Everybody Paddles


The EVERYBODY Paddles Pledge


So many people claim to have a Vision for a Better Self, Better Family, Better Career and Better Society. Yet, all we hear is Language of Division. 
This pledge is a Call to Action asking you to make a difference in your life and the life of others by changing the discussion.




  1. commit to foster better Family/Friend relationships by communicating, interacting and maintaining contact.
  2. modify my attitude, capabilities and efforts acknowledging that at Work I must support the company's mission, vision and value structure.
  3. build Community Partnerships, Associations and Collaboration by working Together with my neighbors.
  4. promote the Team concept of "We and not I" in every aspect of life.

With this pledge, I support The Everybody Paddles Movement and no matter what the objective, I Will work with others in one direction, united towards a common goal.   


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Charles A. Archer
Everybody Paddles
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