Volume 09 | March 2022

Without leaps of imagination or dreaming, we lose the excitement of possibilities. Dreaming, after all, is a form of planning. ~ Gloria Steinem

Renew your membership, Renew your commitment!

Continue to enjoy the values and benefits of Toastmasters by renewing your membership before 11:59pm on March 31st; you still have time!

Check the many club and membership incentives programs listed here

Join us for our Annual Conference on Saturday, April 30, 2022!

"Transforming Our Tomorrows" 

The Annual Conference is just one month away! Save the date, and join us Saturday, April 30, 2022, at the world-class BMO Institute for Learning!

Hello, District 60 Toastmasters! Did you catch any of the Division Contests?

Can you imagine how exciting the District Contest will be? The Annual Conference 2022, our first hybrid conference, will be held on Saturday, April 30, 2022, in person at the BMO IFL in Toronto and online using the Pheedloop platform.

Our theme this year is Transforming Our Tomorrows, and it truly has something transformational for everyone. Come out and learn from our keynote speakers, workshop presenters and none other than the 1st International Vice President of Toastmasters, Morag Mathieson. An event not to be missed!

Check out this video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q-xYr4IpgWY.

In-person tickets cost $185 and online $35.

Here are some important points to note:

  • If your club is not attending in person, kindly send a picture of your club banner in JPEG format to our SAA Chair Albert Chang at albertchang82@gmail.com. We will create a slideshow of banners for clubs attending online only.
  • We will be having a photography contest with prizes! Please upload the conference pictures to the Google Drive address we will provide in due course.
  • We have a hashtag! #D60TOT is our hashtag specially created for the Conference. As you know, the theme of the Conference is Transforming Our Tomorrows.
  • We will also be having a D60’s Got Talent Contest on Saturday night! Kindly send in your entries to our Fun Chair, Adrian De Souza, in this form and contact him for any questions at aodesouza@gmail.com. This contest is open to both in-person and online participants.

There is a great line-up of seven workshops that will be showcased at the District 60 Annual Conference: 

1) Series 1 - Four workshops from 10:45 AM to 11:45 AM

2) Series 2 - Three workshops from 4:30 PM to 5:30 PM 

Attendees will have the opportunity to participate in two workshops - one from each series. For details on the workshops please check out this link: 


Promotional videos will be posted shortly and can be accessed for viewing through the link provided above.

Our Conference Planning Committee has been working very hard, planning a wonderful event just for you. Don’t delay, register today at https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/district-60-toastmasters-2022-hybrid-annual-conference-tickets-262199474687

- Your D60 Conference Committee Chair Glynis D’souza, and team

Nominated District 60 Leadership Candidates for 2022-2023

The District Leadership Committee is pleased to announce the nominated candidates for election at the upcoming District 60 business meeting on April 28.

You can meet our potential future leaders by going to the Candidates Corner, on the D60 website, to learn more about them.

2022-2023 Nominated Leadership Candidates

Deloitte LLP awarded by Toastmasters International

Toastmasters International will recognize Deloitte LLP for their unwavering support of the Toastmasters communications and leadership development program. Morag Mathieson, DTM, First Vice-President at Toastmasters International, will present Deloitte LLP with the prestigious Corporate Recognition Award on April 30 at our Annual Conference.


Deloitte Canada is honored to accept the Toastmasters International 2022 Corporate Recognition Award on behalf of all the individuals at Deloitte who, over the past decade, have benefitted immensely from the collaboration with Toastmasters, said Ratan Ralliaram, Partner, Deloitte LLP. 


"At Deloitte, we recognize that our people are our most valuable assets and we are fully committed to giving them the opportunities available to maximize their potential for personal growth and development, in building their self-confidence and enhancing their leadership skills, and the flexibility and choice for them to have fun throughout the experience. It has been a pleasure for me to have sponsored the Deloitte Toastmasters Club since its inception and experience first-hand the significant benefits the Club, working alongside Toastmasters, has made in the professional growth of so many of our people. Thank you, Toastmasters International and the entire Deloitte Toastmasters Club executive and members, for all that you have been doing over the past decade." - Ratan Ralliaram, Partner

Deloitte empowers its employees to increase their confidence and capabilities to advocate for themselves and their communities. This is not limited to work but also their personal lives by fostering relationships with fellow Toastmasters in their clubs and in the surrounding areas, advocate for themselves to seek job advancement (promotions) and other activities. Deloitte's purpose is to inspire a culture of success through its people, aligning with Toastmasters' mission to empower individuals to become better communicators and leaders. Providing an environment in which each individual can grow, develop, and cultiv2022ate their skills enables them to reach their full potential.  

2022 George Keenan Award recipient: Johanne Von Zuben!

I remember when past District Director Johanne Von Zuben would stand in front of the members of the District Executive Committee (DEC). She'd take a deep breath, but before she could utter a word, the members of the DEC would chime in unison, "We build new clubs and support all clubs in achieving excellence!"

The District Mission is Johanne's legacy. It kept us focused on what lay ahead. Johanne Von Zuben is a true leader. Whenever I think of Johanne, I think of the District Mission! Congratulations Johanne Von Zuben!

Listen to Johanne tell her amazing Toastmasters' journey during the Annual Conference – "Transforming Our Tomorrows" – on Saturday, April 30, 2022, from 8 am to 11 pm!

To register, please click here

2022 Communication and Leadership Award recipient: Jennifer Bernard!

December 2020, Jennifer was recognized as one of the Top 100 Most Powerful Women in Canada and presented with the Inclusion Vanguard Award by the Women's Executive Network.

Hear Jennifer tell her story during the "Transforming Our Tomorrows" Conference – on Saturday, April 30, 2022. BMO Institute for Learning (IFL): 3550 Pharmacy Ave., Scarborough ON M1W 3Z3

For details about the conference please go to: https://www.toastmasters60.com/annual-conference-2022/

To read the entire news release please go to:


Updated Draft Alignment Proposals

Alignment is an annual process - making changes to account for new clubs, lost clubs, clubs which have a change in meeting location.

Thank you to those members who have asked questions, offered advice and otherwise engaged in the process.

You can see the latest draft of the proposal at https://www.toastmasters60.com/alignment60/

The final proposal will be voted on at the business meeting held during our Annual Business Meeting on Thursday, April 28.

April is Open House Month!

We have received support from the Mayor of Toronto!

Let's keep our arms open during Open House Month April 2022!

Immediately after your Open House ends, please give us a ninety-second (or less) informal video sharing how successful your meeting was and the number of guests who attended (if any). Include a SHORT welcome to your club message would be friendly! That's all! 

Having such content to distribute across our social media platforms after your Open House meeting ends, continue to deliver your welcoming message! Please send your submissions to: smt@toastmasters60.com.

“Be My Guest – Join My Club” - 2022 Membership Growth campaign

Congratulations to members of the following clubs who successfully converted several guests into members!

  • Michael Chan from Shellbusters
  • Anita Tran from Sunrise Orators
  • Maxim Basu from Eglinton-Yonge Toastmasters
  • Georges Chartrand from Moneris Toastmaster Club
  • Xiaofei Peng from Inspiring Women Toastmasters Club
  • Yiyi Zeng from Inspiring Women Toastmasters Club

This campaign will run until June 30th: Bring friends as guests to your meetings and let them see for themselves the many values and benefits that they can gain when they join this unique global organization. Members who bring a guest and convert them into a member by June 30 will be able to choose an e-book of their choice from the following three authors and receive an “Enthusiasm Award” ribbon (incentives must be claimed by July 25, 2022):

·      Ross Mackay: “Humour is no Laughing Matter”

·      Phil Tasci: “Speak Like a Pro"

·      Ron Tsang: “From Presentation to Standing Ovation”

“Bring them back home" - 2022 Membership Growth campaign

Congratulations to Karen Aiken for bringing back a past member to Eglinton-Yonge Toastmasters.

This campaign will run until June 30th: Club VPs of Membership who succeed in bringing back one or more past members will receive a copy of one of 3 e-books of their choice for every past member that they reinstate, along with the enthusiasm award ribbon. If 5 or more members are reinstated, the VP Membership will also be added to a raffle for each re-instated past member for the chance of winning a US$100 TI gift certificate.

•            Ross Mackay: “Humour is no Laughing Matter”

•            Phil Tasci: “Speak Like a Pro

•            Ron Tsang: “From Presentation to Standing Ovation”

Corporate/Specialty Clubs

A growing number of Canada’s top employers offer in-house Toastmasters clubs to help employees become better communicators and leaders.

During the past year, more than 1000 new corporate Toastmasters clubs were chartered worldwide.

Forming a corporate Toastmasters club is an effective and inexpensive way to develop, enhance and retain employees. District 60 is experiencing record growth in corporate clubs with more than 60 percent of clubs having some corporate affiliation. That trend is expected to continue as the skills the Toastmasters program teaches are always in demand in the marketplace.

To continue reading, please go to: Corporate/Specialty Clubs - District 60 serving Toronto, Canada (toastmasters60.com)

Distinguished Club Goals

As of February 20th, the following clubs currently have enough Distinguished Club Goals achieved to be a Distinguished+ Club per the dashboard at http://dashboards.toastmasters.org/Club.aspx?id=60 if they maintain the required membership level (ie. the lesser of 20 members or Base+5 members) by June 30, 2022. Keep up the great work! Many clubs have the potential to be Distinguished+ as well. After reviewing the spreadsheet please close the tab or use the back button on your browser to return to the newsletter. Thank you!

Click here to view spreadsheet

Bright, Bold and Beautiful!


Inspiring Women Toastmasters chartered on March 8th, which is on International Women's Day.  An uplifting Charter Celebration was held on Saturday, March 19th with the theme "Bright, Bold and Beautiful".  Indeed all 28 members in which 27 of them chartered members and their guests were just that!  

We were honoured by Toastmasters International President, Margaret Page DTM, who delivered an inspiring speech about her Toastmasters journey, being B.R.A.V.E(Believe, Recommend, Authentic/Amplify, Validate and Elevate) and 3 activities (i.e. compliment 2 people, reflect on learnings and embrace compliments for 24 hours) to do at the end of every meeting.

Clubs in District 60 that renewed 100% of their membership by March 1st!

14 clubs had 100% of their membership renewed by March 1st, for the April 1 to September 30, 2022 renewal period and were rewarded with a $50.00 (US dollars) gift certificate to shop at the Toastmasters International store.   

  • Area A11: Keynote Speakers Advanced Club, SALUT-Speech And Leadership UofT
  • Area B21: Speaking from Experience Advanced Toastmasters Club
  • Area B22: Humber Shores Club
  • Area B23: West Mall Toastmasters Club
  • Area C31: Royal Lunch ‘N’ Learn
  • Area C34: Unstoppable Xpeakers
  • Area C36: TELUS House of Speakers
  • Area D42: Deer Park Toastmasters Club.
  • Area E51: Manulife Toronto Toastmasters Club
  • Area E52: Le Cercle Toastmasters
  • Area F61: Bay Street Breakfast Toastmasters Club
  • Area F63: Ops M&Say Electric Orators
  • Area F64: Toastmasters at TD

Early Bird Area Report Submission Achievers!

As of March 2nd, the following seven Area Directors have submitted 100% of their Round Two Area Visit Reports by the early bird deadline of March 13th and will receive a $25 US Toastmasters International gift certificate:

  • Area B21: Brian Master
  • Area C31: Jayshal Daya
  • Area C33: Vijaya Sirimalle
  • Area C34: Paul Falkowski
  • Area D44: Leticia Sanchez Vega
  • Area E51: Riddhi Karbhari
  • Area E53: Dianna Lloyd

Club Officer Elections

Have you started thinking about who will be your club officers beginning July 1, 2022? Let me remind you that the time is now! Find out what you need to know for a successful transition of club officers: https://www.toastmasters.org/Leadership-Central/Club-Officer-Tools/Club-Management/Club-Quality/Club-Officer-Elections

Celebrating March's Club Anniversaries!

Club Name

Charter Date

Club's Age

We Communicate Best WCB Toastmasters



Goodyear Toastmasters Club



Deer Park Toastmasters Club



Royal Class Club



LCBO Toastmasters



Rogers Communicators Toastmasters Club



The Communicators Toastmasters Club (BMO)



Ebony Toastmasters Club



Downtown Achievers



Eglinton-Yonge Toastmasters



University Health Network Toastmasters



1 For U KSS Toastmasters



Deloitte Toronto Toastmasters



Orange Nation



Leader Circle Toastmasters



Unstoppable Xpeakers



Smart City Speakers



TCCA Speakers Club



Workshops in April

Name of Workshop

Workshop Date


Shellbusters Club presents an Interactive, “Learn-by-doing” Workshop on Providing Effective Speech Evaluations!

April 1, 2022 7:00 – 8:30 pm


The Neuroscience of Goal Achievement – free workshop

April 9, 2022 12:30 – 1:30 pm


For upcoming workshop information please go to: DISTRICT 60 CALENDAR

SpeakUP! Podcast Corner

Hosts Rita Burk and Elton Brown search for members of Toastmasters District 60 and non-Toastmasters who will educate, inspire, and entertain our communities and us! 

We want to know what our guests are doing during working hours and their passions. Please enjoy and let us know what you think! For a complete list of Podcasts, go here: https://www.buzzsprout.com/811460/.

Please send your questions or a nomination to: smt@toastmasters60.com.

George Anastasopoulos’ mission is to enable every manager and employee on the planet to accomplish more while doing less, make a difference, and create a culture shift. George, ever the contrarian, refuses to accept “that’s the way it is.” George is the author of 'I LOVE MONDAYS: Accomplish More, Make a Difference, and Create a Culture Shift. George is facilitating one of our workshops during our conference! Stop by and say hello to George!

George A.png

District 60 Leaders

Aneeta Pathak, DTM

District 60 Director



Andrew Mertens, DTM

Program Quality Director


Screen Shot 2021-05-09 at 12.06.50.png

Angela Ho, DTM

Club Growth Director


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Elton Brown, DTM

Public Relations Manager


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