Town Reports are Online: 

Our first batch of digitization is done, and you can now access the town's annual reports all the way back to 1876 on! We're missing 1917, but all the rest are there. You can flip through the digitized copies online or download them in a multitude of formats. 
Breeze is Live!

Our mobile app, Breeze, is now available to download on the itunes store and google play store. Download it to your mobile device and it will allow you to place holds with just one tap. It also syncs with the Overdrive app so that you can more easily find ebooks as well. 

In addition, it links seamlessly to our online databases, calendar, and other online resources. Do your research anywhere! 

We had some issues with account authentication when it first launched, but these bugs have been worked out and it is testing stable. Give it a whirl. 
Upcoming Event: Winter Wonders: 

Join us for a fun-filled Saturday morning celebrating the season on Feburary 18 at 10:00 am. Winter Wonders, presented by Jackson Gillman, is a participatory show with lots of songs and stories about shoveling, snowmen, snow angels, and nature in winter! If you want to get out with your kids at the onset of the long weekend, the library is the place to be. Coffee will be available for the adult-folk. 
New Shelves: 

The foyer has been blessed with the addition of beautiful new shelving designed and constructed by Ron Rocheleau. He graciously donated his time and his workshop, and we used donated funds to pay for the material. We have moved paperbacks and large print books to the foyer and updated the lighting so that they are sufficiently illuminated. 

Pictures don't do them justice. Come and see!

New Carpet: 

After 41 years, we finally retired the green carpet that had graced our floors for so long and replaced it with blue carpet tiles. You no longer have to fear the floor. You probably want to see pictures, but no. Come feast your eyes in person and grab some books while you're here. :)

Director's Letter: 

Dear Patron,

Happy St. Valentine's Day! It has been too long since I have written. It seems the longer I do this job, the more work I find to do.  I have taken to keeping a bullet journal to keep track of it all, and that is what finally goaded me into taking time off of other projects to write. Hopefully it will also goad me into writing more frequently.

Much of our recent effort has been directed toward collection organization. Cleaning out the attic opened up loads of space that we can use to store books that don't see much use. Just like the books in the basement, they are still available to place on hold and we can fetch them on demand. Getting them off the main floor frees up valuable inches of shelf space that we can put to better use. 

The addition of the new shelving in the foyer also created a domino effect. There was not quite enough room to move the paperbacks and large prints out there, so we winnowed the collections down by moving the least used titles to the attic. That opened up space on the main floor, so we were able to move young adult fiction and audiobooks down so that they are more readily accessible. 

We are still struggling to find room to put everything in a place that makes everyone happy. Right now, the loft is nearly empty...but nobody wants their favorite collection moved up there. We could clean out the basement and make it the children's library, but nobody wants their collection moved down there, either. We also have to balance keeping room for computers, tutors, study groups, book clubs, etc. It's like a jigsaw puzzle where the pieces are always moving...

Thanks for Reading,

Justin Snook