The Dog Days of Summer July 2019
Dear Friends,

Summertime at the law school a time for faculty to catch up on major projects, engage in research and prepare for the upcoming school year. Our students are busy working in the community gaining invaluable practical experience. And of course, our 2019 graduates are studying for the bar exam.

It is also a time when more of our canine friends join staff members and profs on campus. Bruno, my Standard Poodle, and his BFF, Winnie, have lots of buddies here.

We love our dogs – they remind us of the most important things in life: unconditional love, purposeful work, sleep, and a bit of time for exercise and play.

On August 9th, we will welcome our new 1L Class for Orientation and our innovative two-week Legal Methods Course.

We look forward to a great new academic year. Watch for some exciting announcements this Fall!

Happy summer!
Sandy Patrick
Professor of Lawyering
Rory & Connery
Suraya Barbee
Director of Alumni Relations
Lydia Ruiz-Hom
Legal Specialist
Reggie Raiford
Don Balsiger
Assistant Director of Admissions
Alyssa Warren Salstrom
Assistant Director of Student Affairs
Ronna Craig
Legal Specialist
Tom Buchele
Clinical Professor of Law and Co-Director of the Earthrise Law Center
Annie & Peggy Sue
Amy Bushaw
Professor of Law
Joyce Tischler
Professor of Practice,
Center for Animal Law Studies
Allison LaPlante
Clinical Professor of Law and Co-Director of the Earthrise Law Center
Liz Hobbs
Administrative Specialist
SUMMER 2019 News Highlights
CJ Fuenzalida Awarded National Fellowship in IP Law
CJ Fuenzalida, 2L, is one of 30 law students selected for the national fellowship from the Hispanic Bar National Association’s Intellectual Property Law Institute (IPLI). Fuenzalida spent a week in Washington D.C., where IPLI provided practical experience, writing workshops, visits to U.S. government institutions related to IP law, and networking opportunities. Read More...
CJRC Advocates for "Unwanted Patients" and Juvenile Justice
During the spring semester 2019, CJRC completed a year-long report on trespass arrests at hospitals and was successful in a parole hearing called a “murder review” for a prisoner who was convicted as a juvenile. 
DWT International Law Writing Competition
The 2019 DWT International Law Writing Awards winners are Alison Roth ’19 and Katelyn Kindberg ’19.
Roth received first place for her paper,  Drafting International Investment Agreements to Create a Healthier Environment for Intellectual Property and Global Health. 
 Kindberg received second place for her paper,  A GLImmer of Hope: The Case for Gender Lens Investing in ASEAN  Read more...
Summer International Externships
Lewis & Clark Law students Alex Henson, 2L, Jocelyn Phares 2L, Tess Jacobsen, 3L, and Anne Cox, 2L, traveled overseas for externship opportunities last summer in New Zealand, South Africa, and Cambodia. Collectively, they took part in projects in humanitarian law, fisheries management, and land use policy. Read more...
Environmental MSL Application Due Aug. 1
Many of today’s careers in sustainability require detailed knowledge of environmental regulation. Meeting that need is the specialized degree: Master of Studies in Environmental, Natural Resources, and Energy Law (MSL). Read more...
Downtime at the ABA Deans Workshop, May 2019
Ever wonder how law school deans blow off steam at their annual meetings? Wonder no more. Dean Madeleine Landrieu of Loyola University New Orleans College of Law joins Dean Jennifer Johnson as they train to defend their law schools! (Watch that mean overhand with the axe.)