As we look back over the last year, we are reminded of all of the successes that stemmed from seemingly impossible challenges. Through creative avenues and the generosity of donors like you, we quickly adapted to provide for our foster care community. From our Back to School Drive-Thru Extravaganza, Thanksgiving, and Baskets of Love with the Easter Bunny pick-up events, to our first-ever Virtual Affair and socially distanced Santaโ€™s Toy Workshop, we simply would not have been able to do it without the support of each and every one of you.
With the school year coming to an end, we canโ€™t ignore our children who, despite the odds stacked against them, have persevered and are preparing to graduate high school. With your help, we hope to make this exciting new chapter for them something to remember forever. The Dream BIG Grad Fund supports graduating seniors with a special curated grad box as well as a scholarship fund. Make a donation to the Dream BIG Grad Fund to honor foster care kids who have risen above their circumstances and are graduating. This year, we have selected two graduating seniors who are so deserving of a scholarship. Below are their stories. With your support, we can ensure they have a head start as they begin their new chapter.
Dream BIG Grad Fund: Senior Stories
When Regine was 7 years old, she was removed from her parents due to ongoing physical abuse. Most of her life she has shuffled through the system, even changing high schools more than three times. But despite all of this, Regine will proudly graduate in a few short weeks.

With your support, Voices can offer her a scholarship so that she can pursue her Cosmetology degree.

Jacob was only 10 years old when he lost his mother and has been in foster care ever since. He felt so alone in his new world that he often would run away. Desperate to take back control of his own story, and with the support of his new foster family, Jacob is thriving and is attending college this fall.
A scholarship, provided by donations from you, will help Jacob pursue a degree in Information Technology at Broward College.
In addition to the awarded scholarships, and with your help, a special curated celebration box will be sent to our graduating seniors to prepare them for their next stage in life.

๏ปฟEach of our children have faced countless obstacles but have had the will and strength to complete their education. Letโ€™s reward them for their commitment and help them as they journey into adulthood. Now is their time to dream BIG and with your help, their next chapter will be a great one.