Dear New EPIC Parents:

Something unique to EPIC Charter School is its Learning Fund, which is available to students for approved expenses related to core curriculum, supplementary curriculum, learning materials and extracurricular expenses.

Every student enrolled prior to October 1 of every school year receives a Learning Fund. For the 2020-2021 school year, the amount per student is $1000. 

During your first meeting with your teacher, he/she will discuss the Learning Fund with you. Curriculum and any technology your child needs are deducted from your Learning Fund. However, the amounts deducted aren’t those that you see in an actual retail store and most of our families are able to do a lot with their Learning Funds. Moreover, we are a free public school, provide the academic essentials for all students to have a quality education, and we do not collect any funds from you for your child’s education.

Families can boost their child’s learning fund by $200 for every student they refer to EPIC prior to October 1. To receive the additional funds, a student being referred to us must include on their enrollment form the first and last name of the EPIC parent or student who referred them. They must also still be enrolled at EPIC when we credit students’ Learning Funds for their referrals, which we do in January.

Beyond curriculum and technology, if you wish to purchase an educational item using your Learning Fund, you do so by logging into Parent Portal and completing the Learning Fund ordering form. (  We’ll be discussing more about the Parent Portal in our next orientation email to you  .) And, should you wish to use the Learning Fund for extracurricular activities, approved vendors are listed in   our Vendor Directory. New vendors are added throughout the year. So if you have a vendor you would like to be added to the directory, encourage the vendor to apply. The form to apply is located on the EPIC website at the same link as our Vendor Directory.

Remember, your teacher will be going over the Learning Fund with you at your first meeting and your 2020-2021 Learning Fund is not yet open to you . But we hope this email and the video below give you more insight into what the Learning Fund can do for your child’s education - support our partnership with you to provide your child a personalized, customized and high-quality public education!

Please not hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions.

Chandler Winningham
Learning Fund Director
405-749-4550, ext. 281