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Director's Note

It has been four long months, but we're finally there! On Monday, July 13, the Library will re-open for limited public browsing. I'm excited. Also nervous. But mostly excited. Please read this message in its entirety, as our procedures and protocols are heavily modified. Before moving on to re-opening stuff, I want to make note that we are currently fine-free and plan to remain so for the foreseeable future. I've gotten reports, though, that some patrons have seen fines accruing on their items. This is a problem with the system (we're asking a lot from our open-source integrated library system that we share with the whole network right now). We're trying to catch all these anomalies, but do not pay fines that accrued on anything--no matter where it came from--between March 1 and July 1. Do not pay fines on Douglas items period. Call us or email me. As always, don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.

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Justin Snook
Modified Hours

Monday: 11-5 (11-12 reserved for senior citizens)
Tuesday 12-7
Wednesday: 11-5 (11-12 reserved for senior citizens)
Thursday: 12-7
Saturday: 10-1
What does limited public browsing mean?

For the time being, the only reason to come to the Library is to look at our main collections and check them out. Programming will remain virtual. Public access computers, including printing, faxing, and scanning, are not yet available. The loft, children's play area, and archive are still closed. Just the first floor is open, since that is where our circulating materials live.
What are the new rules/procedures?

  • Only 6 patrons can be allowed into the building at a time and your time in the Library will be limited to 30 minutes. If you arrive, look at the door. There'll be a flip sign that either says "Come On In" or "At Capacity." If it says "At Capacity," please wait outside without crowding the door or each other. 6 feet at least!
  • All patrons except children 2 and under must wear masks that cover their mouths and noses at all times. This goes for entering the Library as well as receiving parking lot service. If you are unable to wear a mask, contact the Library and enroll in home delivery. Wearing a mask correctly is an absolute requirement for entering the building or interacting with our staff outside.
  • Feel free to use the hand sanitizer spread throughout the Library, but please don't take it home with you.
  • Parking lot pickup will be available throughout our open hours for patrons who have holds ready for pickup but don't want to enter. Simply pull out back and call the number or ring the doorbell for assistance.
What about Delivery?

We are going to continue home delivery, but it is going to be a service you have to enroll in now. So far, we've just been delivering everything that happens to be on the hold shelf on Thursday mornings. Moving forward, please call or email to be added to a delivery list. If you enroll, you will continue to receive delivery on Thursdays if you have items available. This will continue until you inform us otherwise. If you do not enroll, your items will remain on the hold shelf.

Do not hesitate to enroll! We are happy to deliver to you! It is not an inconvenience! Especially if you are elderly or immunocompromised, I really hope you enroll! The only reason I am making this an opt-in service is because I don't want you to come to the Library on a Thursday to pick up items only to find out they are in somebody's car!

  1. Come to the Library. Put on your mask. Engage social distancing mode.
  2. Drop all your returns in the bin outside.
  3. Come on in if the sign says come on in. If it says at capacity, wait till it says come on in.
  4. Browse the Library. You have 30 minutes so don't dilly-dally. If you take something off the shelf or touch it, do not put it back. No reshelving!
  5. When you are done, come to the circ desk to check out.
  6. Chuck the things you picked up but don't want to check out into the blue bin in front of the circ desk (there'll be signs directing you).
  7. Give us your name so we can pull up your record--do not hand us your card.
  8. Slide the items you do want to check out under the plexiglass one at a time with the barcodes facing up so we can scan them without picking them up. You can use the red cart in front of the circ desk as a sorting space if you need to.
  9. Take your loot home and enjoy it!

*If you don't want any part of this, call or email to ask that we continue delivering to your home on Thursdays.
**If you don't want creepy Library people leaving things on your doorstep but don't want to come into the Library either, do step 1 and 2 and then call or push a doorbell to get your holds brought out.
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