1.   Get moving!   
Incorporating exercise into your daily routine is a great way to keep your health and weight in check.

2.   Start your day off right .  
Eat a healthy breakfast consisting of protein and fiber. This will help keep you satisfied until lunch.

3.   Nix the added sugar.   
Let's face it...we all want that sweet, satisfying sugar rush. The main culprit is soda and sugary drinks. Try adding lemon to your water or a sugar-free flavor packet.

4.   Go for whole fruits .  
Fruit is high in fiber and has a high water content. A pint of orange juice contains 225 calories. That is equivalent to 2-3 cups of mixed berries. Most of us wouldn't think twice about drinking the pint of juice but few of us would eat 3 cups of berries in one sitting.

5.  Pack a healthy snack.  
 Greek yogurt, baby carrots, nuts, fresh fruit and of course water are great on the go snacks to keep in your classroom or office.

6.   Skip the white food. (unless its cauliflower or beans)
   White bread including bagels, white rice and white pasta are refined grains and easy to overeat. Because they contain virtually no fiber, we don't feel satisfied after eating them.

7.  Healthy portions
  Fill the plate with half veggies, a quarter protein and the other half with a healthy starch.