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Mike Anderer

Mike Anderer, Convener for the NorCal M.A.L.Es Chapter of Illuman.

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Illuman is an independent, non-profit 501(c)(3) organization whose vision is to see  men transforming men and, through them, families and communities for generations to come.  Our mission is to engage those seeking a life-long journey of spiritual transformation.


1. Illuman's Bones, Part One by Terry Symens-Bucher, Illuman President
Note: We apologize but the original version of this article inadvertently left out some of our International Ritual Elders.  We apologize for the error.
In this edition of Drumbeat
, I want to begin describing Illuman's structure: its bones, so to speak. We have an organizational framework that has largely grown organically. Our relationships and language can be confusing, but that it not our intent.

Let's start with the Board of Directors. Illuman is a not-for-profit corporation, organized for charitable purposes and tax-exempt under the laws of the United States and the State of New Mexico. We have a Board of Directors. Currently, we have six Directors; our by-laws allow from three to nine. The Board of Directors is responsible for ensuring that Illuman adheres to the stated mission of the organization and maintains its financial integrity and health. Our current Board of Directors is listed here:
  • Robin Anker-Peterson, United Kingdom
  • Robert Colaresi, Illinois
  • Michael Dunne, New York
  • Andy Gray, Oregon
  • Joe Hebert, Louisiana
  • Mike Keller, Missouri
  • Terry Symens-Bucher, California
Illuman is a tax-exempt organization under United States IRS Code section 501(c)(3). We have a group exemption, which means other nonprofit corporations (chapters) aligned with our mission can affiliate with us in order to enjoy the benefits of federal tax exemption and collaboration with Illuman. In order to affiliate, a chapter needs to be incorporated in its own state and comply with all of its state laws to remain in valid, active, not-for-profit status. We currently have sixteen chapters in the United States, which are listed here  There are also states/regions that have groups of men who are active in the work but not yet incorporated. There are eight currently in that status and they can be found at the same link.

Internationally, we have men who have participated in the Men's Rites of Passage all over the world. There are seven countries that have contact with Illuman and are continuing to hold Rites. They can also be found at the link above.

Illuman's leadership also includes Weavers and Ritual Elders. These are men who fulfill the faculty roles on the Rites of Passage. The Weaver "holds the container" and "weaves" the elements of the Rites into a coherent, meaningful, powerful whole, challenging the initiates while maintaining the integrity and safety of the experience. The Ritual Elder creates the magic of the rituals themselves, ensuring their transformative power and purpose. Our current Weavers and Ritual Elders are:
  • Engelbert Bacher, Weaver
  • Joel Blunk, Weaver
  • Stefan Brombach, Ritual Elder
  • Jakub ńĆervenka, Ritual Elder
  • Jim Clarke, Weaver
  • Richard Fay, Weaver
  • Peter Fishpool, Ritual Elder
  • Steve Freeman, Ritual Elder
  • Stephen Gambill, Ritual Elder
  • Belden Lane, Weaver
  • Joe Lonergan, Ritual Elder
  • Klaus Muik, Ritual Elder
  • Tom Newton, Ritual Elder
  • Bernd Schlueter, Weaver
  • Adrian Scott, Weaver
  • Rob Scott, Ritual Elder
  • Jim Taylor, Weaver
  • Ray Tonge, Ritual Elder
  • Bob White, Weaver
Illuman also has a body of leaders and advisors we call the Wisdom Elders. They are men who have been identified as holding the "heart and soul" of Illuman's work. Some are Weavers and Ritual Elders; others have long served the men's work in their states and regions. These men help Illuman maintain the heart and soul of our work: men transforming men through a power greater than our own. We currently have twelve men who serve as Wisdom Elders:
  • Kevin Anderson, Minnesota
  • Mike Bennett, New Mexico
  • Joel Blunk, Virginia
  • Jim Clarke, California
  • Steve Conroy, California
  • Terry Frisbie, Texas
  • Steve Hickens, California
  • Bob Juarez, California
  • Brad Kuluris, Arizona
  • Joe Lonergan, California
  • Adrian Scott, United Kingdom
  • Jim Taylor, Texas
Each Illuman chapter has a Convener, a man who has been selected by his chapter to "convene" or facilitate the activities of the chapter. Recently, the Conveners selected a "Convener of Conveners" to help coordinate their activities and communication. That Convener of Conveners is Terry Frisbie of Texas.

In future issues, I will further describe the roles, meetings, and purposes of our leadership structure.  
2. Soularize 2016 Videos Now Available!
Terry Symens-Bucher addressing Soularize 2016
Terry Symens-Bucher addressing Soularize 2016

Last November, Illuman hosted Soularize 2016: Firestoker- Show Up and Act! in Bernalillo, New Mexico. The event included panel presentations by Illuman men, describing the four gates they passed through on their spiritual journey to Service, the fifth Illuman Touchstone on the Journey of Illumination. The four gateways were: Grief and Loss, Addiction, Social Justice, and Care for the Next Generation. We recorded the sessions and the videos are now available. 

In addition to Soularize 2016, we have updated the Media Archive to include a video on the Illuman Way of Council that was recorded during Soularize 2016. To access all videos in our Media Archive,  please use this link.

3. Men's Rites of Passage for 2017
Registration is open for eight Men's Rites of Passage scheduled for 2017. To learn more about Men's Rites of Passage, please click here . To learn more about specific opportunities in 2017, please click the links below.
May 17, 2017 - May 21, 2017, Twisp, Washington
June 21, 2017 - June 25, 2017, Sandstone, Minnesota
United Kingdom Men's Rites of Passage
July 26, 2017 - July 30, 2017, Perth, Scotland, United Kingdom
Northern California Men's Rites of Passage
August 9, 2017 - August 13, 2017, Camp La Salle, Lakeshore, California 
August 22, 2017 - August 26, 2017, Queensland, Australia
Colorado Men's Rites of Passage
September 13, 2017 - September 17, 2017, Woodland Park, Colorado
West Virginia/Washington, D.C. Men's Rites of Passage
October 4, 2017 - October 8, 2017, Harpers Ferry, West Virginia

Fr. Richard Rohr
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