The ECE Weekly Brief
December 9, 2020
Brought to you by: Tektronix
Tektronix: Bench Solutions
The future of engineering lies with the engineering students produced by today’s great colleges and universities. The needs of these students span from making basic measurements to debugging wireless and mixed-signal designs.
Whether you’re teaching basic electronics or supporting students in advanced RF and wireless projects, Tektronix is committed to delivering a full suite of easy-to-use instruments from our Tektronix and Keithley portfolio. In order to help you put together a bench to meet a variety of teaching needs, we’ve designed 3 distinct bench configurations.

Dustin Franklin
Jacopo Tani
ETH Zurich
TODAY! ECE Webinar: AI in Education with Jetson Nano
Brought to you by: NVIDIA and Duckietown
December 9, 2020 at 1:00pm ET
Ready to get started teaching hands-on AI in a fun, engaging way?  Join us to discover the latest applied labs and curriculum for deep learning and autonomous robotics using NVIDIA’s high-performance Jetson edge computers.

Students use popular machine learning frameworks and interactive computer vision to create their own projects and train autonomous robot kits like JetBot and Duckietown. These open-source materials can easily be integrated into your courses to teach students the principles of modern AI.

Now On-Demand: Lessons Learned in Remote Labs
In preparation for the ECEDHA Summit, lab professionals and session panelists reflected on their experiences with conducting lab courses over the last several months and shared lessons learned in managing remote labs.

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ECE Product Resource Guide
Featured Company: Tektronix
The ECE Product Resource Guide is an on-line guide, highlighting the corporations that are serving the ECE academic community. Each company features software solutions, product information, prototyping kits, educational partnership information, special academic offerings, and more!

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