The ECE Weekly Brief
November 12, 2020
Brought to you by: Tektronix
Save the Date! ECEDHA Summit Series: A Virtual Program
December 1-2, 2020
10:00am - 2:00pm CT
ECEDHA is pleased to introduce the ECEDHA Lab Pros Network Summit and the ECEDHA Educators Summit, a *NEW* virtual series beginning this December!

Each ECEDHA Summit offers a two-day virtual program, featuring a series of training sessions in ECE Curriculum, Autonomous Systems, Makers, Machine Learning, Diversity and Inclusion, and more, with an immediate deep dive into experiences before and after COVID-19.

Led by Zhihua Qu, University of Central Florida, and Sid Deliwala, University of Pennsylvania, the initial Summit will gather peers to provide rich content, lessons learned, and strategic guidance from fellow educators.

More information coming soon!
Zhihua Qu
University of Central Florida
Sid Deliwala
University of Pennsylvania
Tektronix IsoVu™
Conventional differential probing systems don’t have the required combination of bandwidth and common mode rejection. That leaves Engineers forced to rely on simulation, workarounds, or inferences (forced to measure to ground).

New Tektronix IsoVu™ Generation 2 Probes offer an unmatched combination of bandwidth, dynamic range, and common mode rejection plus versatile MMCX connectors to set a new standard for high-frequency floating measurements.

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On Demand Webinar - Diversity & Inclusion: High Impact Drivers for Innovation in the Workplace and Beyond
Brought to you by Intel
A diverse workforce consistently achieves greater innovation by bringing different perspectives to arrive at unique solutions. But having diverse talent alone is not enough. Creating a culture of inclusion is the necessary ingredient.

Join Intel for a view of how diversity and inclusion can make a real difference in today’s technology working environment.

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ECE Product Resource Guide
Featured Company: Tektronix
The ECE Product Resource Guide is an on-line guide, highlighting the corporations that are serving the ECE academic community. Each company features software solutions, product information, prototyping kits, educational partnership information, special academic offerings, and more!

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