Adina Howard Biography

The 90’s produced not only one of the greatest decades of R&B music, but also some of the most memorable artists our generation has ever seen, including multi-platinum recording artist Adina Howard. Many believe that Howard is revered as one of the early pioneers of sexual expressionism for women of color. Her mega hits "Freak Like Me" and "T-shirt and Panties" were more than just chart-topping singles, they were anthems of liberation.
Today, Howard's main stage is not much different than her fans'. She is a wife, mother and  Le Cordon Bleu trained chef. She has grown as a woman alongside her fans, pursuing interests like acting and public speaking. With all that she has accomplished, Adina has still found time to hit the studio and pursue her passion; music. 
In August 2015, Howard independently released her single “Bad 4 Me”. While the single has a different vibe than her popular 90’s hits, there is no shortage of talent and passion. The new upbeat tempo of her latest single delivers nostalgic Motown melodies, over a pop sound as a perfect showcase for her strong vocal range and versatility. 
This multi-dimensional songstress is currently touring the country, gearing up for a return to the studio where she will prepare for the release of her highly anticipated album.

Adina Howard - Nasty Grind
Adina Howard - It's All About You (director's cut)

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