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The Do's and Don'ts for Incorporating Your Pet Into Your Wedding

If you've found yourself daydreaming about a photo op with your four-legged family member on your wedding day, you're not alone!  With attention to detail (and a little help!) it is possible to incorporate your furry friend into the ceremony without having to stress about pulling it off.  From finding a venue that allows pets to remembering the dog treats, h ere are some ideas on the do's and dont's to help you out! 
  • Make sure your venue allows pets!
    This is the main one to definitely do,  it would be terrible to be asked for your dog to go home minutes before the wedding! 
  • Plan a schedule. Whoever is handling the dog, make sure they know what time to arrive, where to go for pictures, and how to get them their food and water necessities as well. 
  • Consider how your dog behaves.
    Does your pooch do well with children or crowds? Wouldn't want to cause more stress by having an upset dog, so remember their normal behaviors. 
  • Trial-run outfits. Make sure your pup is in something comfortable, and practice wearing it multiple times so you can see how your dog will react to wearing clothes. If they won't it's no big deal - bow ties and flower collars look just as good! 
  • Be flexible! Dogs know nothing of wedding etiquette, so they're going to chase that squirrel, or try to steal some of the cake. So expect the unexpected!

  • Make a friend or family member take care of the dog, who are also in the wedding! Although they may want to help out, it will be extremely difficult to juggle their responsibilities as well as the dog's! Have one person who is not in the wedding help with your furry friend, which is why we would love to help out! 
  • Make your dog walk down the isle themselves. Dogs can follow commands fairly well, but just in case have them walk with a flower girl, groomsmen, or a specific handler. Any distraction for your furry friend could disrupt the entire ceremony! 
  • Forget the treats! A stranger may be dealing with your dog, and commands may work better coming from them with the addition of a treat! 
  • Attach your real wedding rings to the dog. Adorable? Yes. Risky? Most definitely. We don't want anything happening to those rings! Plus, you want the center of attention to be on the actual ceremony.

So many details, so little time?

No need to stress! If you want more information on how On The Move can help you out, check out our website! We offer wedding services to handle the details and eliminate the hassle of incorporating your pet into your big day!