The ECEDHA Weekly Brief: May 14, 2020
Dear ECEDHA Colleagues,

Each year, we look forward to gathering and honoring the deserving ECEDHA award winners during the Annual Conference.

While we were not able to gather for the 2020 ECEDHA Annual Conference in Orlando, Florida this March, we would like to highlight and congratulate this year's ECEDHA award winners for their fantastic accomplishments.

Each award winner will be featured in upcoming issues of the ECE Source .
Congratulations to the 2019 ECEDHA Award Winners
Robert M. Janowiak
Outstanding Leadership
and Service Award
Khalil Najafi
University of Michigan
Innovative Program

Anthony Maciejewski
Colorado State University
RED Program
Diversity Award

Agnieszka Miguel
Seattle University
ECE Technology
Integration Award

Shawn Jordan
Arizona State University
Canadian Outstanding Leadership Award

Dennis Peters
Memorial University of Newfoundland
Industry Award

Jean-Jacques Hajjar
accepting on behalf of
Analog Devices
Thank you all for your fantastic contributions to the ECE community.

All the best,
John Janowiak
Executive Director, ECEDHA
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