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FP7 & other Calls shortly expiring
New Calls recently published
EPN Consulting helps you prepare sound proposals for EU grants
Have you tried the "EPN Consulting for SMEs" service yet?
Busy period for EPN Consulting!
Smart Cities: Agreement on Action Plan
Transport: EU Grants of 1.6 Billion EUR for TEN-T projects
Economic Sentiment improves in the EURO area
Environment: 12 cities apply for the 2016 European Green Capital award
Environment: 2013 Air Quality Report
Apply to the EPN Sponsorship Scheme
Next Professional Events in Europe
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The EPN Consulting's Core Values

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EPN Consulting is an energetic business offering Consultancy in several areas, an Innovative Network of Professionals and a vibrant Business Hub to clients throughout the UK and Europe.
The company is based in London Victoria and its team boasts many years of experience in the Business Management and Consultancy sector. 
If firms would like to fund their business ideas and/or products, there may be the right opportunity in some of the European funding schemes and
EPN Consulting
can help find those ones suitable to them. 
EPN Consulting is constantly updated about EC activities and has got wide experience in assisting Clients during the preparation of proposals and, when needed, to manage existing projects.  
The firm delivers comprehensive consulting services to businesses (B2B) with the required flexibility to suit any kind of organisation (public or private, SME or large corporates). 
With assistance tailored on Clients' needs, EPN Consulting has fully qualified professionals helping Clients boost their business and their position on the market. 
Consulting Areas range from European Affairs, to Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS), Sustainable Transport in Smart Cities and Energy & Environment plus additional capabilities focusing on promoting and implementing Innovation in private companies and public authorities. 
The idea of providing a European Professionals Network along with Consultancy is quite unique and this makes
EPN Consulting perfect for business purposes. 
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Dear Subscriber,   

Welcome to the November 2013 issue of the EPN Consulting Newsletter received every month by over 2,100 selected professionals in Europe.

HORIZON 2020 is approaching
If you are waiting for preparing project proposals, be ready: next month
(11 Dec 2013) lots of new calls will be published. The great news is Research & Innovation activities will be fully funded!!

Many Information Days will be organised in Brussels to describe the H2020 goals in several areas such as:
and RAW MATERIALS - 12 Nov 2013
HEALTH - 22 Nov 2013
ENERGY - 05 Dec 2013
TRANSPORT - 18 Dec 2013

Many other info days in those or other themes will be organised at national level.

Contact EPN Consulting  for more information: you may want to book our professional assistance to convert your project idea into a real & funded work.
Last but not least: Great Funding Opportunities for SMEs !

ITS Conference 2013
For those interested in the EC ITS Conference 2013 - "Triggering ITS Deployment", please note that it will be held in Brussels on 02 Dec 2013.
EPN Consulting will be attending it and happy to meet you there to discuss business/collaboration opportunities.

This funding programme is not as famous as FP7 and Horizon 2020 but very important  because it helps SMEs to compete and innovate internationally.
Trends and Statistics of the past editions can be found here.
If you have great ideas you would like to be funded, please note next application deadline is 13 Mar 2014.

If you need pure consultancy, EPN Consulting will carry out feasibility and viability studies that will include some intelligence on EU projects that have been already funded to catch ideas and adapt them to the Client's needs. This will ensure the design of cutting-edge solutions that avoid re-inventing the wheel with a much appreciated consequence of saving time and money.

The EPN Consulting Training Courses are being redesigned to take into account of the incoming Horizon 2020.
However, if you intend to train your staff, please contact us and we will be happy to assess your requirements and design customised courses for your organisation (both private and public).

EPN Consulting provides assistance to public and private organisations as well as Universities and Research Centres.

EPN Consulting
is also an ideal partner for your project consortium as we have got a lot of experience in dealing with European projects. Contact us to know more about how we can help you.

If some of you are already involved in European projects and would like to publicise your progress, contact us and you will be impressed by the range of opportunities that are waiting for you.
For instance, you could apply to the new EPN Consulting Sponsorship Scheme that has been carefully designed to help acquire/increase professional visibility in Europe and boost your business. Contact us to know which benefits you will generate by applying to this scheme. 



The EPN Consulting is not only a consulting firm but also a vibrant Network of Professionals that generates a lot of excellent know-how. If you are not a member yet, don't wait any longer and join us: a number of exclusive services are waiting for you.
The EU Accession Countries enjoy a fantastic 50%-discount on membership fees until 31 Dec 2013!
The EPN Consulting membership fees in GBP will be kept unchanged until 31 Dec 2013 whilst those in EUR may be revised quarterly (no increase so far nor in Q4 2013).


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We wish you a great November! 

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FP7 & other Calls shortly expiring   
European Projects


The following calls for proposals are close to an end in the next 3 months:


- 15 Nov 2013 - Deadline to submit proposals to the EUROGIA (EUREKA Cluster for Low-Carbon Energy Technologies) Call  


- 26 Nov 2013 - Deadline to submit proposals to the EURIPIDES2 (European Smart Electronic Systems) Call  


- 03 Dec 2013 - Deadline to submit proposals to the FP7-INFRASTRUCTURES-2013-2 Call 


- 03 Dec 2013 - Deadline to submit applications to the EUROPEAN CAPITAL OF INNOVATION AWARD - iCAPITAL  


- 10 Dec 2013 - Deadline to submit proposals to the Future Internet 2013 (FP7-2013-ICT-FI) Call  



Find out more expiring calls on the EVENTS Section of the EPN Consulting website.

If you would like to be advised on how to prepare and submit project proposals within EU Programmes, EPN Consulting is the right consultancy to choose. Visit the EU Projects Consultancy  for more information.

Would you like to know more about what an EU project is like? Attend one the tailored training courses that EPN Consulting organises for its clients. Visit the Training courses and Seminars section.


EPN Consulting Members enjoy discounts on EU projects assistance as well as up to a fantastic 20%-discount on Training Courses packages.Join us!

New Calls recently published  
European Projects


During last month the following new calls were launched.


- 29 Oct 2013 - IMI-JU-10-2013 (deadline 28 Jan 2014)   


Early Dec 2013 HORIZON 2020 will be launched and EPN Consulting is following closely the progress of this new 2014-2020 funding programme to better serve members and customers.
Visit the EU Projects Consultancy  for more information.

If you would like to be regularly informed on EC activities relevant to your areas of interest, join EPN Consulting and become one of our valuable members. You will receive exclusive services and first-hand items of information as well as gain immense visibility on the European scenario.


EPN Consulting Members enjoy discounts on EU projects assistance as well as up to a fantastic 20%-discount on Training Courses packages.  Join us!


EPN Consulting helps you prepare sound projects proposals for EU grants! Book your place to learn how to improve your chances of success!


As many of you already know, the new Framework programme Horizon 2020 is due to start on 1st Jan 2014. It will have a more streamlined funding scheme and will focus on strategic areas that need Research & Innovation efforts as well as on SMEs.


That's why EPN Consulting is preparing new training courses to help you get prepared to grab the best opportunities for you.


Visit our Training Courses & Seminars Section in the next weeks to be informed on our initiatives!  



EPN Consulting Members receive up to 20% discount on training courses fees!   


Have you tried the "EPN Consulting for SMEs" New Service yet? 
EPN Consulting Limited
EPN Consulting is working hard to expand its Professionals Network and the quality of services to its members.

That's why on 1st Oct 2013 it was launched the "EPN Consulting for SMEs" service that includes Six Thematic SubNets (TSN) dedicated to SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises). They regard the following professional areas:
TSN 1) Transport & Logistics 
TSN 3) Environment & Energy 
TSN 4) Mechanics 
TSN 5) Buildings & Civil Infrastructures 
TSN 6) Food & Agriculture

Current Members will be added to their relevant TSN for FREE and forever!

New Members will be added to their relevant SubNet for FREE until 31 Dec 2013.
As of Jan 2014 Premium and Ultimate members will continue to join SubNets for FREE, New Basic and Starter members will pay a small additional fee.

Information Services provided within each TSN:
- Funding Opportunities specifically addressed to the chosen TSN (EU funds, banks, etc.) concerning Research & Innovation and Demonstration activities
- Events, fairs, conferences concerning the TSN topics
- Best practices reported in EU projects dealing with the TSN topics
- M&A news, large contracts signed, concerning the TSN market
- Potential synergies with other TSNs

More information on the EPN Consulting Membership is available here.
Busy period for EPN Consulting ! 
EPN Consulting Limited

EPN Consulting attended events on Transport, Intelligent Transport Systems, Transport policies and future trends in Turin (IT) on 27 Sept at the SMART MOBILITY WORLD (Smart Mobility, Smart People, Smart City) and in Milan (IT) on 28 Oct at the CITY TECH  (Reconsidering the mobility paradigm of the cities of the the third Millenium).

In addition, EPN Consulting CEO, Dr Ing Stefano Mainero, on 07 Oct in Milan (IT) attended the MOVE APP EXPO (Transport and Logistics, Smart Mobility and Technology) event and gave a speech on "Open Data in the UK, focus on Transport" within the EC POSSE Project Italian Workshop on Open ITS and Open Data.
EPN Consulting+TIPS project

The EPN Consulting CEO  took also part in the EC TIPS project Advisory Board Round Table organised in Brussels on 24 Oct morning and the TIPS Public Workshop on "From research to market - Key factors on Innovation" held in the afternoon.
Smart Cities - Agreement on Action Plan to make Europe's Cities Smarter      

EU Brussels, 14 Oct 2013 - The Commission expected to invest around €200 Million to create Smart Cities in the next two years.

The High Level Group of the European Innovation Partnership (EIP) for Smart Cities and Communities  adopted the Partnership's 'Strategic Implementation Plan' (SIP).


The plan will serve as the basis for speeding up the deployment of Smart City solutions in Europe. A facilitator for any city becoming smart and developing innovative services in this sense is if they can rely on fast, reliable and secure networks that ensure high quality connectivity.


The SIP is drafted by - and based on a thorough consultation of - a great variety of actors from industry, cities, civil society and research. It focuses on three specific areas: sustainable districts, sustainable urban mobility, and integrated infrastructures across energy, ICT and transport.


It proposes a variety of actions to drive forward improvements in these areas. These include a common set of Smart City standards, "open data by default", new ways of designing planning solutions, the creation of "innovation zones", new business models and improving collaborative governance mechanisms dedicated to integrated city planning and management.

More information is available here.
Transport - EU Grants of almost 1.6 Billion EUR to support key TEN-T Infrastructure projects     
Brussels, 16 Oct 2013 - The European Commission selected a total of 172 projects that will benefit from almost €1.6 billion in EU co-financing from the trans-European transport network (TEN-T) Programme for improving transport infrastructure across Europe.

89 projects selected from the 2012 Multi-Annual Call and 83 from the 2012 Annual Call will use this financial support to help realise TEN-T network development - ranging from preliminary studies for new projects to top-up grants aimed to help assist on-going construction initiatives, in all transport modes.

The 2012 Multi-Annual Programme Call provided €1.348 billion of funding to projects financing the highest priorities of the TEN-T network, focusing on six modal areas:

  1. Air Traffic Management (ATM)-3 projects selected, €58.8 million in funding

  2. European Rail Traffic Management System (ERTMS) - 14 projects selected, €68.33 million in funding

  3. Intelligent Transport Systems/European Electronic Toll System (ITS/EETS) - 2 projects selected, €3.58 million in funding

  4. Motorways of the Sea (MoS) -13 projects selected, €169.37 million in funding

  5. River Information Services (RIS)-4 projects selected, €3.43 million in funding

  6. Priority Projects (PPs) - 53 projects selected (39 new projects, 14 ongoing projects), €1.044 billion in funding

The 2012 Annual Programme Call gave financing for a large number of smaller projects covering the different modes of transport. This Call granted €247.20 million in total funding in four main priority areas:

  1. Priority 1 - Acceleration/facilitation of the implementation of TEN-T projects (inland waterways, multimodal, maritime, rail, road) - 67 projects selected, €211.36 million in funding

  2. Priority 2 - Measures to promote innovation and new technologies for transport infrastructure - 6 projects selected, €13.74 million in funding

  3. Priority 3 - Support to Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) and innovative financial instruments: 3 projects selected, €5.75 million in funding

  4. Priority 4 - Support to the long term implementation of the TEN-T, in particular corridors: 7 projects selected, €16.35 million in funding

More information is available here.   
Economic Sentiment improves in the EURO area and in the EU      
30 Oct 2013 - In October the Economic Sentiment Indicator (ESI) increased by 0.9 points in the Euro area (to 97.8) and by 1.1 points in the EU (to 101.8).

While the upward trend observed since May has been continued, the magnitude and sectoral scope of the improvement in confidence has moderated compared to recent months.

In the Euro area, the ESI's increase was driven by improved confidence in industry and, to a lesser extent, among consumers.

By contrast, confidence weakened in services, retail trade and construction. Economic sentiment improved in three out of the five largest Euro area economies, i.e. the Netherlands (+3.3), France (+2.6) and Germany (+0.8), while it deteriorated in Spain (-2.2) and Italy (-2.0).

More information is available here
Environment - 12 Cities apply for the European Green Capital Award 2016       
06 Nov 2013 - The following 12 cities from 11 different countries have entered the competition:

Dabrowa Gornicza (Poland), Essen (Germany), Larissa (Greece), Ljubljana (Slovenia), Nijmegen (Netherlands), Oslo (Norway), Reggio Emilia (Italy), Santander (Spain), Tours (France), Ume´┐Ż (Sweden), Zaragoza (Spain) and Pitesti (Romania).


The European Green Capital Award is presented to a city at the forefront of environmentally friendly urban management. These cities aim to set higher standards in sustainable urban development, listening to what their citizens want and pioneering innovative solutions to environmental challenges


This year, for the first time, cities across Europe with at least 100,000 inhabitants were eligible to apply for the 2016 title. In previous years, only cities with a population of 200,000 or more were eligible. Opening the award to smaller cities has led to over half the applications coming from cities with less than 200,000 inhabitants.

The 2015 award was assigned to Bristol (UK).



More information is available here
Environment - Air Quality in Europe - 2013 Report        

15 Oct 2013 - Air pollution in Europe, as well as being a cross-border issue, can also be viewed as a local and regional problem caused by the emission of specific pollutants, which either directly or through chemical reactions lead to negative impacts. Each pollutant produces a range of effects from mild to severe as concentration or exposure increases.

This report presents an overview and analysis of air quality in Europe from 2002 (or later, pending data availability) to 2011. It reviews progress towards meeting the requirements of the air quality directives (EU, 2004b; EU, 2008c) and gives an overview of policies and measures introduced at European level to improve air quality and minimise air pollution impacts on public health and ecosystems. An overview of the latest findings and estimates of the effects of air pollution on health and its impacts on ecosystems is also given. The evaluation of the status and trends of air quality is based on ambient air measurements, in conjunction with data on anthropogenic emissions and their trends.

The analysis covers up to 38 European countries, including EU Member States and other EEA member countries as of 2011, i.e. EU-27 and EEA-32 respectively.


The report is available here (13.4 MB). 
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Next Professional Events happening in Europe

- 11-12 Nov 2013 - Vilnius (LT) - BIZ+ENV+EUP+TRA - 4th EUSBSR (EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region) ANNUAL FORUM 


- 12 Nov 2013 - London (UK) - BIZ+FIN - TheEconomist Event - INSIDE AZERBAIJAN Breakfast 

- 12 Nov 2013 - Glasgow (UK) - BIZ+CIV+ENE+ENV+ICT+ITS+TRA - BASE GLASGOW 2013 - The Low-Carbon Built Environment and Infrastructure Event 

- 12 Nov 2013 - Brussels (BE) - ENV+EUP - INFODAYS ON HORIZON 2020 SC5: Climate Action, Environment, Resource Efficiency and Raw Materials 




- 14-15 Nov 2013 - Vienna (AT) - INN+TEC - EVALUATION OF STI (Science, Technology and Innovation) POLICIES, INSTRUMENTS AND ORGANISATIONS: New Horizons and New Challenges 


- 17-20 Nov 2013 - Barcelona (ES) - ENE+INN+ITS+TRA - EVS 27 - The 27th International Electric Vehicle Symposium & Exhibition 




- 19-21 Nov 2013 - Paris (FR) - ICT - CARTES - Secure Connexions Event 

- 19-21 Nov 2013 - Barcelona (ES) - ENE+ENV+ICT+INN+TRA - SMART CITY EXPO 2013 


- 20 Nov 2013 - Bristol (UK) - ICT+INN+LEG+TEC - DPRTE 2013 - Defence, Procurement, Research, Technology, Exportability 


- 21-22 Nov 2013 - Bucharest (RO) - EUP+ITS+TRA - 2nd HeERO International Conference 

- 21-23 Nov 2013 - Bucharest (RO) - ENE - RENEXPO SOUTH-EAST EUROPE - 5th Trade Fair and Conferences for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency 


- 25-26 Nov 2013 - Halle (Saale) (DE) - EUP - The NEW INTERREG 2014-2020 - International Conference on the Future of European Territorial Cooperation

- 25-30 Nov 2013 - Brussels (BE) - BIZ+INN+TEC - EUROPEAN SME WEEK 2013

- 27 Nov 2013 - Brussels (BE) - EUP+FIN+TRA - TEN-T: FINANCIAL ENGINEERING / PPP Workshop

- 27-28 Nov 2013 - London (UK) - ITS+TRA - TRAVEL 2013 - New Approaches to Smart Mobility  
- 27-28 Nov 2013 - Santiago de Campostela (ES) - BIZ+TEC+TRA - MIBE 2013 - Maritime and Innovation Brokerage Event
- 27-28 Nov 2013 - Barcelona (ES) - ICT - EUROPEAN NANOELECTRONICS FORUM 2013

- 27-29 Nov 2013 - Bordeaux (FR) - TRA - 24e RENCONTRES NATIONALES DU TRANSPORT PUBLIC (in French)

- 28-30 Nov 2013 - Salzburg (AT) - ENE+INN - RENEXPO AUSTRIA - International Exhibition for Innovation and Renewable Energy

- 02 Dec 2013 - Brussels (BE) - EUP+ITS+TRA - ITS CONFERENCE 2013 


- 03 Dec 2013 - Brussels (BE) - ENE+ENV+INN+LEG+TRA - The 2nd Annual European FUTURE TRANSPORT CONFERENCE - Clean Power for Transport. Prospects for Alternative Fuels in Europe? 


- 04-05 Dec 2013 - Brussels (BE) - ITS+TRA - 2013 Annual POLIS Conference 

- 04-05 Dec 2013 - Stockholm (SE) - BIZ+ICT - CO-SUMMIT 2013 - Software Innovation: Boosting High-Tech Employment and Industry 


- 04-06 Dec 2013 - Vilnius (LT) - INN - INNOVATION FORUM 2013 


- 05 Dec 2013 - Brussels (BE) - EUP+TEC - European Innnovation Partnership (EIP) on Raw Materials - Annual Conference 

- 05 Dec 2013 - Brussels (BE) - ENE+EUP - Horizon 2020 - ENERGY INFO DAY - 2014-2015 Calls

- 13 Dec 2013 - Brussels (BE) - EUP+TRA - 2013 TEN-T EA INFO DAY

- 18 Dec 2013 - Brussels (BE) - EUP+TRA - Horizon 2020 - TRANSPORT INFO DAY


Find out many more events on the EPN Consulting Events Section, now updated with 2014 events.

There are Fantastic Business Opportunities for you: if you buy one of the
Sponsorship Packages you could sponsor one or more events or even

have your logo on the top page of the Events Section (Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze packages available). Please drop us an email if interested and we will provide you with all information. 



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This month we have chosen the Procurement of Innovation Platform.

PPI can be implemented in different ways by public authorities. Scope, ambition or budget all vary from case to case.


The right approach for your authority will likely depend on a variety of factors:

  • Political/high-level support
  • Size of authority
  • Knowledge and experience in PPI
  • Availability of innovative products and services in regional markets

Make no mistake, however, PPI implementation is possible for any authority in any country.

The Procurement of Innovation Platform is developing practical guidance on PPI which will facilitate preparation and implementation of public procurement of innovative goods and services; once finalised, this guidance will be available in this section of the Platform.

In achieving the most innovative solutions for your needs the SMART SPP guide for public authorities identifies a few key guiding principles:

- Preparation
- Early Market Engagement
- Tendering and Contracting


Procurement Forum
The Procurement Forum is the part of that platform that gives stakeholders a chance to exchange, connect and collaborate.


The EPN Consulting's Core Values   
EPN Consulting Limited


to provide you with industry-unbiased solutions 


to quickly understand your problems and design bespoke solutions


to meet all your requirements


to allow you carry out your day-to-day business with peace of mind


to exceed your expectations 


to provide you with brand-new solutions

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Stefano Mainero

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 EPN Consulting Limited 
London, UK 
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