Library news & updates
I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving. With eyes toward Christmas and the New Year, don't forget to take time off from your busy schedules to read. Five quick announcements up front (keep reading for more details):

-The Senior Center Book Club has been postponed until January.

-Deb is having a special Christmas Storytime!

-We are bringing CJ Kennedy back on December 15 for Illuminated Bookmarks.

-Betsy is back, knitting at the library every Tuesday!

-Wowbrary is back. I'll include a link at the bottom of all emails henceforth to a page where you can specifically peruse what has been added in the last month.
Upcoming Library Programs:

Knitting in the Loft with Betsy Youngsma
Every Tuesday at 6:00 pm

Betsy is leading another knitting group at the library, but this time she is not leading a formal class. Anyone can come to work on their knitting (or other handicraft) projects independently, and she will be available to answer questions, offer advice, or teach as appropriate.

Illuminated Bookmarks with CJ Kennedy
Sat, December 15 at 10:00am

Medieval manuscripts were often decorated with large letters using silver and gold and known as illuminated letters. In this 2 hour workshop with CJ Kennedy, learn the steps to create your own illuminated letters to decorate a bookmark. The bookmark would make a lovely gift for yourself or your favorite bibliophile! Registration is required for this workshop and spots are limited, so call or email the library to sign up sooner rather than later.

Christmas Storytime
Wed, December 19 at 10:00am

Join Miss Debbie for a special Christmas themed storytime and craft at the Library. No registration is required. All are welcome!

Music and Movement with Deb Hudgins
Every Tuesday at 1:00 pm.

Bring your preschool aged kids and their younger (maybe even older) siblings to a themed weekly song and storytime. Get those wiggles out and learn things while doing it. Smooth naptimes are not guaranteed after the program, but the likelihood definitely increases.
Upcoming Book Clubs:

Greatest Book Club Ever
December 6 @ 6:30pm.
Ready Player One by Ernest Cline

The Intrepid Readers
December 11 @ 6:30pm.
A Gentleman in Moscow by Amor Towles

The Young Readers Club
December 13 @ 6pm.
Beyond Courage by Doreen Rappaport

The Book Bunch
December 20 @ 6pm.
The Adventurer's Guild by Zack Loran Clark & Nick Eliopulos

Senior Center Book Club
January 9 @ 10am.
Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie
Douglas Reads:
Patrons have told us these books are good and we think you might think they are good too

A true story of how the Mexican Cartel laundered money through the quarter-horse industry and how the FBI brought them to justice. Very Intriguing!

What a great story!

1) Great Read! Based on true events. Strong female characters.
2) Fictionalized account of experiments on young women in concentration camps of WWII.

A social and political history of the U.S. Well-written.

Wow. Ciixin Liu is the preeminent science fiction author in China. In a genre dominated by Western authors, it is refreshing to read hard scifi from a different perspective. Also, it's good and gripping and worth reading even if it is the first of a trilogy.
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