Month Day, 2015

Someone recently asked me, "How busy is the library?" My immediate answer was, "Not as busy as I'd like." Our traffic comes in fits and spurts, but we remain very under-utilized throughout much of the day. I prefer a busy, bustling library to a quiet one.

But really...how busy are we? To answer the question, I turn to my familiar friend: circulation statistics. Looking at the month of February, we checked out 3,190 physical items to Douglas patrons. That's 145 items per day, or 21.55 items for every hour we are open. So we check out something roughly every 2.7 minutes. That is the most concrete answer I can give, though it doesn't include time spent on programming, collection development, answering questions for patrons, helping people with technology, advocating for our community, or any other of our myriad services.

Still, we want to be busier. So come to the library! Check out things, hang out here to read or study, meet up with friends, talk about stuff! Bring your coffee. Bring your lunch! Whatever it takes to get you in the door--let us know!

Thank you,

Justin Snook
Director, Simon Fairfield Public Library
Young Scientists!

March is nearing an end, and so is Deb's collaborative program with the YMCA Family and Community Partnership: Young Scientists.

Week 1 was all about engineering. The kids got to experiment with blocks, learning through trial and error how to build sturdy fences! Week 2 focused on magnetism. Week 3 centered around colors. Week 4 was about hiberna
tion...just in time for our cold snap.
Kids learning how to build fences.
Future Fence-Builders of America
Magnets Apparently Make Good Bridges
Making an Archive
The local history cabinet has been something pretty to look at, but we haven't really had a clear idea of what is inside. No longer! Click here to see an inventory of what is in our historical research archive.

This list represents the sequence in which things appear in the physical space, not any overarching cataloging schema. We will try to straighten things out as time goes on, but right now we are just happy to have an inventory. If you want to search for something in particular, hit CTRL+F to do a keyword search.

Next month, we will be consulting with the Boston Public Library to have material unique to our collection digitized and uploaded into the Digital Commonwealth . For the time being, come see it in person!