Month Day, 2015

When I started working here almost a year ago, one of the weekly routines I got used to was Will Colonero coming in every Monday afternoon at 2:00 to re-shelve materials. We will have to adjust, though, because after serving the library as a page for 6 years, Will is moving on to bigger and better things. He shelved his last book (Ken Follett's Fall of Giants) on Monday morning before enjoying a farewell
red velvet cake. Thanks, Will, and congratulations! Don't be a stranger.

May is Mental Health Awareness month, and two Douglas Middle School students have created bookmarks to commemorate it! Sponsored by Alternatives, these bookmarks feature art drawn by the students and even have tips for a healthy mind on the back. Come get one of these one-of-a-kind pieces of local art at the circulation desk the next time you check out a book!

I'd also like to offer a big thank-you to Unibank this month for a charitable donation of $2,500. Unibank has been very generous to the library over the years, and I am thrilled that a local financial institution sees the library as a worthwhile investment. I hope to put these funds to work immediately to improve the lighting situation in the lobby and the foyer.

Thank you,

Justin Snook
Director, Simon Fairfield Public Library
 Greatest Book Club Ever

Josh Tetreau's group will be meeting on June 9th at 6:30pm. The title up for discussion this month is William Goldman's The Princess Bride.

As yoooouuuuu wiiiiiiiiiiish...  
 June Book Club

Our Adult Book Club will be meeting on June 14th to discuss their reading of The Japanese Lover by Isabel Allende. Come explore questions of identity, abandonment, redemption, and the unknowable impact of fate on our lives through historical fiction! 
 Epic Movie Night

On June 16th at 6:00pm, the big screen is going up in the basement as we begin watching the most influential films throughout history. Click here for the title of what we are watching, as well as a bit of commentary.