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February 8th, 2013
Company News
(from left to right) Sadiq Murray (President and CEO of the Onyx Organization, LLC), Ponchitta Pierce, Byron Eugene Lewis Sr. (Chairman Emeritus, Uniworld Group Inc), and his wife, Sylva
Linda had the pleasure of attending the party given for Ponchitta Pierce at the beautiful home of Patsy Kahn to celebrate the launch of Keep Going No Matter What The Reginald F. Lewis Legacy: 20 Years Later, by Loida Nicolas Lewis, with Ponchitta Pierce, communications expert and author, who interviewed the distinguished and successful people featured in the book. Book Marketing International produced Keep Going No Matter What as a self-published book and an eBook, marking the 25th anniversary of the first African-American to purchase and run a billion dollar company, Beatrice International Foods. Appropriate, as this month is Black History Month. 
Spotlight On Our Authors

Happy Birthday to Dog-Gone Good Cookbook (St. Martins Press, Feb. 6th, 2013)!
Dog Gone Good Cookbook
Happy Birthday to The Dog-Gone Good Cook Book (St. Martin's Press, Feb. 6th, 2013) from Langton's International, which is now available on!
Have you ever wanted to share a scrumptious meal with your canine kids? Well now you can! The Dog-Gone Good Cookbook by nutritionist Gayle Pruitt contains over 100 balanced and delicious recipes that are gluten, corn, sugar, and soy-free. The recipes are human, canine, and kid friendly and are easy to make--even for the beginner cook. Joe Grisham and Janet Healey' beautiful photographs of dogs enjoying their gourmet meals are sprinkled throughout the book. 
In celebration of The Dog-Gone Good Cookbook's release, Gayle Pruitt will be hosting a book signing on February 9th at 2pm in the Dallas Barnes and Noble (7700 West Northwest Highway, for those that can make it!). 
 ...and we have just heard that The Dog-Gone Good Cookbook will be featured in Cesar Millan's, Cesar's Way Magazine (The Dog Whisperer) in April!
 Happy Valentines Day to All Our Readers!
Here are 7 Healthy Ways from Around the World to Increase Your Libido on February 14th!
1) Spicy Foods- Get your blood flowing and naturally turn up the heat with spicy foods from Mexico, Thailand, and Louisiana!
2) Yoga- With this native Indian workout, Increase desire by trying out positions like the Eagle pose!
3) Black Licorice- The candy to make you randy from Finland!
4) Ginger- Add this Japanese root to your sushi to get revved up after dinner!
5) Chocolate and Walnuts- Grown in Central and South America, chocolate as an aphrodisiac is no myth! Try them with walnuts for an added boost!
6) Eat Bugs- Ants and male silk moths are said to increase male virility.This Chinese originated libido booster is only for the daring!
7) Workout- Done around the world, getting your muscles moving is one of the best ways to release endorphins and dopamine, the pleasure hormones!
Industry News 

Campbell Scott to Direct and Star in Dideon's 'Prayer'

Campbell Scott has been signed to direct and star in a bigscreen version of Joan Dideon's 1977 novel, "A Book of Common Prayer"More Information


Finnegan's Wake Becomes a Bestseller in China

Dai Congrong's many-year effort to translate James Joyce's modernist classic into Chinese has paid off, as the 1939 novel has become a bestseller, selling out of its initial print run in just three weeks.  More Information


Exclusive Excerpt to Maurice Sendak's Haunting Final Work, My Brothers Book

Maurice Sendak's post-mortem book, My Brothers Book, tells the story of his brothers journey to the end of life, a deeply personal tale inspired by his brother Jack's death in 1995. More Information


Upcoming Events 
The Moth StorySLAM!  at Housing Works Bookstore Cafe (126 Crosby St) @ 7pm, February 12th
Ten Stories. Three teams of judges. One Winner. The outrageously popular spontaneous reading series pits local scribes against one another, challenging them to come up with impressive stories based on a specific theme. Full Information

Book Signing for Romance Writer Nicholas Sparks at Barnes and Nobles Fifth Ave (555 Fifth Ave) @ 12pm February 13th
In preparation of its motion picture release, slated for Valentines Day 2013, bestselling romance author Nicholas Sparks will speak on and sign his 2012 published book, Safe Haven. Full Information
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 Linda Langton, President.
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