Month Day, 2015

Summer is here, and there's nothing better than relaxing outside. I hope everyone takes time to enjoy the long, warm, balmy days, abuzz with the comforting hum of munching caterpillars. You know what goes well with that kind of thing? Library books. You can read them leisurely while your ice melts and your trees defoliate, and then think about how wicked smart you've become and how much money you've saved. Summer is definitely the 4th best season for reading, so I have a challenge for you.

The Mass Board of Library Commissioners has been engaging in research and found that reading just four books over the summer has the affect of increasing reading comprehension and staving off what they call "summer learning loss" in school children of all ages. Personally, I want to avoid this "learning loss." So I am participating in this challenge even though I am not a school child. I urge all of you to do likewise.

Pick four books you are going to read this summer. Publicly commit to reading them by posting your four books on facebook with the hashtag #whatsyourfour. Share it around, tag your friends, post about it in We Are Dynamic Douglas, put up a sign in your yard... Then read those books. If you are feeling sparky, you could even come borrow them from the library. If we don't have them, we'll get them from other libraries and put them in your hands. Everyone knows we do that, right?

Please note that I will be on vacation from June 20-27. The historical archive will not be accessible during that time.

Happy Reading,

Justin Snook
Director, Simon Fairfield Public Library
 July Book Clubs

Our Adult Book Club is re-branding itself this summer, now calling themselves the Intrepid Readers. You can be an intrepid reader too! Come join us on July 12th at 6:30 to discuss The Stormchasers by Jenna Blum. We have copies at the library, and the snacks are always good.

The Greatest Book Club Ever will be on hiatus until September. If you want to get ahead, though, September's book will be Cold Mountain by Charles Frazier. 
Summer Reading

Our annual summer reading program will be kicking off on July 5, so come by the library once you are done with your leftover fireworks and get your kids enrolled! Even if they can't make it to the all of the programs, they can still log their reading hours and be eligible for prizes.

We will also be providing an incentive for adults to read this summer! Return a book the library anytime between July 5 and August 10, and you can fill out a raffle ticket for our summer reading surprise jar. You read that right: surprise jar. What will we be raffling off? How many raffles will there be? It's a surprise. That's why we're calling it the surprise jar. :)  
 July Epic Movie Night

On July 21 at 6pm, we will be continuing our journey through the history of film by viewing Sergei Eisenstein's Battleship Potemkin (1925).

This Soviet silent film is noteworthy for many reasons--primarily for introducing the idea of film editing and inventing what we nowadays call the montage.

Join us to learn more and watch the film on the big screen!