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Volume 20, Number 20  ~  October 19, 2018

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What's New in the Episcopal Church in Maine
From the Bishop...

Dear Friends:

It's been quite a Fall: unusually warm with some plants blooming again unexpectedly and Hurricane Michael; the Kavanaugh hearings and the outpouring from women and men about the ways in which we disrespect and abuse one another, sexually and otherwise; and the frantic run-up to the midterm elections with the claims that this is most important election ever.

Here in the diocese we know the Discernment Committee is holding its retreat for semi-finalists in the Quest for the Tenth Bishop of Maine this weekend. The slate will be announced by the Standing Committee on November 8. And soon attention will be turning to the upcoming Walkabout and Election for the Tenth Bishop.

All of these matters are ratcheting up the anxiety we feel, and we see fallout everywhere in frayed relationships and disputes in congregations. Many of us are feeling dispirited and disrespected. I've heard from some of you about how hard it is to both maintain your integrity and stay centered in these time.

So, even though you know it, let me remind you (and me) that we Christians find our identity and hope in Christ. We do not treat one another in the ways the world does. We speak with love and respect. And our hope is not rooted in the nearest election cycle. Our hope is rooted in Christ.

Christianity was born in a time of enormous oppression and upheaval, when the emperor held the literal power of life and death. Christ sustained the faithful through that era, and Christ will sustain us in ours. We have all perhaps allowed ourselves the luxury of thinking that the world was going in the ways we wanted and have not contemplated the vast diversity of nations and peoples or the power of sin with sufficient force. We all do indeed need the saving grace of God.

So, my friends, breathe. Take a walk. Call a friend. Share a meal. Say your prayers. Reach out to a neighbor. Work for justice. Go to church. And, most of all, follow Jesus. God is with us, even now, and will bless our lives.


Bishop Steve
Prayers for...  
the Discernment Committee and finalists for nomination to become the Tenth Bishop of Maine who are participating in retreat in Maine this weekend
Voices among us...  
the Rev. Maria Hoecker, President of the Standing Committee, who updates the diocese and invites us to pray with everyone helping in the process of seeking a new bishop here on
Around the Diocese... 

"The Way of Love"

The diocese will come together on Saturday, October 27th at the University of Maine's Abromson Center at 88 Bedford Street in Portland. The theme for this year's Convention comes from our Presiding Bishop:  The Way of Love.  The Way of Love details practices for living a Jesus-centered life, and it will help us as we consider our direction for the future.  All convention info can be found at

Convention Folder

Materials making up the electronic convention folder are available below. These will not be compiled in "booklet" format as in past years. Much of the information will be projected.
Please print or download if you wish to have copies of these documents on hand:

No need to print or download the starred items below. They will be included in the packet of materials you receive when you check in at convention.

Seeking Red Apron Volunteers for Convention

We need your help! Red Apron Ambassadors are needed at Diocesan Convention on October 27th!  If you would like to sport a fashion forward apron and help by extending radical hospitality to convention goers, please be in touch with Rachel Zoller at

From the Bishop on the new expansive language versions of Rite II
Dear Friends,

This past summer at the General Convention, expansive language versions of Rites II A, B and D were adopted for use. I have shared these with the clergy.

Several people have noticed that in these new texts the "filioque clause" is removed from the Nicene Creed, and they have wondered when this happened. The filioque clause ("and the Son") was removed from the Creed in 1997 as part of our ongoing dialogue with the Orthodox Churches. The Orthodox Churches (Eastern Christians) have argued for centuries that the filioque clause was a Western innovation and addition to the Creed. The Episcopal Church agreed with that argument and promised to adopt the change in future Prayer Books, hence it's appearance now. (It's in Enriching Our Worship 1, p 54.)

What's at stake for the Orthodox (and for us) is the equality of the Son and the Spirit. Both proceed from God. Both are fully God. The Spirit is given by the Son, but not derived from the Son. The Spirit stands on her own as an expression of the fullness of God.

The filioque clause was fully debated in the 1990's, but hasn't been on the radar since. Now that it has our attention again, I invite conversation and education about it. And it may be omitted from the recitation of the Creed.

Bishop Steve
Maine Episcopal Network for Justice
Election Engagement Program - Fall 2018

Learn more about the role you and your faith community can take in election season.  Download the full Election Engagement Program introduction here and b e sure to check out the new election engagement page  on for some useful resources. Questions? Contact John Hennessy at


Maine Evangelism Network to kick-off Nov. 8th

"Evangelism is not trying to put butts in the seats but rather building up the Kingdom of God."  Bishop Michael Curry
The Rev. Kerry Mansir and the  Rev. Tim Higgins had the opportunity to attend the Evangelism Matters Conference this past March in Cleveland and came away completely inspired and with the blessing of Bishop +Lane with a hope to develop our own Evangelism Network. They will kick-off this initiative on Thursday, Nov. 8th at Christ Church, Gardiner from 5:30-7:30--a light dinner is included. RSVP to Kerry and Tim will offer a brief EVG 101 presentation and then talk about best practices in Evangelism. Other congregations will be invited to share! Then we'll discuss ongoing ways that we can all promote our PB's new initiative. All are welcome! Questions? Contact Rev. Tim Higgins.

Maine Miqra 2018
Diocesan-Wide Public Proclamation of Scripture
November 1-4
Miqra means, "the public proclamation of Scripture" in Hebrew.  In conjunction with the Miqra Fall Youth Event, individuals, groups and congregations from across the Diocese are invited to participate in reading the entire canon of the Bible in four days.  Register here to read 20-30 minute assigned portions of the Bible.  You can read aloud by yourself, or with a group (parish, Bible study, family, friends, etc) anytime between November 1-4 , or consider coming to the Cathedral to join for 1 hour in the reading there.  You can proclaim your reading, comments or musings on social media or Facebook Live using #mainemiqra2018.  Find more at . Thanks for helping us to proclaim the Gospel!

Miqra Fall Youth Event
Proclaiming our Faith in Word, Prayer and Action
November 2-4 at St. Luke's, Portland

Faith is something that we often keep to ourselves.  But what does it look like when we proclaim it?  That answer is both different for everyone, yet often surprisingly similar.  Join youth in grades 6-12 from across the Diocese of Maine as we proclaim our faith in Word, with a reading of the entire Bible, Prayer, with singing and worship, and Action, by getting out into our community and serving others.  The event will be held November 2-4 at St. Luke's Cathedral in Portland. Find more information at www.maineyouth.orgAll youth in grades 6-12 are invited, and adults can volunteer.  Contact Youth Missioner Sara D'Angio White with any questions: (585) 749-9125 or   
Follow us at #mainemiqra2018

Clergy: Save the Date
Members of the College of Clergy: Our survey (now closed) of interest in a Winter Clergy Retreat has revealed that fewer than half those who responded were either 'certain' or 'likely to attend'. That number is less than the guaranteed minimum we need for the Samoset, so this retreat has been cancelled.  Instead, a retreat-like program and atmosphere is being planned for Chrism Eucharist and Blessing of Holy Oils to be held on Thursday, April 11th at the Cathedral.  Please save the day as agenda times are not yet certain.  Car pooling is encouraged and lunch will be provided for clergy attending. 
Upcoming in Maine and Beyond

Choral Evensong with Royal School of Church Music's Children's Choir Oct 21st

Visit Saint Mary's for Choral Evensong on Sunday, Oct. 21 at 4:00 p.m. at the Church of Saint Mary, 43 Foreside Road, Falmouth. Lucernarium candle lit  procession, accompanied by hand bells, the Royal School of Church Music children's choir singing the Phos hilaron (O gracious light), Anglican chant, Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis Collegium Regale by Herbert Howells, evening hymns, and a newly composed anthem by choir member, David Vernier: 'A Prayer for Quiet Confidence.'
Baroque Masters Concert to benefit Trinity Jubilee Center Oct. 27th  
The Bow and String Orchestra will perform at Trinity Church, Lewiston on Saturday October 27, 2018 to benefit the Trinity Jubilee Center.  Music to include Suite for Viola da Gamba and Strings in D by GP Telemann, Concerto a 7 by JS Bach, three instrumental movements taken from various cantatas and arranged by Mark Nordberg Ricercare and 3 by JS, arranged for string trio.  Musicians include: Mary Hunter and Jessie Boardman, violins; Greg Boardman and Nathan HIllman, violas; Mark Nordberg, viola da gamba; Barbara Oliver, viola da gamba and cello; Mary Randall, cello. FMI contact Senior Warden: Leslie Bray at 207-716-6299.   

Stories of God at Home: A Godly Play Approach Webinar Oct. 28th
Register now and learn how to weave family stories with God's story using Jerome Berryman's "Stories of God at Home" in this webinar on Sunday, Oct., 28th from 2-3pm featuring Lee Dickerson, the Executive Director of the Godly Play Foundation. Sponsored by the Episcopal Province of New England. Free!  Sign up here.
Save the Date:  Day of Deepening Prayer Nov. 10th
Join in this free program led by the Reverends Laura Peckham and Deacon Leonetta Burns. The Day of Deepening Prayer will be held Saturday, Nov. 10  from 9:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. at St. Martin's Episcopal Church in Palmyra. More details and registration information will be available later in October.
"Exploring Our Anglican Roots" Trip  - Spring 2019
Have you ever wanted to explore the Anglican roots of our worship and spirituality? If so come and join a small group led by the Rev. Claudia Smith, rector of St. Francis by the Sea in Blue Hill for a journey departing on April 29, 2019. Whether one's interest is to experience religious sites and stories for their spiritual impact or whether one leans more toward an exploration of the history of Great Britain that has formed us as a society - come. This trip has an abundance of both the sacred and the secular to satisfy everyone. There are only a few spots still available however, so contact Rev. Smith at as soon as possible for more information and a detailed itinerary.    
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