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We just want to take a moment to recognize our football team and their coaches for making it to the Show-Me Bowl! It was our pleasure to follow you this season. We would also like to recognized our amazing student section, the Eagle Pride Band, and all the staff, and community members that supported the team and represented Joplin Schools so well throughout the season.

As the semester moves on and we get close to the end of the year, now would be a great time to verify that your address and phone number are current in the Employee Service Portal to make sure that you get important documents that are sent out in January.

If changes need to be made, please email Melissa Smith at

Wellness Tip
Holiday Healthy Eating Guide
Everyone is in a rush over the holiday seasons, but it's easy to keep things light when you fill half of your plate with fruit and veggies at meals and for snacks. You still get to enjoy holiday treats, but offsetting it with healthy foods will fill you up faster and ensure you're getting all the nutrients you need. 
December 3rd, we will be delivering apples and pears to each building kick off a healthy holiday season.
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If you know of someone with 60 college credits that would like a flexible schedule with the same hours and holidays as students please let them know we want their help to make a difference in our students' lives. They can apply and learn more here
Eagle Nation Benefit News

Hey, Eagle Nation!

Do you want to learn more about your benefits and ways to save money? Keep an Eagle Eye out each month as we focus on your health and financial well-being . Watch for money saving tips and other information you need to know!
So far we learned:
  • a self-insured health plan receives funding from employer- and employee-paid premiums
  • our combined premiums are used to pay all of our medical and pharmacy claims
  • UMR is our third-party administrator(TPA), meaning they pay our claims
  • Joplin Schools carries stop-loss insurance to protect the plan from high claim cost
  • prescription costs vary by pharmacy .To save money:
  • request generic drugs
  • buy medications in bulk (90-day supplies - after an initial 30-day supply for new prescriptions)
  • shop around - not all pharmacies charge the same
Keep reading to learn more ways to save money on healthcare.
UMR - Health Cost Estimator
Your healthcare is an important investment.
And like anything else you spend your money on, it pays to be prepared. UMR offers a health cost estimator tool to research service and treatment costs at different facilities and with different providers. Make informed decision! Click the link below and sign in to learn more!

Updated from the OCT. Issue
...and what about deductibles? di
District Medical Plan - UMR - the plan year, deductible and out-of-pocket maximum starts over October 1 and continues to September 30, 2020.

MetLife Dental and vision - while open enrollment elections for dental and vision are effective as of October 1, the plan year is a calendar year. Your deductible and plan limits will start over January 1. If you changed from the Base Dental to the Buy-up Dental plan, you have up to $1,500 in benefits beginning October 1 that are payable by MetLife through December 31, minus any amount paid by MetLife from January 1 - September 30. Frequency limitations still apply.
Choose the right health care setting
Where you go for medical services can make a big difference in how much you pay and how long you wait to see a health care provider. Click here to learn more!
Save Money with Freeman First Care!

Or save with Mercy Convenient Care!
Freeman First Care or Mercy Convenient Care offer walk-in appointments and charge the same as a visit to your doctor's office!
Ways to save money on prescriptions!
1. Request generic drugs
From a medical standpoint, there's generally no harm in opting for a generic version of the medication you take, and that move alone could save you a considerable amount.
2. Buy medications in bulk
If you have a medication you take on a regular basis, it pays to see whether it's available in 90-day supplies. This will save you a few trips to the pharmacy (and the gas money associated with them), but it could also save you money.  Try mail-order and use the CVS Mobile App !
3. Shop around
Did you know not all pharmacies charge the same for prescriptions? Compare your prescription cost to other pharmacies here! (The attached document shows October and November claim information)

FACT: Even though you may only pay a copay for prescriptions, keep in mind the plan pays the difference and our premiums fund the plan.

Consider this: Many drug companies offer copay cards for specialty drugs. If you pay using your insurance card and the copay card, we (yes, all of us) pay the majority of the cost and the drug company only pays a small portion. In most instances, if you just use the copay card the drug manufacturer pays the full cost minus your copay. Consider asking your pharmacist to only use the copay card.
July 1, 2018 - June 30, 2019
(Report of the Superintendent to the School Board)
Premiums Collected

District ------------------ $3,925,836.00
Employee -------------- $1,558,703.00
Retiree and Cobra ----- $378,643.80
Interest Earned --------- $120,750.75
Total --------------------- $5,983,933.55
Fees and Claims Paid

Admin/Teledoc ---------- $206,694.78
Insurance Premium ---- $369,179.34
Health Claims --------- $3,817,839.28
Prescription Claims - $1,338,068.96
Total --------------------- $5,731,782.36

July 1, 2019 - October 31, 2019
(Report of the Superintendent to the School Board)
Premiums Collected

District ------------------- $1,163,010.00
Employee ----------------- $472,636.74
Retiree and Cobra ------ $111,615.20
Interest Earned ----------- $44,864.16
Total --------------------- $1,795,116.10
Fees and Claims Paid

Admin/Teledoc ------------- $84,762.53
Insurance Premium ----- $135,734.21
Health Claims ---------- $2,290,489.53
Prescription Claims ------$487,754.51
Total ---------------------- $2,998,740.78
Mandatory Annual Notices have been posted to the website and sent on email. You may also view here by selecting either the PPO Plan's Annual Notice or the HSA Plan Annual Notice !
SafeSchools Training
Homelessness affects hundreds of thousands of children every year and can be a barrier to education in many ways. Our SafeSchools course will educate you on the prevalence of homelessness, federal laws related to homeless students, and strategies for identifying and assisting the homeless student population. 

  • Log in to SafeSchools
  • Click on Extra Training (left-hand side and looks like a play button)
  • Click on Social and Behavioral
  • Click on Student Experiencing Homelessness

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Don't see a district-wide event on here? Email to get it added. Thanks for helping us help you know about district happenings.
2019-2020 School Calendar Now Available
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Welcome to the Eagle Family
Please join us in welcoming our newest employees to the Eagle Family!

Safety Tip
“Every job is a self-portrait of the person who did it. Autograph your work with excellence.”  Jessica Guidobono

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