The ECEDHA Weekly Brief: March 25, 2020
Dear ECEDHA Community,

The ECEDHA Board of Directors and various working group leaders have been meeting this last week to evaluate programs and initiatives for our community. With respect to the Annual Conference, the Board of Directors continues to monitor the Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation with hopes of rescheduling an activity for later this year. We appreciate your understanding and patience during this unprecedented time.

The ECEDHA team has been in communication with many institutions as they adjust their programs and curriculums to address the new reality of online education. Moving forward, ECEDHA will begin sharing best practices and frequently asked questions to help serve our community. One of our first initiatives is the Community Board, which will allow members to communicate their experiences and best practices during this challenging time. In addition, you will be invited to a regional meeting in the coming days so that you can share what your institution is doing with members from your region.

We’d like to thank all the members and supporting organizations that have reached out. We look forward to initiating these new programs to ensure our community stays strong.
John R. Janowiak
Executive Director, ECEDHA