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Heading: The DoIT Monthly

Message from the VP of IT

Headshot of Vice President of Information Technology, Dr. Monique Sendze, in a red blouse on the campus grounds at California State University Chico

Hello Wildcats!!!!

I hope everyone is enjoying reconnecting with students, faculty, and colleagues, and getting into the rhythm of a new academic year. Considering how many everyday activities have moved online in the past decade, from succeeding in the classroom to how we do our work, and connect with our loved ones, promoting cybersecurity awareness has become more important than ever for the safety and well-being of our campus community. The Division of IT is eager and excited to rise to the challenge that the 20th annual Cybersecurity Awareness Month brings next month and are working on providing innovative cybersecurity awareness programs that will captivate and intrigue our diverse campus users. We look forward to sharing fresh insights and experiences for this year’s cybersecurity awareness month in October, and in the meantime recommend 4 steps each Wildcat can take to stay safe online. 

  • Use strong passwords and consider a password manager to help you create long random, and unique passwords. A strong password should be extremely hard to guess and should not contain personal information, like your last name or birth date.  
  • Use multifactor authentication for more than just your Chico State accounts. That extra layer of security for your social media accounts, online banking, and important services used every day can protect you from hackers just in case your login credentials ever become compromised. 
  • Recognize and report phishing using the Phish Alert Button available in Outlook for desktop, mobile, and web applications. Phishing emails always contain clues that help you spot a fraud, such as poor grammar, inconsistent office names, or offers that seem too good to be true. Reporting fraudulent messages quarantines suspicious messages and removes them from our email environment.  
  • Keep your software up-to-date. While routine OS (Operating System) or software updates seem time-consuming, they contain important security patches to protect users from known threats that hackers are exploiting. Make it a routine to update your software regularly.  


These four steps may be simple but making them standard practices in how you do your job or schoolwork online can help you stay safe and protected against cybercrime. If you ever suspect that your account has been hacked, the next step is to seek help. Many feel embarrassment or shame after falling victim to a scam, but the most proactive action you can take is to report it. If you ever need help or have questions, Information Technology Support Services can be reached at (530) 898-4357 or [email protected].

Kind regards,

Monique Sendze

Vice President of Information Technology and Chief Information Officer

Contact VP Sendze
Section title: Did You Know?
A girl at graduation answering a phone call with the text indicating to Ignore Duo Calls when you are not expecting them

You should always refuse any Duo messages that you did not initiate—Duo is the last line of defense if your Chico State account credentials become compromised. When a scammer gets a hold of your login credentials, they still need you, the account holder, to verify any login attempts on an unrecognized device through Duo, Chico State’s method of logging into campus accounts. If you ever get a phone call or push notification from Duo that you did not initiate, this means someone has gotten access to your password and is attempting to login to your account. Many of the campus accounts that were compromised at the beginning of fall semester received calls from Duo asking them to verify a login attempt, and these compromised users approved the login without realizing that they were allowing a hacker access to their account. If you receive a call or push notification from Duo that you did not prompt, hang up or deny the request and change your Chico State Password immediately.

Learn more about resetting your Portal password in the Knowledge Base
A screenshot of a Pronto chat window within Canvas Learning Management System

Students—you can chat with your classmates in Canvas using an integrated real-time chat tool called Pronto. This chat feature allows students to send messages to their classmates, without ever having to exchange phone numbers. Pronto is a chat window within Canvas using a web browser or students can use the mobile application. The chat tool allows you to tag individuals enrolled in your class, or all members of a group using the “@everyone” tag. Pronto can also translate messages in over 100 different languages, to help facilitate collaboration when there may be a language barrier. When a message is sent in a unique language, a globe icon appears next to it, which can be clicked to translate a message. Explore the Pronto chat feature within Canvas the next time you have a group project or want to have a collaborative discussion with your classmates.

Watch a video explaining the chat capabilities of Pronto
Screenshot of Message Students Who tool that allows instructors to filter students by performance and participation and send them targeted messages

Faculty—Canvas has early detection tools that will help your students succeed. The New Analytics feature within Canvas allows instructors to quickly sort students and send targeted messages using the “Message Students Who...” tool. The New Analytics link from the course menu will show course instructors graphs that have a breakdown of how students performed on tests and assignments at-a-glance. Each graph has interactive data points and a built-in “Message Students Who...” button (represented by a mail icon) that allows faculty to filter students by progress, grades, participation, etc., and then send a follow up message to the specified group.

Learn more about how to use this feature in New Analytics
Section title: DoIT Around Campus
Two students posing with a tablet at the BMU with an invitation to save the dat on Septermber 18 and 19 to sign up for a tablet at the event

Spread the Word! Eligible students can get a free tablet with 15 GB/month of mobile internet in the BMU on Sep. 18-19

Need reliable internet to do your course work?  The Division of IT is hosting an event for eligible students to sign up to receive a free tablet with a free mobile internet plan at the Bell Memorial Union lobby on Monday, September 18th and Tuesday, September 19th. Anyone receiving a Pell Grant or assistance from a government program such as Cal Fresh is eligible and welcome to attend the event. Last spring, over 250 students and community members were able to sign up at this Affordable Connectivity Program event and take home an Android tablet activated with a mobile internet plan for a one-time setup fee of $11. This time around, students who sign up in person will get their $11 setup fee waived, thanks to the generosity and support of the University Foundation. The fee will only be waived for students who sign up in-person at the BMU on September 18-19, anyone signing up online will still need to pay the one-time $11 setup fee. Any questions about the event can be directed to the Technology Equity and Inclusion Team at [email protected]. To learn more about the event, eligibility, and frequently asked questions, check out our event page.


Date: September 18-19

Time: 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Location: Bell Memorial Union lobby

Visit the event page
A cartoon drawing of a pink and purple road with mountains in the background and an invitation to learn about AI trends in higher education

Introducing the AI Training Series by the TLP team

Have you been wondering how to integrate Artificial Intelligence (AI) into your lesson planning, but not sure where to begin? The TLP team is prepared to help and is offering a series of training sessions for faculty to learn about the capabilities of AI and how to integrate them into the higher education environment. According to an IBM study, 40% of the workforce will have to reskill in the next three years due to the growth of AI. The goal of the AI Training Series is to raise awareness of AI capabilities, and to help faculty make informed decisions of how to address AI in the classroom environment.

Check out the Calendar of Events for the AI Training Series
An invitation to an Excel Workshop with DoIT team member Chris Mendoza

Technology Training Opportunities Fueled by Popular Demand

Could programs such as Microsoft Excel help you be more productive with your day-to-day work or classroom activities, if you were more comfortable with how to use them? The Technology Equity and Inclusion department is kicking off a series of fall software training workshops open to students, staff, and faculty. The first session will be a Microsoft Excel workshop for beginners, hosted by DoIT team member Chris Mendoza. Whether you are new to Excel, could use a refresher, or are curious on what else you can learn about the program, all are welcome to attend. Refreshments will be served.


The Technology Equity and Inclusion department is actively taking requests for future training workshops and has a workshop coming up in fall for ChatGPT. Any questions or requests related to software training can be sent to: [email protected]



Workshop: Excel for Beginners

Date: September 28

Time: 11:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

Where: MLIB 045 (Meriam Library Basement)

View the calendar of upcoming technology trainings and events
Section title: Ask The Expert

How do I identify a phish or scam email?

The Phishing emails tend to have several red flags to look out for, such as poor grammar, misspelled words, inconsistent naming conventions for the university, references to departments that do not exist, vague threats to create a sense of urgency, and promises that seem too good to be true. When in doubt, it is always recommended to forward emails that you are not sure about to [email protected]

a screenshot of an email with common indicators of a phishing scam pointed out

I forgot my Chico State Password. What do I do?

Account Center is the campus identity and account management system. It is used for recovering your Chico State password, setting your account display name, and updating your emergency contact information. Users can sign in to Account Center to set your password recovery, and Chico State Alerts, and display name information. More information about Account Center is available in the knowledge base. If you do not remember your Account Center credentials as well, Information Technology Support Services (ITSS) can reset it for you. 

A student looking at a login screen for Account Center
Contact IT Support Services
Section title: DoIT Serving You
Monique Sendze August Germar and Shannon Roskosky helping a student at the Ask IT table

Welcoming Students Back to School and Getting them Excited to be a part of the Wildcat Family

The Division of IT employees came out in their numbers at the beginning of the fall semester to volunteer at the “Ask IT” Tables during the most hectic time of the year for new and returning students. The most common assistance students need at the beginning of the year is figuring out how to connect to the “eduroam” wireless network, and having IT staff at the Ask IT tables allowed them to get convenient hands-on help. This fall, the Division of IT served over 300 students in 2 days and connected them with resources, clubs, and events that will introduce them to the Wildcat experience. DoIT staff enjoyed the opportunity to provide quick, on-the-go support to students while sharing in their excitement for a fresh start and campus offerings available to them.

Technology Equity and Inclusion staff working the DoIT table at the local job fair for students at Chico State

DoIT Offers Students On-Campus Employment Opportunities

The Division of IT staff recruited for open student positions at the local job fair at Chico State on August 30th and received 91 resumes at the event. Participants at the career fair spoke to DoIT staff about their skills and what they enjoy most about technology.  Currently, the Division of IT has 68 student employees on its payroll. The student positions within DoIT vary from learning the basics of UX design, to editing and captioning videos, to providing customer service and tech support to our campus users. Above all, bringing the student perspective to the workplace is what the Division

of IT values in student employees, as creating a better user experience is a goal that students are at the heart of and actively involved with.

Check out student job openings on Handshake
Section title: Get to Know DoIT - Staff
Portrait of Alex Wilson wearing a red shirt

Meet Alex Wilson

Learning Technologies Specialist for Academic Technology (ATEC)

Hey, I'm Alex, one of your Canvas admins at Chico State on the Learning Technology Services team, where I've been the go-to person for resolving those tricky tech issues that even ITSS or TLP couldn't crack. Beyond troubleshooting tricky technology tickets, I dive deep into data analysis, developing data dashboards for Canvas and all its connected systems. 

My career path has been quite diverse, ranging from causing chaos as a Nature Area Director at a summer camp in the Sierras to coaching Chico State’s nationally recognized Speech and Debate team and teaching Public Speaking. I love communication so much I got three degrees in Communication Studies, culminating with my master’s thesis focusing on Transgender Health Communication. 

Outside of work, you'll often find me outdoors, exploring nature with my incredible partner. I'm also a web app and open-source software developer, currently exploring ways to improve decentralized, federated software. When I'm not analyzing data or coding, I enjoy playing video games and unwinding. 

I chose Chico State for its fantastic people, stunning campus, and the beautiful blend of small-town charm and city convenience. 

A portrait of Casey Wallen sitting on the steps in a red dress

Meet Casey Wallen

Information Technology Consultant for Information Technology Support Services (ITSS)

I work in IT Support Services and focus on the Knowledge Base, software purchasing, and support for the Service Desk. 


Fun facts about me:

  • I moved a lot when I was younger, going from Central Oregon, to the Grass Valley - Colfax area, and right after high school, my family moved out to Maine.

  • I graduated from Chico State in 2021 with a degree in English, focused on Education and Creative Writing. After graduating, I went from an ITSS student employee to a full-time staff member.

  • When I'm not at work, I love going hiking with friends in Upper Bidwell, getting a drink, catching a movie, or reading a book. I'm a quick reader and am always looking for something new.

  • I am a huge true crime content consumer, so if you ever have recommended podcasts, YouTubers, or TV Shows, I'd love to hear them! 

  • I have a ball python named Stella and she is the sweetest! She'll often sit on my shoulders or in my lap when I lounge around at home.
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