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The Doctor Of The Future
January 2019
photo by  Liane Metzler
Article by 
Edward D. Wagner DC

"The Doctor Of The Future" 

"The doctor of the future will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, the human mind and the superiority of energy medicine in the treatment and prevention of disease".

This is and has been what I have directed my entire professional career upon. What I have learned is that this statement is "true". Nearly every condition can be at least helped if not ameliorated by techniques within this framework, usually better than any other form of treatment or can be included along with conventional treatment, improving the results of the standardized treatment.

Treatment of the human frame means finding the imbalances and causes. These can include poor foot structure or previous injuries to the head or strong jars to the body. Any joint can be
misaligned. Every imbalance leads to an array of adaptations and the adaptations cause the symptoms.

The human mind can be divided and can create an entire scenario of symptoms, all due to repressed or unconscious feelings or thoughts. When memories and thoughts are locked into the body they are called "neuro-emotional complexes". We have tools that help release such negative memories out of the body, therefore freeing the mind and eliminating symptomotology.

Energy medicine refers to homeopathic remedies, pulsed electromagnetic field therapy, sound  and light to heal the body. Since the body is really energy, wouldn't it make sense to use energy  to change the imbalance to balance? Nobody has put the time that I have to investigate methods  to heal and organize them into treatments that have positive beneficial effects.

I am here to find the answer. If you know anyone who has a condition and has not found an answer, send them to me. I will search every avenue to reveal the cause. My team will then put
all their expertise towards treating the cause.

Always look for the natural cure.  Spread the word and 
tell your friends who may be suffering.
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