November 20, 
No. 23
 The Dio Log 

news and events in the Episcopal Diocese of Maine since 1999
Anika Rogers, a survivor of addiction, prostitution, and trafficking, tells her story at the Love Heals Conference held at St. Paul's, Brunswick, last Saturday. Anika, Regina Mullins, another survivor leader, and Thistle Farms founder, the Rev. Becca Stevens, spent four days in Maine speaking about the healing and social enterprise efforts of the Thistle Farms ministry in Nashville.  The Diocesan Human Trafficking Ministry Group, with the help of a New Initiatives Fund grant, brought the women to Maine in partnership with Bates College, Lutheran partners, and the Center for Wisdom's Women in Lewiston. Links to a photo album, video of the presentations, and Maine news coverage may be found below.

prayers for...

the people affected by violence and terror in France, Nigeria, Lebanon, Syria, and Mali as well as refugees from war-torn places who face an uncertain future.

Read Presiding Bishop Michael Curry's statement on the refugee crisis, "Be Not Afraid!

Participate in a webinar on refugee resettlement offered by Episcopal Migration Ministries and the Office of Government Relations on Monday, November 23 at 8 p.m. Learn more here.

the  youth and adult leaders of the Fall Middle School Youth Event this weekend at St. Luke's Cathedral in Portland.

the family of Deacon Gary Drinkwater whose father-in-law, Norm Rivard, was killed in a hit and run accident in Lewiston on Wednesday evening. Mr. Rivard was crossing the street near his home. 

voices among us...

Bishop Lane's Convention Sermon
Bishop Lane's Convention Sermon

"Planning Your Funeral Music Could Be Fun," a post by  Anthony Antolini , long-time music director at St. John Baptist in Thomaston, originally printed in St. John's newsletter The  Antiphon , is now available on the NNE blog. In addition to Tony's suggestions and guidance, there are samples of funeral planning forms used by Maine churches and those in other dioceses.

Congratulations to...

the people of Church at 209 in Augusta as they celebrate St. Mark's Episcopal Church's 175th Anniversary on Sunday, November 22, at 4 p.m. at 209 Eastern Avenue. Bishop Lane will preside. All are welcome.

The people of St. Luke's, Wilton, on the creation of a neighborhood labyrinth with help from a New Initiatives Fund grant. It's featured in newspapers here and here.

Applications for the next round of New Initiatives Fund grants will be open in mid-December with awards announced in February. What is your congregation dreaming about?

the people of St. Andrew's, Newcastle, upon the announcement of their call of an Interim Priest-in-Charge. The Rev. John S. Nieman of the Diocese of Upper South Carolina will join them in ministry beginning in February.


Diocesan Cycle of Prayer is online

The new Diocesan Cycle of Prayer is available here.  And as a pdf .
Funds available for international development and fighting domestic poverty in Maine

Diocesan Council invites proposals for both programs, international and domestic, for consideration at its December meeting. Please submit a letter of application - describing the program and detail how and for what purpose diocesan funds would be used - to Canon Heidi Shott by December 1, 2015. Examples of successful past proposal letters are available as a guide. Please be in touch.

Join the new Episcopal Maine Musicians' Facebook Group

All clergy, singers, musicians and parishioners are invited to join the Facebook group Episcopal Maine Musicians.  This is a "closed" group, which means we can share resources easily.  Ask questions, see what others are doing, download interesting materials and be part of a new network, started by Thew Elliott of Trinity, Portland, Ivan Stefanov of St. George's, York, and Jane Hartwell.

Links to Love Heals coverage

A photo album from the Love Heals conference in Brunswick

Dropbox link to watch Love Heals Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.

Impromptu work day at Bishopswood

Saturday, December 5, from 8:30 a.m. to dusk

We know that next spring there is going to be a major septic project happening at Bishopswood. At the same time, we have to be ready to greet 100 campers on June 26. We will not be able to have our work weekend when traditionally most of this work has happened. We are going to try to get a head start on it December 5. 

Here is what we would like to accomplish:
* Remove leaves around Great Hall & cabin area
* Cut, split, stack firewood for campfires next summer
* Chip brush and branches from current tree projects
* Cut trees to get ready for our septic project

What we need:
* Lots of hands who are willing to rake and transport leaves (rakes & trucks)
* Gas-powered leaf blowers
* 1-2 wood splitters and folks willing to split wood
* Folks willing to stack wood
* 1-2 chippers and folks willing to feed a chipper and transport brush
* Chainsaws & people who can cut trees (you can also take wood home if you would like)

Working Conditions:
* It will be fun and a lot of good cheer
* Will provide a porta-pottie but there will be no running water or "plumbing"
* We ask that folks bring their own food and beverages
* There is a good chance that it will be a bit cold. But we promise to keep you moving to keep you warm.
* Many hands make light work and we will pitch in to make Bishopswood ready for next summer.

Please email Mike Douglass at or call 207-772-1953 x127 to sign up or if you have any questions. Please let me know if you can bring any of the above.
This will be a fun time!

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