August, 2020 Newsletter
In this Issue:
  • The Fallow Plans
  • Mentoring Opportunity
  • Class 42 Update
  • Forestry 101
  • Alumni Spotlight
  • AgForestry-to-Go!
  • Golf Winners
  • July Donors
A Fallow Season
AgForestry will lie fallow for one season. Instead of convening Classes 42 and 43 in the fall, we are using this time to innovate. We are retooling the traditional program and creating opportunities for skills development. We will keep you updated on what we are doing to keep these classes engaged and active.
We are excited to offer Classes 41 and 42 a variety of programs during this ‘fallow’ year! While participation is not required, we have asked that they commit to participating fully in any programs they sign up for. Like the traditional program, their growth through these programs will be dependent on their investment into the experience.
This virtual conversation is an opportunity for Classes 41 and 42 to stay connected to their classmates while discussing current events, social and industry issues and leadership lessons.
This monthly series provides participants with interactive and tactical skills development opportunities. Topics include SMART goals, The 5 Practices of Exemplary Leaders, Negotiation and Difficult Conversations.
The best leaders are the best learners! This is an opportunity to continue leadership development with minimal time commitment. The book club will read and discuss one book each quarter.
Participants in this program will be assigned to a ‘Goal Getters Group’ where they will be matched with 2-3 of their peers with similar leadership development goals. These groups will provide accountability, support and encouragement.
Here's where YOU come in...
Calling all AgForestry alumni!
Many program participants say that having an alumni mentor would create tremendous value as they pursue their leadership development goals. We need you to share your expertise and experience! These relationships are intended to offer participants the opportunity to focus on their leadership development with the coaching and guidance of seasoned leaders.
Class Updates
Class 42 Update
Hannah Poush, Class 38, Program Manager
Class 42 and AgForestry staff had an intense five days of learning last week in our virtual Forestry Seminar! Patti Case (Class 18) and John Ison (Class 32), both of Green Diamond Resource Company, who sponsored and coordinated this seminar, put together an incredible line up of speakers. We kicked off the series on Monday with a Forestry 101 video created by the Class 42 Foresters! Tuesday through Friday featured panels about forestry history, public perceptions, land management and collaboration. The class heard from alumni from Classes 16, 18, 21, 32 and 40!

We had hoped to meet in Shelton, but determined it would be best to postpone the tour. The class will continue the virtual seminar experience this week by presenting their public policy project updates via Zoom, hearing leadership lessons from Class 21 alumni and retired Port Blakely President, Court Stanley, and wrapping up with a reflection session on Friday.
Check out the Forestry 101 video, which was produced by Class 42 members who work in the forestry industry.
Alumni Spotlight
Where are they now...
Congratulations to Ken (Class 22) and Bonnie Miller, and Steve (Class 20) and Bonnie Pedersen, for earning the 25 year Tree Farm Award by the Washington Tree Farm Program.
Ken Miller recently shared his thoughts on being one of over 200,000 small forest landowners (SFLO) across Washington State.
Ken and Bonnie met in first grade, where they quickly became sweethearts. They’ve now been married over 55 years and have shared their love of the forest and nature with their kids and grandchildren. Part of the Miller’s farm in Thurston and Grays Harbor Counties neighbors the popular Millersylvania State Park. This gives the Millers a unique opportunity to easily host visitors.
“Since graduation I think I’ve evolved from a supporter/advocate to an activist for SFLOs – some of the finest people you could ever want to meet. We give a lot of tours on our farm to anyone wanting to see what we do – which means they also have to see or listen to a long list of issues that preclude/discourage the next generation working to keep our land forested. We’ve even hosted a tour/sit-down discussion with a delegation of Japanese Legislators wanting to understand US SFLOs in order to better serve their own – scary at first but turned out to be interesting and fun.”
Using a periodic harvest schedule allows the Miller’s to keep their land sustainably forested and undeveloped. Their long-term goal is to periodically harvest 10-15 acre plots. Work on the farm is mostly a family affair, in hopes of providing their city-grown grandkids and great grandkids with a work ethic and a love of the outdoors. Perhaps one of them will continue the Miller’s labor of love?
“I think AgForestry helped my collaborative skills (still needing work) – putting one’s self in others shoes helps: understanding; focus on the real issues; and sometimes finding more win-win’s. I’ve even found myself really liking and respecting folks on the other side of my issues - even if they still remain all screwed up despite my best efforts.😊
“AgForestry has helped me to develop the types of close relationships/friends that will sometimes tell you what you need to hear, not just what you want to hear – real friends aren’t afraid to give constructive feedback!”
Read about the real costs of growing timber, and Ken's experience as a forest advocate in Washington DC at

Ken and Bonnie hope their five grandchildren (shown in this 2005 picture) will inherit their love of nature.
We want to hear about you! Tell us what you've been up to since your AgForestry experience. Email us at
Legislative Update with Senators Judy Warnick and Kevin Van De Wege
Wednesday, August 26th, noon - 1 p.m.
Free, registration required
Mark your calendar for more AgForestry-To-Go!
  • September 23: What’s all the Buzz About: WSU’s New Bee and Pollinator Facility and an Asian Giant Hornet Update
  • October 21: Agricultural Labor Issues
  • November 18: Organic Farming and Soil Health
  • December: 2021 Legislative Outlook

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