AY 2020-21, Issue XVIII | February 12, 2021

R&B and neo-soul singer, UMI, played a seven-song set, accompanied by guitarist Mia Garcia, during a virtual concert Thursday organized by AUSG SUB. (left: Mia Garcia, right: UMI). 
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This is the latest edition of our newsletter covering our work from Feb. 5 to Feb 11. To read any of these stories and more, check out our main website or our coronavirus website, which covers news related to the pandemic. 

By: Isabel Wolff (iwolff@theeagleonline.com)
COVID-19 Update:

  • On Feb. 8, 24 cases were reported by the University for the week of Feb.1. There have been a total of 36 cases reported for the spring semester. Twenty-one of the previous week’s cases were reported from students living off-campus, and two of the cases were from faculty and staff. One case was reported among students living on campus. There have been more than 2,500 tests completed so far this semester, and nearly 1,000 tests were done last week. 

The Eagle Explains: Breaking down scenes in Silver Screen
By: Grace George, Silver Screen Editor (ggeorge@theeagleonline.com)

The past year has been a weird time for movies and moviegoing. In The Eagle’s Silver Screen section, we usually get loads of opportunities that allow students to attend early screenings of blockbuster movies. But since March 2020, attending movie theaters surrounded by strangers and eating candy in public without sanitizing your hands before every bite has become just one of my favorite activities that is now a serious health hazard. Along with every screening moving online, many major movies that were supposed to come out in theaters in 2020 had their release dates pushed back.

I’ve absolutely loved being the Silver Screen editor the past two semesters, but our writers have not had the same amount of opportunities to preview and review movies as usual. While everyone loves a good movie review, just writing a review often limits writers’ ability to really examine the aspects of film that impact them the most.

So, inspired by a series of articles by culture journalist Hunter Harris in which she tries to understand why certain movie lines get stuck in her head, I started “Scenes that Stick,” a new series in which Eagle writers analyze a specific scene from any movie of their choosing. This series gives writers the opportunity to discuss the technical elements of the scene they feel are impactful as well as any emotional elements that strike a chord with them. Each article explores how certain scenes from movies can reach us in unique ways and be indicative of greater phenomena we all experience.  

So far, we have five “Scenes that Stick” articles published, and we’re looking to put out a few more this semester. Give them a read if you see a movie you really love and, if you have a movie scene that has made a lasting impression on you, consider being a contributing writer to our section!


  • Lawyers for American University and a student who was forcibly removed from her apartment by AUPD in fall 2019 have filed for a protective order in the case. The order was issued by a judge on Monday, and has classified parts of the case as confidential.

  • Although the District is in the early stages of distributing COVID-19 vaccines, there is still a long way to go before most students will become eligible to receive it.

  • As part of its Exploring Social Justice Series, the AU Library hosted an event with Georgetown University professor Marcia Chatelain about the prevalence of fast food in communities of color.


  • Activist Spotlight: AU alum Nick Lee’s “The Cultural Reset” connects BIPOC and LGBTQ+ artists, fans and music executives to create a more inclusive industry.

  • Lynne Sachs' "Film About a Father Who" follows an absent and negligent father through his everyday endeavors, writes Silver Screen Editor Grace George.

  • The “Liminal Space” art exhibit in Tenleytown features five artists whose art offers the viewer a chance to reflect on the events of the past year.

  • Scenes that Stick: The final scene in “La La Land” is a stark contrast from the vibrant, upbeat tone of the rest of the film, and challenges the perfect Hollywood ending, which is what makes the movie great.

  • Life staff writer Eileen Murray writes about how rice cake soup brings her closer to her blended Chinese and Singaporean heritage in the latest edition of Comfort Foods.

  • R&B singer UMI performed for AU students at a virtual concert hosted by the AUSG Student Union Board, bringing her unique sound into students' homes.

  • Silver Screen: Director Barry Jenkins explores the love language of touch between Black men in his acclaimed film "Moonlight."

  • From scrapbooking to secondhand shopping, here are some ideas for showing some eco-friendly affection this Valentine's Day.

  • Club Feature: Latinx and American Student Organization has worked to promote diversity and inclusivity in a virtual setting, by holding events with speakers including former HUD Sec. Julián Castro to speak on issues affecting Latinx communities.

  • Scenes that Stick: "Whiplash" explores the obsession with success amid a story of abuse in the life of a rising young musician.


  • On Feb. 5, AU’s athletic department entered a 10-day shutdown after an increase in COVID-19 test positivity rates. Across men’s basketball, women’s basketball, wrestling and cross country, twelve competitions were postponed for that period, seven of which were postponed prior to the shutdown.

  • Before the pause was announced, Sports staff writer Owen Dunn gave a preview of AU wrestling’s upcoming season. New interim head coach Jason Grimes will lead a young team through an unprecedented season. 

  • After her breakout season last year, lacrosse co-captain Emma Vinall was selected as a Preseason All-American honorable mention by Inside Lacrosse, which is the first in program history for AU. Vinall was also named to the Patriot League Preseason All-League Team.

  • Sophomore Karla Vreš has become one of the women's basketball team's strongest assets, leading the Eagles in field goal percentage, 3-point percentage and blocks, securing her placement in the starting lineup.

  • Our latest staff editorial: "How can an organization being held accountable for the culture it perpetuates truly examine itself with enough objectivity to create real change? The likely answer is that it can’t."

  • Opinion: "Greek life is antiquated, gender-restrictive, secretive and dangerous. Just because Greek life at AU strives to do better does not change this."

  • Opinion: "Labs are supposed to be educational and fun. You are supposed to leave the lab knowing more than when you entered. Last semester, it was neither."

  • Opinion: "The current state of affairs is no one’s fault. I can’t blame an intangible viral strain for my experience, nor an academic institution for implementing what is safest, so it’s difficult to work through the complexity of our situation as students." 

  • Opinion: "Charisma and likeability have been a determining factor for voters for decades. However, at AU, many of us are privileged to understand the political system thoroughly enough to weigh policy more than optics."