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How does Joplin's tax levy compare to other districts?

The chart below compares regional districts, districts of similar size to Joplin, and the state average. Together, we can prepare for tomorrow.
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Joplin Schools Foundation appreciates all of the teachers who entered a proposed project in this year’s grant program. We applaud your initiative and dedication to educating your students. Following are the Excellence in Education grant winners for 2020/2021:
  1. Katie Rattles, Adrienne Carson, Kelly Davis, Kelly Painter, Laurie Orr, Mary White, Megan Dillahay, Miranda Ash and Myra Hildago.
  2. David Welling and Michael Gurley.
  3. Robert Parsons.
  4. Brian Hancock.
Bank Accounts for Direct Deposit
Payrolls will be prepared by June 15 for the June, July and August payrolls. The bank account we have on file will be used for the direct deposit of these checks. It is very important not to change your bank account over the summer because we will not have a way to change the file already created for these checks. We need any bank account changes by June 1 so that we can get them entered into our software for all the summer payrolls. Please be aware that if you do close your bank account, we will have to wait for the direct deposit to be returned to us before we can re-issue you a check and this can take several days.


There are opportunities for summer work with the 2020 Census. If you would be interested in joining the 2020 Census team you can find more information here.

Dr. Moss recently stated "We have proven that we can not only survive during this pandemic but we can thrive!" As we close our school year we thought it would be nice to look back at all you have accomplished since the pandemic began and salute all of your hard work!

TEACHERS: After we returned from Spring Break teachers realized that the educational landscape had been turned upside down. H undreds of teachers quickly met and set in place plans to complete the following:
  • Determined essential standards to focus the learning without overwhelming the system
  • Identified tech-savvy teachers who would train peers, establish a digital platform and create videos to share with students
  • Identified leaders to be in charge of producing 6 weeks of hard copy packets
  • Identified a team leader who would oversee work of the grade levels & departments
Teachers accomplished these, as well as countless other tasks and duties as they reached out to our students and families to provide instruction through the rest of the semester.

SECRETARIES: They were tasked with printing and organizing weekly learning packets plus much more. They have printed over 15,000 packets. They maintained spreadsheets to monitor the increase and decrease of packet needed. Also, they had to finalize kindergarten enrollment during this already busy time.

PRINCIPALS: Being a principal is not an easy task on any given day, but t hey know their school population and its unique needs. They used this knowledge to handle the COVID pandemic to keep our students and staff safe while maintaining some sense of normalcy. They handed out meals one minute, produced videos the next, and kept up with typical spring school business in their spare time. Their leadership has been integral in our successful COVID response as a district. 

PARAPROFESSIONALS: Paras took on new roles in many different capacities. Their new duties ranged from preparing and delivering meals to providing child care for essential workers just to name a few.

ENGLISH LANGUAGE SERVICES & SPECIAL EDUCATION: These staff members had to become creative to serve 1700 kids that each had to receive individualized lessons and instruction. The teachers stepped up to the plate and made it happen and continue to volunteer to do even more than what is asked!

NURSES: Our nurses were at the ready for for any health related services we might need during the pandemic. They were the first to welcome parents at our health care and first responders childcare. Also, they rounded necessary medical supplies like thermometers and PPE for the District.

PARENTS AS TEACHER: Joplin Parents as teacher took the initiative to petition DESE to switch to virtual home visit with parents. Our plan worked so well that DESE recommended other district use Joplin model for their home visits as well.

FOOD SERVICE: Congratulations to our food service department for their outstanding accomplishment of preparing and packaging well over 300,000 breakfasts and lunches for our students since the pandemic began. Every day our staff put their hearts into their work to ensure our students are fed, and fed well! 

TRANSPORTATION: Our transportation department deserves a “shout out” for their work in delivering meals throughout the district. We are proud of their flexibility to deliver food and learning packets. In addition, several of our bus drivers have volunteered to mow and help out with landscaping which is a big help to our utility crew.

FACILITIES: We also need to offer our appreciation to our facilities department staff. Our custodians continue to ensure our buildings are clean and disinfected after staff members come to the building. Our goal is to make sure when people enter the building it is clean and as soon as they leave - we clean again. Also, our utility crew and craftsman have been working hard to work ahead! Many of our summer projects have been completed during this time period. Great job!

SAFETY & SECURITY: We have used this time to take advantage of a grant opportunity which, if funded, will help improve safety at the elementary and middle schools. In addition, close attention to the weather and our safe rooms is a focus of our efforts.

TECHNOLOGY: Another “shout out” goes to our technology department. Our IT folks have managed to distribute, monitor and repair (as needed), thousands of Chromebooks in order to allow our students to continue to be educated through the end of the semester. Their work in organizing this effort and maintaining our practices for internet safety is critical to our success.

ATHLETICS: Our final “shout out” goes to our athletic department for their work with our athletes and keeping them fit through video workouts. Our coaches have been actively communicating with their athletes since spring break. There has been a concerted effort to “check in” on our kids for their academic needs and their social and emotional well-being.

FINANCE:   Our payroll department has worked diligently to track the payroll costs of COVID related services such as childcare, meal preparation and delivery. In addition to these efforts, our entire finance staff have also been working hard on the software conversion to set up the SISFin software. They have continued working hard every day and we appreciate each one of them for their dedication!

HUMAN RESOURCES: The HR department continued to work through what is our busiest time of year dealing with resignations, retirements, and new hires. Likewise, they remained a point of contact for staff and administration in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Well done!
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August 7 - 28, 2020
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July 1, 2018 - June 30, 2019
(Report of the Superintendent to the School Board)
Premiums Collected

District ------------------ $3,925,836.00
Employee -------------- $1,558,703.00
Retiree and Cobra ----- $378,643.80
Interest Earned --------- $120,750.75
Total --------------------- $5,983,933.55
Fees and Claims Paid

Admin/Teledoc ---------- $206,694.78
Insurance Premium ---- $369,179.34
Health Claims --------- $3,817,839.28
Prescription Claims - $1,338,068.96
Total --------------------- $5,731,782.36

July 1, 2019 - March 31, 2020
(Report of the Superintendent to the School Board)
Premiums Collected

District ------------------- $2,794,580.00
Employee --------------- $1,122,197.39
Retiree and Cobra ------ $249,046.73
Interest Earned ------------ $95,148.38
Total ---------------------- $4,260,972.50
Fees and Claims Paid

Admin/Teledoc ----------- $193,436.49
Insurance Premium ----- $343,422.13
Health Claims ---------- $2,814,830.13
Prescription Claims ----$1,122,515.23
Total ---------------------- $4,474,203.98
Mandatory Annual Notices are posted to the district's website. You may also view them here by selecting either the PPO Plan's Annual Notice or the HSA Plan Annual Notice !
Cheers & Tears
Welcome to the Eagle Family
Please join us in welcoming our newest employees to the Eagle Family!

Remembering Joe
Joseph L. Rainey, Jr., age 44, Joplin, passed away at 4:22 p.m. Tuesday, May 5, 2020 at Mercy Hospital after a heart attack.

Joseph was born June 19, 1975 in Joplin to Joseph Rainey, Sr. and Nancy McCoy Rainey and had lived in the Joplin area all of his life.

He worked for the Joplin R-VIII School District for 26 years. Joseph was an outdoor enthusiast and was a member of the 3 State Family Boat Club.  He could be found camping, fishing and hunting any time he had a chance. Joseph was also an avid cook. There wasn't anything he couldn't fix. Joseph was a Christian and enjoyed working with the youth at Blendville Christian Church. He loved his family and will be missed by everyone that knew him.

Joseph married Tina Devins on April 22, 2006 in Joplin. She survives at the home.

Additional survivors include a son, Dalton Rainey, Culver City, California; a grandson, Brody; a sister, Teresa Barry and husband, Jim, Seneca; two brothers, David Rainey and wife, Rita, Joplin and Phillip Rainey and wife, Kimmie, Joplin; and many aunts; uncles; nieces and nephews. 
SafeSchools Training
Have questions related to COVID-19? SafeSchools has added a number of new courses related to Coronavirus. Topics include cleaning and disinfecting, managing stress and anxiety, preparing your household, and the transition to remote work.

  • Log in to SafeSchools
  • Click on Extra Training (left-hand side and looks like a play button)
  • Click on Health
  • Click on Coronavirus Course you're interested in

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Safety Tip
Wellness Tips
1.    Spend Time in Nature -   After being cooped up, it feels good to be outdoors and soak up the sun. Being in nature puts your body back into balance. Spending time in nature, such as a forest setting, has a positive physiological effect like boosting your immune system.

2.     Meditation   - meditating on a regular basis reduces stress and is extremely rejuvenating and energizing.

3.    Have Fun   - Having fun reduces our stress levels, increases endorphins and can even help reduce pain. Find safe and positive ways to play!

4.   Simplify   - Imagine clean, clutter-free surroundings. Feels good, doesn't it? Having things clutter-free makes us feel good on the inside. Our outside world is a reflection of our inside world. So, I don't know about you, but I'm going to put closet sorting and donating on my to-do-list, stat!

"Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less." - Marie Curie

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