July 11, 2013

Special Coverage: The Ebooks Trial 
Major win for DOJ as judge finds Apple guilty of conspiring to fix ebooks prices
Official Statements from Apple, DOJ 
Click the logos above to read official statements from the US Department of Justice and Apple, Inc. regarding today's decision. 
Antitrust Community Reacts 
"[The ruling] ought to make clear that combinations to heighten prices for consumers are unlawful, and that's true whether you're talking about brick and mortar products or products that are sold over the internet." - Jay Himes (Labaton Sucharow)
"In competitive markets when technology changes and a product becomes cheaper, producers will have to produce more cheaply. Some of them will figure out how to do that and some of them will suffer. That's sad, but that's how competition works. " - Christopher Sagers (Cleveland-Marshall School of Law)
"The ebooks case is yet another example of prosecutions being brought and won on the basis of a company's own statements. Business executives always have to be extremely cautious in what they say or write." - Mark Katz (Davies Ward Phillips & Vineberg LLP)
Case Background
View closing argument presentations from both sides
 Exclusive commentary from the antitrust community
 Retrace CPI's coverage of the ebooks trial

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