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Message from the VP of IT

Headshot of Vice President of Information Technology, Dr. Monique Sendze, in a red blouse on the campus grounds at California State University Chico

The start of fall semester is always the busiest time of the year at Chico State, and your partners in the Division of IT are here to support you through this hectic and often chaotic time. From getting connected to our wireless “eduroam” network on campus, to getting connected to the technology you need with our laptop loaner program for students. Students, staff, and faculty are welcome to visit the Division of IT at one of our service points, at MLIB 142 or an “Ask IT” table around campus, to learn more about the IT resources we have available to you for a successful fall semester.   


With fall comes many changes, including a new learning management system for our campus: Canvas. We understand that learning new software can be a pain point for many, and faculty is welcome to drop in the TLP zoom lab for support using Canvas, and students can drop by Center of Technology Equity on the 2nd floor of Meriam Library to receive training and support for any software used on campus. Returning to campus in fall can be a challenging transition, and our commitment is to be your strategic partner in delivering innovative solutions to your technology challenges and providing the best experiences to our campus users with our services and products. We rely on user-feedback to improve the IT services we offer to the campus community and we invite you to share your feedback on your user experience either in person at our service point in MLIB 142 or by email at [email protected]. We in the DoIT wish you a great semester.

Kind regards,

Monique Sendze

Vice President of Information Technology and Chief Information Officer

Contact VP Sendze
Section title: Did You Know?

The Duo Mobile app is the most reliable way to use the multifactor authentication service. Duo is the service we use to verify each user's login when accessing campus services, such as Chico State Email or the Learning Management System. The “text me” or “call me” feature will experience issues if your mobile connection is poor, but the Duo app will always work, even if the phone you are using does not have service. If you got a new mobile device recently or do not have the mobile app installed—this is your reminder to set it up prior to the start of the fall semester for a seamless user experience before classes begin.

Request Support with Duo
A mobile phone with the DUO application displayed and icons indicating that it is available for download in the Apple App Store or Google Play for Android

Do you need IT support, but not sure where to begin? Visit the Information Technology Support Services (ITSS) home page, and you’ll find IT Quick Start guides catering to students, staff, and faculty. The guides in the knowledge base will provide an overview of the most commonly needed resources such as installing Microsoft Office software, how to use zoom, or accessing learning tools. If quick links don’t help you find what you need, ITSS is here to help and you can also use the home page to get in touch or open a support ticket about any IT service.

Visit the ITSS Home Page
Screen capture of the tiles located on the ITSS home page indicating Quick Start Guides for Staff Students and Faculty

Did you know Adobe Creative Cloud is available to all CSU, Chico employees and students? This suite of software includes Photoshop, Acrobat Pro, Illustrator, and more. You can request access to Adobe Creative Cloud in the Service Catalog. For the request, you will need to attach a class roster with the Full Name and Email of all students needing access through the 'New Analytics' tool on Canvas. We recommend that faculty requiring Adobe Creative Cloud software for their classes request their class roster be assigned Creative Cloud access as soon as possible. This will allow students to have access to the software without delay.

Request Adobe Creative Cloud in the Service Catalog
Screen capture of Adobe home page displaying Adobe Creative Cloud Software
KnowBe4 logo with a digital pink and blue background

KnowBe4: Empowering Users to be the Last Line of Defense Against Ongoing Email Threats 

The Chico State Information Security (ISEC) Team in the Division of IT is committed to training end-users to intuitively protect themselves from cyberattacks as phishing attempts evolve to challenge security mechanisms. To prepare our users, a robust suite of information security solutions for campus debut this fall, brought to you by the Division of IT and our partnership with the KnowBe4 (KB4) platform.

The new Phish Alert Button will forward user-reported threats to a security triage console where AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (machine Learning) tools will be used to quickly analyze the threat and take the appropriate action. Messages identified to as being threat will be automatically quarantined. In addition, DoIT will be updating our security awareness training library to prepare our campus community as cybersecurity threats become more sophisticated and difficult to detect.

During the user-testing phase, the integration of KnowBe4 into our email environment enabled DoIT to substantially reduce the time between the first report of a high-threat phishing or scam message and the automated recovery of these messages by KB4 from our users' inboxes. As a next stage, the ISEC team intends to deploy the Phish Alert Button to all campus email users; it will be made available for all Microsoft Outlook Desktop, Web, and mobile email clients by the beginning of the fall semester.

Student holding his new tablet received at the ACP event held at the BMU in April of 2023

Sign up for an $11 tablet at the Affordable Connectivity Program Event 

The Mark your calendars! On September 18-19, the Center for Technology Equity (CTE) in the Division of IT will be hosting an Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) event in the Bell Memorial Union to assist students who could benefit from reliable internet access. The ACP is a government-funded program that provides low-cost tablets and internet connectivity to families who need them, for as little as $11.  


The Division of IT helped over 200 students with the ACP event last April and continues to sponsor this event in support of Chico State’s enduring commitment to technology equity for all, and providing students with the resources they need to succeed. To be eligible, applicants must be receiving a Pell Grant or be enrolled in a government assistance program such as Cal-Fresh. Through a grant from our university’s foundation, the $11 cost will be underwritten by the University and eligible students will receive the tablets at no cost to them. 


Join us in spreading the word to your students and campus community members who could benefit from the Affordable Connectivity Program.
Section title: DoIT Around Campus
Three first year students walking on Chico State campus and a QR code linking to the BSCEE survey for all incoming college students

BCSSE Survey For Incoming Students

Beginning on August 15th, a survey supported by the Chancellor’s Office will open for first-year students, transfer students, and students returning to academia after a long break to collect data about the needs of new students and help define expectations on how to best support them. Chico State is administering the Beginning College Survey of Student Engagement (BCSSE) survey online between August 15th and September 1st to uphold the university’s enduring commitment to supporting diversity, technology equity, and inclusion. The goal of BCSSE is to help institutions make data-informed decision about the following initiatives:  

  • Better understand new student expectations of their college experience to build relevant programming and academic experiences.  
  • Assess how likely students are to engage in help-seeking, collaboration, and other important academic behaviors, which will inform us on how to plan appropriate interventions to improve retention and success.  
  • Generate detailed, individual advising resources for each student respondent to facilitate targeted outreach.  

The department of Institutional Research and Strategic Analytics (IRSA) will handle the intake and processing of survey results and post them here when they are available.

A female teacher looking over the shoulder of three students working together on a laptop
Take the BCSSE Survey

Canvas is the Official Learning Management System for Chico State

Canvas is the new official Learning Management System for Chico State as of Fall 2023. This semester will be the first time that all 23 CSU campuses will use the same LMS. Blackboard content will remain available until the end of the year, but no classes will be taught in Blackboard this semester. More information about migrated course content and student data archives will be shared later in the fall.

In the In the Spring of 2023, 40% of faculty transitioned to Canvas. There are many Canvas resources available including web pages for Start-of-Semester tasks, videos, in-person events, and training sessions so faculty can learn at their own pace.

Students can access Canvas resources for how to get started and watch tutorials about the various capabilities within the Canvas environment. Alternately, in-person support is available for students needing help with Canvas on the 2nd floor of the library in the Center for Tech Equity.

A screen campure of the Canvas Learning Management System interface
Check out Canvas Training Resources for Fall
Section title: Ask The Expert

Ask IT Tables

The Division of IT sets up “Ask IT” tables around campus to conveniently allow the campus community to receive quick tech support during the busy first few days of fall semester. These tables have been set up with the primary aim of providing comprehensive support in establishing connections to our wireless network, “eduroam”, as well as accessing the portal and other essential Chico State services new students may not know about. 

The “Ask IT Tables” are set to take place on August 21st and 22nd in the Meriam Library breezeway from 7:30 AM to 4:30 PM. We look forward to helping you get connected.

Vice Predisent Monique Sendze and CCSV Director Scott Claverie helping a student at the ASK IT table in front of the library

I am having trouble getting connected to the campus WiFi

Returning students, staff, and faculty may need to manually accept the new security certificate for “eduroam” on some or all of their devices to get them back on the wireless network. This summer, the Division of IT updated the security certificate for “eduroam” and not all devices reconnected automatically after the update. If your device is not connecting to “eduroam”, you may need to view the new certificate and click "trust", "connect", or "accept certificate" depending on your device.

If you still need help, contact ITSS (530) 898-4357 or visit them in MLIB 142 and the service desk can help you get your devices on the “eduroam” wireless network. You can also drop by the “AsK IT” help table that will be stationed outside of the library on August 21st and 22nd for quick help connecting to Wi-Fi or assistance with any IT services. 

A screen capture of the eduroam wireless network and a screen asking to accept permissions for a new security certificate
Get help with Eduroam on the Knowledge Base
Section title: DoIT Serving You

The Print Shop is now taking orders for Fall Semester

University Print Services is actively taking orders in preparation for Fall Semester and would like to remind faculty and campus organizers that any course packets you will need printed, bound, and ready-to-go by the first day of fall classes should be ordered soon. Ordering printed deliverables internally is the most cost-effective way to stretch your operating budget for promotional items including (but not limited to) buttons, posters, business cards, and flyers etc. that are typically needed for start-of-term activities. For questions or advice, please reach out to University Print Services: [email protected].

A photo of Renee Boyd working in the University Print shop and a graph showing the breakdown of common print jobs they have taken on in 2023 so far
Place an Order with University Print Services
Section title: Get to Know DoIT - Staff
Portrait of Nick Durr

Meet Nick Durr

Enterprise Information Technology Service Management Analyst , Project and Change Management Office (PCMO)

Currently, I serve as an ITSM Analyst in the newly-established Project and Change Management Office. My passion lies in undertaking challenging projects, fostering collaboration, and refining work processes for greater efficiency. Prior to joining Chico State, Colorado was both my home and workplace.


I'm immensely grateful to have been brought up by two extraordinary parents. My mother practiced law and later transitioned to HR in higher education. My late father, a man of many talents, once took care of elephants at the Denver Zoo, practiced wildlife and water law, and left behind a legacy as a writer.


Outside of work, my interests vary from belting out tunes in karaoke to researching PC components. I relish long bicycle rides, am intrigued by geopolitics, and have a penchant for jazz (having played the trombone through college). Exploring new horizons always excites me!


If you see me on campus, please say hello!

Portrait of Brandy Cervantes

Meet Brandy Cervantes

Accessible Content Specialist for the department of Technology Equity and Inclusion (TEIN)

Hi, I'm Brandy, the Accessible Content Specialist within the TEIN department. My daily duties include providing technical accommodations to students registered with the ARC and overseeing the remediation and accessibility testing of digital campus resources.

I have lived in Chico for seven years, and my favorite restaurant in town is Oshio. My twin sister also works at Chico State in the University Housing Department. If you have previously waved at me/ greeted me in the hallways and I didn't respond. . . it probably wasn't me!

I am a huge Harry Potter fan and read the books at least once a year #TeamGryffindor. Every weekend I play Hogwarts Legacy; however, I'm not very good and still need to finish the story line.

A few more fun facts about myself are I love to read fantasy and sci-fi books, travel (my favorite place I've visited is Barcelona), and I'm currently training for a half marathon.

Twitter        Instagram        Web