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bicycling opportunities in San Luis Obispo County  

Winter 2014




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SuperBowl Sunday Workday

at MdO


This will be CCCMB's 27th SBS workday! And if it does not rain it might also be our most unusual. Traditionally we do dirt work on most trails east of the pavement - trails open to bikes and those not. To do constructive dirt work on trails requires wet soil. Needless to say there is essentially no moist soil on MdO trails. To make matters worse, MdO soil is very sandy and has almost no clay or organics to help hold it together. Consequently we are fervently wishing for rain.

If it doesn't rain we will do some brushing and other maintenance which does not require moving dirt. But if it rains be ready to earn your breakfast.


Meet Sunday, February 2nd at 8:00 a.m. at MdO Park Headquarters above Spooners Cove. We'll feed you breakfast breads, coffee, juice. The goal is to do as much trail maintenance as possible on as many trails as possible. We guarantee you'll be done in plenty of time to watch the game, eat too much and sit on the couch!


CCCMB Supporters

Thanks to the following organizations for their recent donations:


Local Business Sponsors

Boo Boo Records - SLO

Central Coast Brewing - SLO

GH Sports - SLO

House of Bread - SLO

Lezyne - SLO

Quality Suites - SLO *

Riding Warehouse - SLO *

Running Warehouse - SLO

The Galley - Morro Bay

Voler Team Apparel - Grover Beach

 * Bell Sponsors to the Bells4Bikes program


All donations are tax deductible. If you are interested in donating money (or supplies for a work day), email Bill for more info.


SHOP LOCAL: Support 

Shops that Support Trails


The following bike shops provided financial support and donations to CCCMB this season:


Art's Cyclery - SLO *

Baywood Cyclery - Baywood

Best Bike Zone - Paso Robles

Cambria Bicycle Outfitters - SLO  *

Flanders Bicycle - SLO  *

Foothill Cyclery - SLO  *

K-Man Cycle & Run - Paso Robles

Pedal Power - Santa Maria *

Trinity Cyclery - Grover Beach*

Wally's Bicycle Works - SLO *


 * Bell Sponsors to the Bells4Bikes program


All donations are tax deductible. If you are interested in donating money (or supplies for a work day), email Bill for more info.


Check Trail Conditions


Ride dirt trails, not muddy trails! Before you ride, check out the latest trail conditions here.




Website Support Needed! Do you like trails, but prefer working on computers to shoveling dirt? Then consider helping CCCMB make updates to our website ( If interested, please contact [email protected]


Want to help with the Bells4Bikes program? 

We need some help filling the bells boxes on local trails, we could use donations too.

Contact [email protected]


Remember to borrow a bell to let everyone know you are sharing the trails.


Impressive Stats from IMBA 

A recent survey of IMBA's chapters and clubs about their volunteer-based activities documents an impressive record of public service.


Based on this data, IMBA estimates that its chapters and clubs:

*conduct 3,303 projects and sponsor 4,383 events

*build and maintain 23,014.5 miles of trail

*inspire 48,470 volunteers (41,883 adults and 6,587 youth)

*facilitate 707,102 volunteer hours (664,907 adult and 42,195 youth)

Check out the full story here: IMBA Volunteer Survey


How does CCCMB stack up? Despite having a smaller population base to draw from, our local volunteers have spent over 3,195 hours on local trails since September. In fact, CCCMB does more projects, maintains and builds more miles of trail than 80% of IMBA clubs.




GH Sports has announced they will be hosting CCCMB's Week at GH Sports   


Monday - Saturday, February 3-8.


All CCCMB /IMBA members who shop at GH Sports during this week and get discounts and CCCMB will get cash back.


15% off + 15% to CCCMB for ALL GH Sports apparel purchases,

5% off +5%

on all other brands sales. 




The Central Coast Concerned Mountain Bikers (CCCMB) is a chapter of the International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA), a 501 (c) 3 non-profit educational association whose mission is to create, enhance and preserve great mountain biking experiences.



Since 1988, IMBA has been bringing out the best in mountain biking by encouraging low-impact riding, volunteer trailwork participation, cooperation among different trail user groups, grassroots advocacy and innovative trail management solutions. 


The U.S. Internal Revenue Service recognizes IMBA as a tax-exempt, 501(c)(3) charitable organization. IMBA's tax identification number is 77-0204066.


The Dirt on the Trail is published quarterly.  Comments or suggestions? Email the editor.



We Do Trails, Join Us! 

Keep an eye out for rain-inspired, impromptu trail workday notices, which will be communicated via Facebook, emails, and/or website   




We are thrilled to announce the most exciting prize for the CCCMB Trail-Work Day Raffle Prize EVER!    


When Chuck Cryor owner of Pedal Power Bicycles in Santa Maria was asked if he wanted to donate the yearly gift cards to CCCMB for trail-work day raffle prizes, he said that he would rather donate a 2014 Specialized Rockhopper Comp 29 instead. CCCMB is raffling this bike to spark interest in CCCMB/IMBA membership.


A current CCCMB/IMBA member will win this bike, donated by Pedal Power at the Super Bowl Sunday Work Day, February 2, 2014. Winner does not need to be present.


To be eligible to win the bike your CCCMB/IMBA membership must be competed online with credit card at by Jan. 31, 2014 or in person on February 2, 2014 at the Super Bowl Sunday workday with cash or check.


CCCMB would like thank Chuck at Pedal Power for this incredible donation.


For additional information contact [email protected]


Hooray! The new Oats Peak and Beebe Trails will be open to cyclists and equestrians April 7. The trail opening ends a 5 year planning, designing and construction process which was begun in 2009.

It has taken CCCMB over 20 years of trail work and cooperation to persuade State Parks and other trail users that cyclists should again be allowed south of Islay Creek. Bikes were banned from that area in the late 1980's because cyclists speeding down Coon Creek were endangering hikers.

Bikes will be allowed on Oats and Beebe Trails BUT NOT on the trail down into Coon Creek or Coon Creek trail itself. Valencia Peak Trail is also closed to equestrians and cyclists. It is essential that all cyclists and equestrians follow these rules otherwise we will all suffer.

We were counting on rain to harden the trail but it will be opened in April. [If it doesn't rain please stay off the edges and the berms.]


 Show your support by enjoying the trails and respecting hikers 
Willow Springs Trail
CCCMB is pleased to announce that the construction of the bottom � mile of Willow Springs Trail was completed during the week of December 9-14.  CCCMB designed the trail, and construction was done in cooperation with the Los Padres Nat'l Forest, Forest Trails Alliance (i.e. Zachi Anderson) and San Luis Open Parks Open Space and Trails Foundation (SLOPOST).

Despite the fact that Willow Springs Trail is a full hour from SLO, off Hwy 166 East of Santa Maria, CCCMB and SLOPOST invested heavily in the project because the new trail provides a practical and fun route to the top of the Sierra Madre Ridge and to the back country trails on its south side.  We also see this as a way to provide more trail access for our friends in Santa Maria.  



The entire 4 to 5 mile trail is a back-country ride with a steady climb to the top of the ridge.  The trail goes through Oak savannah with grand views over the Cuyama River and far to the north.


The Forest Service and CCCMB are asking all cyclists and equestrians to stay off the new trail until it gets rain.  


Election of Officers and Directors 

From left to right: Treasurer (Andy Mutziger filling in for Jeann� Mutziger), Morro Bay Bike Park Representative (Bonnie Johnson), FASTA Representative (Jim Aaron), Chair (Joe O'Donnel), Vice-Chair (Kelli Schonher), Secretary (Mary Bettencourt), Equestrian Representative (Kathy Redden),
At-large Directors (Bill Jenkins, Bob Nanninga)

'In an effort to make CCCMB more of a "Rolling Drain Dip" and less of a "Water Bar", we are making a few, needed changes. Specifically, we are trying to prevent assignment of the core volunteer positions to single individuals as lifetime sentences. Henceforth, our organizational structure will consist of an elected board of directors who hold specified terms of office. 

CCCMB's recently adopted IMBA Chapter bylaws call for four 2-year officer positions: Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer, and Secretary. In addition to the four officer positions, five directors were elected to serve on a newly established Board of Directors. 

The following is a list of positions with corresponding elected volunteers: Chair (Joe O'Donnel), Vice-Chair (Kelli Schonher), Treasurer (Jeann� Mutziger), Secretary (Mary Bettencourt), FASTA Representative (to be appointed by FASTA president), Morro Bay Bike Park Representative (Bonnie Johnson), Equestrian Representative (Kathy Redden), At-large Directors (Bill Jenkins, Bob Nanninga).'


FASTA Update  


FASTA took quite a few big steps this fall in The Eucs Grove and will continue to work through the winter and spring of 2014 and beyond.  The major milestone of the fall was getting a mini excavator in The Eucs Grove to cut the majority of the new Jailbreak trail, the 2nd of 3 planned trails in the Eucs Grove.  Jailbreak is planned to be open by the beginning of summer.  


During the Fall build season we had enough extra help to maintain Flyin' Ewok, the first trail in the Eucs Grove to the best riding condition it has ever been. 


We are working with a Cal Poly Student senior project to get the ball rolling on getting a trail built from below The Eucs Grove to the railroad tracks, as an alternative to Elevator.


In addition to the many hundreds of volunteer hours put in this past season, the SRAM Cycling Fund donated $5000 to FASTA.  This is pending a community match to help buy wood, tools, and help build the organization, part of which will go to the Morro Bay Bike Park.  Please donate to FASTA and help us hit our target of $5,000 so we can receive matching funds!  Donations to FASTA are made through the CCCMB.  Please make sure FASTA is noted in a memo at the time of donation.   


Contributed by Tom Squire of FASTA 


Crew Leader Program 


On January 4th, CCCMB held a crew leader training workshop. It was designed to supplement the required mentoring and educational reading that is a part of the training program Description of Crew Leader Program. By holding an in field workshop, we were able to discuss subjects of volunteer management, tool safety, trail design and construction in greater depth than is possible in a workday mentoring environment.  


The twelve workshop attendees walked the new trails that are part of the Froom connection in the San Luis Obispo City open space, making observations relating to trail design, construction and maintenance. Three rangers from the SLO City were in attendance to support the workshop. Following a special delivery burrito lunch, the group reviewed a section of trail that was in the process of construction.  


There are plans forming for a follow-up workshop that will focus on trail construction. This workshop will feature hands on construction and cover building rock walls and armored tread. As of now there is no date set for the construction workshop (please contact John Cutter if are interested in learning more), we are planing to offer it sometime in the spring of 2014.


Morro Bay Bike Park 


The Morro Bay Bike Park is underway with your support.  This project consists of a bike park being built near downtown Morro Bay.  The bike park is designed to be used for all types and skill levels of riders to have a safe place to ride and perfect their skills.  The project is currently being reviewed by the City of Morro Bay as part of the permitting process and the planned completion is Fall of 2014.   


The Morro Bay Bike Park project has been absorbed into CCCMB & FASTA and we are pooling our resources to help move this project along.  However, this project cannot happen without your support, so please help us create more opportunities for children and adults alike to enjoy the great outdoors and cycling in Morro Bay.  Donations can be made through CCCMB with "Morro Bay Bike Park" in the memo portion of your check.