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EPA Mulls Counting Ethanol Exports Against Mandates :  A new report says the EPA wants to include exports in the RVOs, significantly altering the intent of the law. Read More

EPA Considers Cutting 2018, 2019 Advanced Biofuel RVO: The agency may reduce advanced biofuels RVO by 15%.  Read More

Grassley: Proposed Biofuel Reduction Seems Like "Bait and Switch" : The Iowa senator says the EPA's move to reduce advanced biofuels RVOs was a "terrible plan."  Read More 

Ethanol Producers To Out-Pump Competitors :   Producers have added more capacity in 2017 Read More

Al-Corn Clean Fuel Members Vote To Become An LLC:  The move is in line with the plant's current expansion exercise. Read More

WPI Fellows Tour Highwater Ethanol:  The visit was part of the WPI Fellows tour of Minnesota's agriculture industry.  Read More

Senators Ask Lighthizer To Resolve Brazilian Tariff Issue:   Brazil's tariff on ethanol imports would have an adverse affect on overall ethanol exports from the US .  Read More

Enerkem Begins Commercial Production Of Cellulosic Ethanol: 
The company's plant in Edmonton is the first in the world to commercially produce cellulosic ethanol from municipal waste Read More

E20 For The EU : 
The EU identifies E20 as the optimal blend in terms of infrastructure adaptation and GHG emission goals.  Read More

China Set For Ethanol Binge As Beijing Pumps Up Renewable Fuel Drive: China, which has the world's largest car market, plans to roll out E10 by 2020. Read More

EPA Lifts RVP Ban in MN following Supply Disruption:  The ban on E15 was lifted before Sept 15 due to fuel supply disruptions from the damage caused by Hurricane Harvey. Read More
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A proposed rule to cut advanced biofuels. A proposed rule to give the automakers a free pass to backslide on mpg's in the CAFE Standard when the high octane ethanol mid-level blend solution is staring them in the face. And now it's been reported that there is a proposal to essentially offshore the RFS?
President Trump, have you forgotten about your commitment to rural communities and your supposed support for ethanol? If you give one iota for the wellbeing of rural communities and Americans generally as well as the rule of law, then tell your EPA Administrator to back off the RFS.
Read more here .

We teamed up with KS95 FM on Sept 20 to reward drivers in Fridley who switched to E15. Among the prizes won were $20 in cash, gift vouchers to Chili's and KS95 merchandise. Read more here.

Eleven students from Red Rock Central High School traveled across town on Sept 15 to visit Highwater Ethanol to learn about renewable energy production. Read more here.                                                                          Like us on Facebook  Follow us on Twitter  View our videos on YouTube