic sector should protect investors by adopting standard best practices and following regulations. At the same time, not incidentally, the campaign suggests that Gemini already provides shelter from the storm.

Vertalo's 'Carta for Crypto' Platform Launches on MainNet!
On January 8, Vertalo publicly announced the wide availability of the industry's first Digital Asset Cap Table & Investor Registration platform.

Vertalo's blockchain agnostic solution simplifies:

  • Digital Asset Cap Table Management
  • Investor On-boarding and Wallet Registration
  • Digital Asset Compliance and Token Distribution
  • ICO Remediation and Restitution

7 Ways Tokenizing Traditional Assets Will Launch Security Tokens To Main Street In 2019

It may be hard to believe now, but the securitization of non-liquid assets — venture capital funds, real estate, precious metals, currency, art, sports teams — is likely to be one of the biggest stories of 2019 and beyond.

In fact, it’s likely to reshape how investors value their assets and how they think about them going forward.

Cardano Dominates Blockchain Development by Git Commits

With the end of 2018, a slew of interesting statistics regarding the crypto industry have started to emerge. While some are expected recaps of the year, others paint a more interesting picture of the world of digital coins.

One of those reports came from CoinCodeCap , a website that keeps a log of all the changes made to the code of cryptocurrencies around the world.

Security Tokens Realized
The Inaugural Summit on Security Tokenization
January 23 - 24, 2019
World Economic Forum
Shape Global, Regional, and Industry Agendas
January 22-25, 2019