The ECE Weekly Brief
March 17, 2021
Brought to you by: Tektronix
Remotely Share, Inspect and Analyze Measurements on Any Device
TekDrive is the first file sharing platform for test and measurement data. Integrated on many Tektronix oscilloscopes, TekDrive allows engineers to:

  • Open a Waveform (.wfm), Session (.tss) or other supported file (.isf, .csv, etc.) directly in a browser on any device with no extra software.
  • Zoom, pan, inspect, add cursors, take measurements - all smooth.
  • Run and display built-in statistics and measurements on your data. 
  • Remotely collaborate on projects with colleagues, classmates, or professors.

Susan Hagness
Professor & Department Chair,
University of Wisconsin - Madison
Register Today! The ECEDHA Summit Series: A Virtual Program
March 23, 2021 | 10am - 3pm CT
March 25, 2021 | 10am - 12:45pm CT
ECEDHA is pleased to announce the March Summit - the second installment in the ECEDHA Summit Series!

Led by Susan Hagness, University of Wisconsin - Madison, the March Summit will gather peers to discuss Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

Featured speakers include:
  • Renetta Tull, Vice Chancellor of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, UC Davis
  • Delia Saenz, Chief Diversity Officer, ASU
  • Jose Alvarez, Senior Director, CTO Office PSG, Intel
  • Lisa Huettel, Associate Chair & Professor of the Practice, ECE, Duke University
  • UC Berkeley Bias Busters
  • and more!

Brought to you by ABET
March 18, 2021 | 2pm CT
This session will summarize how best to address ABET accreditation within the context of academic program response to the novel coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic. ABET’s Chief Accreditation Officer, Dr. Joe Sussman, and Senior Director of Accreditation Operations, Jane Emmet, will discuss modifications to ABET operations and how these modifications will affect program reviews, acknowledging the current delivery changes to academic programs that have affected teaching and learning.

In addition, Dr. Sussman and Ms. Emmet will answer questions regarding how best to prepare for ABET accreditation given the current status of academic program offerings at institutions around the globe. This session will summarize recent updates, and we especially encourage participation from programs with ABET visits planned for Fall 2021. Please bring your ABET leaders to this session.

Joe Sussman
Chief Accreditation Officer
Jane Emmet
Senior Director of Accreditation Operations
JP Moran
Head, Campus Americas
Melody Liu
Senior Product Manager,
Technical Content
Now On-Demand!
ECE Webinar - Applied Learning: Building Real-World Engineering Skills in an Online World
Brought to you by Coursera
Hands-on learning sits at the heart of engineering curricula. But with COVID-19 forcing learning to move online for the foreseeable future, how can universities ensure their students still get that level of engagement? Learners are craving an applied learning environment, and even starting to take it into their own hands with demand for technical bootcamps growing more than 12% year over year.

Join the Head of Coursera for Campus Americas, JP Moran, to explore how engineering departments are finding success in bringing those job-relevant skills to life online. Whether it is through guided labs or bootcamps, physical barriers don't need to stand in the way of your students' success.

ECE Product Resource Guide
Featured Company: Tektronix
The ECE Product Resource Guide highlights corporations that are serving the ECE academic community. Each featured company includes software solutions, product information, prototyping kits, educational partnership information, special academic offerings, and more.

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