March 2021
Sandia Mountain
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1.  Radical Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity: Illuman’s Evolution
by Glenn Siegel, Wisdom Elder
In October 2018, Illuman conducted its first Men’s Rites of Passage for Español-speaking men (UMBRALES), a needed expansion of services for Latino brothers. In the fall of 2019, the first course on US systemic racism was offered by Illuman brothers Bill Clark and Byron McMillan, to begin a re-education process of US history through a broader lens than what most of us were ever taught, and address the enduring racial pain and injustice in this country. Liberty and Justice for All is now in its second iteration with more than 80 men involved. On June 10, 2020, catalyzed by the mass-witnessed murder of George Floyd, Illuman circulated its newly created Statement on Racism throughout the organization’s leadership, both nationally and internationally. In the final paragraph of that document, there is an acknowledgement that

racism and white supremacy have been present from the very foundation of our nation [USA] and continue to cause suffering and alienation. They thrive in an atmosphere which denies that our wealth and our privilege derive in large part from the genocide and enslavement of peoples. We Illuman brothers commit ourselves and our community to the work of witnessing, acknowledging, and healing the trauma caused by these injustices.

As a next step in Illuman’s self-examination and action...
2. Illuman’s MROP—What Are We Doing?
By Terry Symens-Bucher 
Terry Symens-Bucher
Last month, I was inspired by Terry Frisbie’s Drumbeat article. In that article, Terry shared his reflections on and enthusiasm for Bill Plotkin’s new book, The Journey of Soul Initiation: A Field Guide for Visionaries, Evolutionaries, and Revolutionaries. Many of you remember that Bill was our primary presenter on “Wild Mind” at Soularize 2018. Like Terry and I, some of you have probably participated in Animas Valley Institute programs led either by Bill or by guides trained by him.

What I share here are musings, but I hope they are helpful in giving us an idea of how we could become clearer and more aware of what is happening for a man at the MROP and how to help him on his spiritual journey. We could improve our programming to assist men who come with diverse psychospiritual tasks and in different developmental stages. We were given a great treasure in the MROP. It is like a beautiful jewel that needs to be securely situated in a crown of jewels.

After reading his article, I wrote to Terry and asked him...
3.  Upcoming Illuman Virtual Events!
We are excited to announce several new Illuman Virtual Programs below. They are open to ALL men (and their spouses, in the case of the first program).
This Breath – A Couples Retreat for Those on the Path of Illumination

hosted by

April 16 & 17, 2021
If we are to keep the illuminating fire of our passion alive, we need a consistent source of oxygen. Breath by shared breath, we live our lives together. All couples move through stages. This Breath represents the Now of our relationship. This Breath helps us to gain perspective on our past breath and on our next breath.

Together, we will explore a series of tools for couples to invigorate communication and to share your love with your partner. Adding to the experience will be a mix of poetry, a walk-and-talk in nature, prayer, playful enrichment activities, and thoughtful reflection.
Facilitated by Tom and Geralyn Sparough.

This event is an opportunity for spouses to join an Illuman program.
Any committed couple is welcome.
The Urgency of Reconciliation: A Sacred Calling

hosted by

April 17, 2021
One must face the fact that “good intentions” are only good as long as they are faithfully re-examined in light of new knowledge, and in the light of their fruit.
~ Thomas Merton

Join the men of the Indiana/Michigan Chapter of Illuman on this mini-retreat to learn more about intentionally living with a deeper experience of ourselves as “Beloved Sons of God in Whom God Is Well-Pleased.” Connect with Illuman Brothers to explore how we can develop a more profound understanding of our servant leadership and contribute to a communal experience of the Presence of the Divine in a virtual space. This mini-retreat will include time in small and large groups, a sacred walk, and opportunities to learn from and be joy-full with each other in a sacred community.
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