December 2020
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Illuman is an independent, non-profit 501(c)(3) organization whose vision is to see men transforming men and, through them, families and communities for generations to come. Our mission is to engage those seeking a life-long journey of spiritual transformation. 

1.  Financial Support of Illuman
As the end of year approaches, we invite you to consider supporting Illuman by making a monthly contribution or whatever gift expresses your heartfelt support. We reach out to you in a time of pandemic, racial inequality and many other challenges. If everyone receiving this Drumbeat were to give $5 a month or more, we could meet the annual budget of Illuman and expand our capacity and impact. We strive for good stewardship of Illuman’s financial resources, while being able to manifest a significant influence in the lives of men. You can see a copy of our recent efforts by clicking the graphic below.
We are creating innovative programs to meet men’s spiritual needs. We are incorporating the practice of Council into most areas of Illuman. We are a strong and active partner with other national and international organizations. We are a stable national organization presenting a new vision for the practice of a healthy masculinity in the world. We can support men around the world while building structures of local, national and international support.

We feel called to an expansive vision of promoting and supporting healthy men doing their inner work and making a difference in the world. Please join us with emotional and financial support according to your means.

We know not all men will join Illuman. We just need enough men. We know not all men will attend an MROP. We just need enough men to change the culture, and to change the way that being masculine is accepted in this society. With your financial support, we can move closer to that vision. And when a woman—a partner, a sister, a daughter—asks you what you are doing about the crisis of sexual harassment, you will be able to say you participate in and support an organization that is committed to changing the way men treat women, and each other. Please consider committing to this work with an online donation, or you can mail a donation to:

500 Westover Drive #12690
Sanford, NC 27330

To all who have given already this year, thank you for your generosity!


Mike Anderer and Tom Reid, Illuman Development Council Co-Chairs on behalf of the men of Illuman
P.S. Please consider remembering Illuman in your estate planning.
2.  Illuman Virtual Events - January 2021
We are excited to announce three, new Illuman Virtual Programs below. They are open to ALL men.
Elders at the Gate
January 8–10, 2021
Hosted by the Northern California Chapter of Illuman

Elders at the Gate is a three-day virtual experience, January 8–10, 2021, built from the ground up on the collective wisdom and work of the men of Illuman. Hosted by the NorCal chapter and focused heavily in the power of story and Council, this event is an invitation into deeper brotherhood for all men, initiated and uninitiated (any initiate signed up for a cancelled 2020 MROP may attend for free). All involved will hold space for and work deeply around the question, "What is mine to do?" The elders are waiting to receive your story. Join us!
Of Sound Mind and Heart
January 8-9, 2021
Hosted by Ohio Illuman

Join the Ohio Chapter of Illuman for our fourth annual writing retreat. This year's event will be held virtually.

Writing is one of the most powerful forms of communication, and surprisingly enough, the person who gets the most from writing is often the author. If we are going to be Of Sound Mind and Heart, we have to know what matters to us.

We offer this retreat to help men get in touch with their inner voice and to help them find expression through metaphor and writing. Together we will share work that is deep and meaningful.

Men with all levels of writing experience are welcome. The retreat will take place via Zoom and will include a variety of engaging sessions and writing styles, although poetry will be its main focus. This is a pencil-to-paper event, not a teaching course. Join us!
Illuman Watering Hole with Bill Plotkin - A first look at The Journey of Soul Initiation
January 28, 2021
7:00-8:30pm Eastern Time
Hosted by Illuman
SAVE THE DATE! The Illuman Council Practice Guiding Circle is excited to announce their first Watering Hole Event for 2021: A First Look at Bill Plotkin’s latest book The Journey of Soul Initiation.
Soul initiation is an essential spiritual adventure that most of the world has forgotten— or not yet discovered. Here, visionary eco-psychologist Bill Plotkin maps this journey, one that has not been previously illuminated in the contemporary Western world and yet is vital for the future of our species and our planet. Based on the experiences of thousands of people, this book provides phase-by-phase guidance for the descent to soul— the dissolution of current identity; the encounter with the mythopoetic mysteries of soul; and the metamorphosis of the ego into a co-creator of life-enhancing culture. Plotkin illustrates each phase of this riveting and sometimes hazardous odyssey with fascinating stories from many people, including those he has guided. Throughout, he weaves an in-depth exploration of Carl Jung’s The Red Book— and an innovative framework for understanding it. Join us!
Bill Plotkin is the founder of the Animas Valley Institute, a partner organization of Illuman.

Read what others are saying about the book and how to receive 50% off Bill's book on our event webpage.
3.  Soularize 2020: The Masculine Path to Healing Videos - NOW AVAILABLE FOR VIEWING!
Brothers (& Sisters), we are excited to announce that our videos featuring all the sessions from Soularize 2020: The Masculine Path to Healing are now available at our Illuman YouTube Channel. The collection includes 33 videos! Included in the collection are each of the live plenary and breakout sessions, along with several pre-recorded videos on various topics. These additions bring our overall Illuman library to almost 80 videos. We invite you to use the videos for your personal spiritual growth and as discussion pieces in group settings.
We hope that you know about the many videos we offer at our Illuman YouTube Channel. And we invite you not only to watch and reflect upon this growing library of videos, but also to share them with the men and women in your community. We believe the content in these videos not only informs and inspires the individual but can help all of us to enlarge our circles as we venture out into the world, seeking and instigating deep spiritual transformation.
4. Illuman Shop - Check out our online store and pick up an item for the New Year! 🎉
Be sure to visit Illuman's online shop where you can order t-shirts, hats and other Illuman logo items. Every purchase helps support our work!
Your support in all forms, including prayer, service, and money, is met with gratitude and a commitment to honor your gifts by using them to support men on their spiritual journey.

Please also remember Illuman in your Estate Planning. Contact us at [email protected] for more information.


Without us God will not,
but without God, we cannot.
~ Fr. Richard Rohr ~