Sips and Sweets for all 

November 2018

Message from
               Sue McCollum

     Following the blue dots around the Vineyard Vines store at the Stanford Mall was a delightful experience for children as well as for the  adults. Sweets for all,The Blue Dot book to read, information about My Blue Dots and great clothes to buy. 
    The poem and photos say it all but another thank you 
to Vineyard Vines and to each of you for supporting My Blue Dots.

 Until Next Time...          

 My Blue Dots Met  the Checks at Vineyard Vines

Preparing for the Event

Enjoying the Event

Thanks for the Event

Olivia Chen (left) Sue McCollum (right) from My Blue Dots thanking 
Kate Parisotto, Event Manager of Vineyard Vines for this lovely event.

The Dots Met the Checks
The Dot's met the Check's
At the Stanford Mall yesterday.
Vineyard Vines and My Blue Dots
Joined forces to say...
We support cancer programs
So soon there will be,
A world free of cancer
That affects you and me.
So a new preppy, fresh look
Was offered to you
And you supported cancer programs
By the sales they did do.
So thanks Vineyard Vines and
We thank you too,
For your support of My Blue Dots
And the things we do.
© Sue McCollum

You are not alone on this journey
Standing With You

  " I wear the My Blue Dots pin for my best friend's mom who is battling breast cancer"
                             Ja y Moon
                                      Vineyard Vines 
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your loved one.

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