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Section title: Did You Know?
A student wearing an Apple Vision Pro headset at the Center for Technology Equity

Chico State is piloting Apple Vision Pro Technology, a spatial computer that integrates digital content with the physical world, to improve operational efficiencies and enhance teaching and learning experiences. Apple’s Vision Pro offers an unlimited space for apps that goes beyond the limits of a regular display and uses a 3D user interface that responds to the user’s eyes, hands, and voice. The Division of IT sees this technology as an opportunity to explore the potential of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) in various disciplines, not just virtual tours. The primary focus at the moment is on giving the campus community the chance to explore the art of the possible with the Apple Vision Pro technology, including immersive experiences and virtual labs that provide avenues for exploration and creativity. By embracing Apple Vision Pro and making the technology available at the Center for Technology Equity, Chico State aims to expand horizons, break down barriers, and ensure that everyone has the chance to participate in the digital revolution.

Learn more about the Center for Technology Equity
Three browser windows each showing a unique view of a Canvas LMS dashboard

Did you know that Canvas offers several different ways to view your courses in the Dashboard and get an overview of all your course grades on one page? Changing the view of your Dashboard can also give you a quick overview of all the latest activities in all your courses, allowing users to see all of their pending assignments in each course at-a-glance. Explore changing dashboard display settings to ensure you do not miss any important updates and deadlines in your Canvas courses.  

Watch a video explaining how to change your Canvas dashboard view
A screenshot of Microsoft Teams in dark mode

Chico State users can look forward to an enhanced user interface on Microsoft Teams after Microsoft imposes a cutover from the classic version of Microsoft Teams to the new version on March 31, 2024. To prepare the campus for this change, early adopters of the new Microsoft Teams application have provided insights on what to expect from the enhanced user interface and a series of support articles on how to navigate the new Teams can be found in our Knowledge Base. The new version of Teams offers a more streamlined and intuitive experience, with improved features and functionality to help users collaborate and communicate more effectively.

Learn more about the new Microsoft Teams in our Knowledge Base
Section title: DoIT Around Campus
A flyer for a Microsoft Outlook workshop with a headshot of Scott Kodai

Email Management Workshop Hosted by The Center for Technology Equity

Ever wonder how highly productive individuals on campus stay on top of email? The Center for Technology Equity is hosting an email management workshop with our Senior Director of Enterprise Applications, Scott Kodai, who will be sharing insights on how to setup Microsoft Outlook to optimize productivity. In the workshop Kodai will discuss the pros and cons of using the Outlook desktop application vs. the Outlook Web Access, various filters and settings within Outlook that will help you stay organized, and tips to keep you focused during your work day. Considering how many new features Microsoft releases each year, users are bound to learn something new about Microsoft Outlook in this interactive workshop. Light refreshments will be served.   

Workshop Details: 

  • Date: March 14, 2024 
  • Time: 2:00 pm 3:00 p
  • Location: Meriam Library Basement, Room 045 
Cirilo Cortez being interviewed by Kathy Fernandes at the DoIT All Hands Meeting

Dr. Cirilo Cortez Plants Seeds on how DoIT can partner with Student Affairs to Enhance the Student Experience

Dr. Cirilo Cortez, the Associate Vice President in the Division of Student Affairs for Student Engagement and Retention programs, was interviewed about fostering a sense of belonging with Chico State students at the Division of IT all hands meeting recently. Dr. Cortez was given the stage to share what he does and how his service area to campus operates, allowing Division of IT staff to engage with questions and reflect on what the robust technology infrastructure at Chico State has to offer that may assist day-to-day operations within Student Affairs. In his interview, Dr. Cortez emphasized the importance of developing partnerships with IT and departments across campus that directly shape the student experience and foster strategies on how to connect with students. Inviting partners to the table early in the process when brainstorming and collaborating on ideas is a crucial component of the strategy to implement a culture of inclusion and belonging.

Watch the Full Interview with Dr. Cortez
A group photo of the Chico State DoIT team and theur tour guides at the Microsoft Executive Briefing Tour

Chico State Explores Future of Microsoft Technology in Education

To learn about what the future holds for AI and Microsoft technology in the education space, members of the IT Leadership and user experience teams stepped outside of their usual duties to visit the Microsoft campus in Mountain View, California recently. The site visit allowed the team to experience Microsoft technologies in an intentional innovative space, as they were designed to be used. The visit was centered around the Microsoft Experience Center, a hub showcasing the tech giant's investments in various sectors, including information security, medical technologies, and the integration of AI across industries. One highlight was a demonstration of an AI layer that can be easily integrated into the existing systems used at Chico State, such as the Microsoft Azure environment. This innovation promises to enhance security by replicating access permissions and offering insights into current systems.

What the team found most remarkable about this AI model is its accessibility. For instance, a chatbot Microsoft is developing democratizes AI by empowering non-technical users to develop their own chat bots customized to support staff and students. With its capacity for transactional exchanges and personalized interactions, these AI chatbots can automate routine tasks like enrollment questions submitted by prospective students and parents, current student inquiries across multiple platforms, as well as specialized support tailored for employees within specific departments. While these offerings provide more efficient campus experience, alongside the potential benefits lie significant considerations for thoughtful leadership, including reskilling and redeployment strategies and fostering a culture of continuous learning for our employees. As the university navigates the evolving landscape of technology in education, it's clear that embracing innovation requires a holistic approach, balancing opportunity with responsibility.

Section title: Ask The Expert

Why are my materials printing incorrectly when I print from a computer lab?

Most platforms, like Google Chrome, do not automatically detect paper size and tend to print based on the last print settings used. When using a shared computer in a self-service station or computer lab, keep in mind that the previous user may have needed to print something different than the typical 8.5”x11” black and white print setting, such as full-color on 11”x17” paper, and that print setting will continue until a user changes it. When you are printing from a shared device, do not skip the important step of checking your print settings and looking over the “Print Preview” document whenever possible. If you need support printing an odd size or a specific type of resume paper, The Student Print Center on the second floor of Meriam Library is available to assist Monday – Thursday from 7:45 am – 5:30 pm and Friday 7:45 am – 3:45 pm.

Storefront of the Student Print Center in Meriam Library
Learn more about the Student Print Center

I got a new phone number. How do I get it setup to be notified of emergencies at Chico State?

Chico State Alerts is the emergency notification service provided by the university to students, faculty and staff to receive an alert in the event of an emergency on campus. All employees will receive an email to their Chico State email account. Those who provide additional information will receive a phone call, text message (SMS), and/or an email message providing information about the emergency. To update your phone number for Chico State Alerts, visit the Chico State Alerts page. From this page, you can enter your new cell phone number. Once you have updated your information, you should receive a confirmation email. If you are not receiving the alerts, you can put in a ticket here or email [email protected] with your Chico State ID Number.

A closeup of a student receiving a Chico State Alert text message on her phone
Read about Chico State Alerts in our Knowledge Base
Section title: Get to Know DoIT - Staff
Portrait of Mark Siversten

Meet Mark Siversten

Project Manager for the

department of Computing and Communication Services (CCSV)

I work as a project manager for the Computing and Communication Services department. I design and oversee the installation of telecommunications infrastructure for the wired, wireless, and voice networks throughout campus. 


Chico drew me in with its unique energy that ebbs and flows with the university. It offers the bustle of a larger city during the semester and the tranquility of a small town during breaks. This is complemented by great food at any time and an expansive Bidwell Park to explore its diverse trails. Easy access for biking adds to the city's charm.


Fun Facts About Me:


- Originally from Grass Valley, I came to Chico State for college and received my degree in Business Information Systems.

- Though sometimes mistaken for a student, I will be celebrating 10 years as a staff member at Chico State this April. My favorite part is when people ask me about finals and I get to say, “I am done!” 

- In my time away from the university, you can catch me outside golfing or hiking various north state trails with my Yorkshire terrier named Tia. One of my favorite trails, is the Sierra Buttes Fire Lookout Trail past Sierra City. 

- I also write, sing, and play bass guitar in a local pop-punk band called Start the Countdown. Come find me and ask when my next show is!

Portrait of Anna Banks

Meet Anna Banks

Center for Technology Equity Coordinator for the department of Technology Equity and Inclusion (TEIN)

I work as the Coordinator of the Center for Technology Equity in the TEIN department. I organize workshops, oversee a team of student assistants, and ensure the campus community has equitable access to various technology resources and support.


As a Chico native, I love living here and am familiar with many local restaurants and activities. I am also a proud Chico State alumna with a BA in Communication Studies. Currently, I am in an online Master’s of Business Administration graduate program at CSU Bakersfield.


In my free time, I love to read, chase down food trucks, and play with my dogs. I live with my fiancé and our two dogs, Molly and Rowdy as well as our two cats, Ollie and Pi. 


Fun Facts About Me:


- I am getting married this year at the Mendocino Botanical Gardens. If you haven’t visited, I highly recommend doing so!

- My favorite restaurant in town is Rawbar. I also love Momona, Red Tavern, and Burban Kitchen.

- I read at least 200 books a year. One of my favorites is Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow by Gabrielle Zevin.

- I love decompressing by watching reality TV. Vanderpump Rules, the Real Housewives, and Catfish are some of my favorites.

- I can be found on my summer Friday’s off throwing a tennis ball in the pool with my dogs while trying to keep my books dry.

- Nora Ephron movies are my favorite.

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