June, 2020 Newsletter
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Alumni Spotlight
Where are they now...
Andrea Mann, Class 15
As a farm kid from Nebraska, I had no idea I would be living near the ocean and forests one day. My next interests were wildlife, range and tree farming which brought me to the University of Nebraska, USDA, and eventually Washington State in 1986. I learned about AgForestry through farmers I worked with who were graduates. I applied, interviewed, and was selected for Class 15 in the summer of 1991.

AgForestry taught me to write concise white papers, develop effective public policy, and present direct pointed testimony which came in handy when volunteering with non-profits focused on social justice, regenerative agriculture, and environmental justice. I also learned to feel more comfortable speaking in front of an audience, especially an audience who didn’t agree with my point of view. I learned to listen and respect others viewpoints and how to work together to resolve conflict.

If it were not for AgForestry, I would not have the network of professional contacts. Contacts who have been instrumental in molding the person I have become. Nor the skills or experiences which have shaped who I am. As I never would have been introduced to these inspirational individuals.

Today I am retired from USDA and currently volunteer with Oregon State University with Master Gardeners, Master Food Preservers assisting with outreach and education. In 2019, I was honored with the Oregon State Extension Cooperators Award for volunteering to achieve their mission.

If it were not for AgForestry, I would not be the person I am today.
Read more about Andrea's experiences and the AgForestry lessons that have helped shape her life, at agforestry.org.

Andrea sits atop her first car, a 1971 Chevy Camaro,
which she still owns today.
We want to hear about you! Tell us what you've been up to since your AgForestry experience. Email us at leaders@agforestry.org.
Class Updates
Class 41 Update
Kara Kaelber, Program Manager
Inspired by their visit to Cambodia in January, Class 41 agreed to donate their class funds to a variety of charitable organizations. One project they’re supporting will develop eight community wells in the city of Siem Reap. Unexploded ordinance (bombs) from the Vietnam War era still litter Cambodia’s countryside. Their donation to the Cambodian Landmine Museum supports ongoing efforts to locate and diffuse these deadly relics. The most impactful visit for the class was to the Royal University of Agriculture in Phnom Phen. The Class made instant connections with students and faculty and agreed to sponsor a student’s tuition.
Bryon (Class 7) and Donna Loucks generously match Class’ donations to international causes. Bryon and Donna were inspired to support AgForestry classes during a presentation given by Claudine Reynolds (Class 37) after she returned from Thailand and Laos. The Loucks have been providing funds for this purpose since Class 38.

Class 41 also had several reasons to celebrate in May:
Will Wiles began a position as winemaker for the innovation team at Ste. Michelle Wine Estates.
Caitlyn Evans welcomed a new baby boy. Atlas Evans Nemec was born May 2nd.
Craig Gyselinck and Sarah Wood were married in a ceremony on
May 23rd.
Class 42 Update
Hannah Poush, Program Manager
This summer, Class 42 is continuing to polish their leadership potential with monthly webinars and weekly online discussions. Keeping in touch with each other and continuing conversations about leadership are essential to maintaining the cohort's relationships and individual growth.
In the News

Class 41's International Trip took them to Vietnam and Cambodia this year. It's a journey they will never forget. Irrigation Leader Magazine talked with four members of the Class about their experience, lasting impressions from the two countries and how AgForestry has impacted their lives and careers.
Upcoming Events
AgForestry On-the-Go

An Overview of Elk Hoof Disease in Washington, with Kyle Garrison
June 25, noon-1 p.m.
Registration coming soon

Kyle Garrison is an ungulate specialist for the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife. Kyle grew up in central Montana, where seemingly endless outdoor recreation, fishing, and hunting opportunities instilled a passion for conservation and interest in wildlife management. Kyle studied wildlife biology at the University of Montana and at New Mexico State University, where his master’s thesis focused on desert bighorn sheep ecology. Kyle has worked with a variety of wildlife but his passion has always been ungulates (hoofed mammals like deer and elk). In Washington, Kyle has worked on bighorn sheep, deer, and elk research and management with a current focus on elk management.
Thank you to our May Donors
Mike Alexander (25)
Brian & Deborah Bahs
David Bergvall (30)
Mark (9) & Laural Bohnet
Mike (37) & Cara Broeckel
Broughton Land Company
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CHS Foundation
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