Central Coast Concerned Mountain Bikers 

Dedicated to improving off-road

bicycling opportunities in San Luis Obispo County  

Spring 2013





A handful of dedicated board members and sponsors and hundreds of energetic volunteers who have been

building, maintaining and advocating for local trails since 1987.   


If you run, hike or ride  

SLO County trails, 




In the News 
The current issue of Adventure Sports Magazine includes a great article entitled Mountain Bike Trail Groups Gain Access for Riders Throughout the State.

The article discusses several popular mountain biking areas, including Marin County, Santa Cruz, Humboldt and also San Luis Obispo, with extensive information about the history of CCCMB and its successes. 
Tim Sawchuck, CCCMB board member, said the author, Matthew De Young, spent time on the new Oates Peak trail, taking photos and gathering information.  Click here to read the full article.

In other news, CCCMB's bell program was cited in a recent Letter to the Editor in the San Luis Obispo Tribune. Click here to read.




Feeling guilty because you're riding the trail instead of working on it? 


Why not donate

CCCMB has no paid staff and very little overhead, so your donations go straight 

to the trails! 



Shops that Support Trails

The following bike shops provided financial support and donations to CCCMB this season:


Art's Cyclery (SLO)

BestBikeZone (Atascadero)


Flanders Bicycles (SLO)

Foothill Cyclery (SLO)

Mark's Baywood Cyclery (Los Osos)

Pedal Power Bicycles (Santa Maria)

Trinity Cyclery (Grover Beach)

Wally's Bicycle Works (SLO) 


New Bike Park in MB

It looks very much like there will be a new bike park/pump track in Morro Bay in the very near future.


There is very energetic and capable leadership for this project and a great deal of support from the City of Morro Bay. They also have money and volunteers lined up. 


CCCMB has just entered into a cooperative relationship with the group that will allow them to use the benefits of CCCMB's  501(c)3 status, our accounting capacity and whatever organizational guidance they decide they need.


It's a little to early to share specific details but if you would like to be involved contact  Expect to hear much more about this in a couple of months.


Help Wanted


Want to get involved 

with CCCMB? 


The best way is to attend a trail work day


a monthly meeting, 

held the third Tuesday of every month at the SLO Parks 

and Rec office on Nipomo Street in SLO at 5:30pm. 


Hope to see you there!


Oates Peak Update

Just a reminder: Oates Peak in Montana de Oro State Park will officially open in early spring, 2014. In the meantime, the completed sections are open to hikers in hopes that foot traffic will reduce the re-growth of vegetation in the trail bed. 


Equestrians and cyclists are not allowed on the new sections because they would irreparably damage the new tread (and because it remains illegal for bikes).



The Central Coast Concerned Mountain Bikers (CCCMB) is a chapter of the International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA), a 501 (c) 3 non-profit educational association whose mission is to create, enhance and preserve great mountain biking experiences.


Since 1988, IMBA has been bringing out the best in mountain biking by encouraging low-impact riding, volunteer trailwork participation, cooperation among different trail user groups, grassroots advocacy and innovative trail management solutions. 


The U.S. Internal Revenue Service recognizes IMBA as a tax-exempt, 501(c)(3) charitable organization. IMBA's tax identification number is 77-0204066.


The Dirt on the Trail is published quarterly by CCCMB.  Comments or suggestions? Email the editor.



We Do Trails, Join Us! 



Meet at Turkey Flats at 9:00am or SLO Vet's Hall at 8am to carpool.

Saturday, May 18 - IRISH HILLS

Meet at traffic circle at end of Madonna Road at 9:00am.


Work and Ride Weekend. Meet at top of Horse Camp Road at 10:00am.

Sunday, June 23 -  MORNING GLORY

Meet at city kiosk at top of Eucs at 9:30am.



Help build your new favorite trail! 

FROOM RANCH: Every Wednesday, 8:30 am, meet in the Home Depot parking lot on the east side. Just show up or email for more info: Ranger Doug at 

Tools Travel in Style
Loading, hauling and storing more than 400 trail tools was getting to be a challenging job ToolTrailerfor CCCMB volunteers, but no longer! 

Thanks to a financial donation by SLOPOST (San Luis Parks, Open Space and Trails Foundation) and a personal donation of labor by CCCMB board member Joe O'Donnell, the new tool trailer solves the complications of transporting all the group's tools.

"SLOPOST donated about $2,500 for the trailer and materials," said Joe. "I welded a rack, then bolted it in the trailer so it can be removed if necessary. I also installed a tool box on the tongue of the trailer and installed sideboards and a tail gate."

The trailer will house and transport shovels, picks, McLeods, McLeoditos, pulaskis, rock bars, rakes, wheel barrows, saws, weed wackers, t- post pullers, tampers, sledge hammers and canvas carriers - all the tools CCCMB uses to keep our local trails open, maintained and fun to hike and ride. Thanks SLOPOST and Joe! 


What's Your 

Favorite Trail & Why?

Lisa H., Atascadero, mountain biker: 
"My favorite local trail is probably Lopez Lake because it has a few technical sections that LisaH really challenge me. There's some steep climbs, rocky  sections, tight switchbacks and great downhills that I really enjoy no matter what time of year. I also like that it is pretty uncrowded compared to other trails." 
GregM Greg M., SLO, mountain biker:
"I would have to say Morning Glory, although MDO is a close second. I like Morning Glory because it's technical with great downhill.  It's also close to my house which is convenient."
 Karen H., SLO, hiker:KarenH
"My new favorite local trail is Irish Hills to Johnson Ranch. I like it because there's a lot of variability in terrain, and distance is unlimited, depending on the route you take and how much time you have. The trail is well maintained and everyone is friendly.  And I like that most cyclists have bells on their bikes!" 
Carrot Fest
Unites Trail Lovers
Bringing equestrians, mountain bikers and hikers together  to share the trail love is the impetus of Carrot Fest, a multi-user trail work and ride weekend at Montana de Oro.

Carrot Fest will begin on Friday, May 31 and continue through Monday, June 3.  On Saturday, participants will work the trails from 9am - 1pm and will "learn from each other how best  to keep the trails safe and in good condition for all users," said Kathy Longacre, one of the event organizers and president of SLOPOST.  Sunday will be a multi-user trail ride to build confidence and help participants learn to better share the trail, she said.

The event is a partnership with SLOPOST, Coast Mounted Assistance, California State Parks, Central Coast Parks Association and CCCMB.

"We've worked hard to foster a good working relationship with equestrian groups and are always looking for ways to educate mountain bikers about the best ways to handle encounters with horses out on the trail," said Greg Bettencourt, director of CCCMB.  "SLO County has very few conflicts between cyclists and equestrians and events such as Carrot Fest are an important part of that climate of cooperation."

Kathy said both Saturday and Sunday events will include breakfast and lunch for participants and also a raffle. The Oak Group Horse Camp will be the meeting place for both days. 

Camping is also available on a limited basis.  Email Kathy ASAP to reserve a spot. 

New Irish Hills 

Trail Map Available

Now that Irish Hills connects to Froom Ranch and Froom Ranch connects to Johnson Ranch, trail users have many more options when riding, running and hiking in SLO.


A little lost? No worries! CCCMB's cartographer extraordinaire, Kelli Schonher from GEObispo, has created a new Irish Hills map - click download your copy.