"Love ought to show itself in deeds more than in words."
-St. Ignatius of Loyola

December 1, 2020
Early Action Application Deadline for a 2021 JCU Summer in the City Internship is this Sunday!
Build advocacy skills, engage in community-based research, and explore Cleveland through an internship with CSSA's 2021 JCU Summer in the City Internship Program!

  • Early Action Deadline: Sunday, December 6, 2020 at midnight (informed of your status on December 18, 2020)

  • Regular Application Deadline: Sunday, January 31, 2021 at midnight (informed of your status on February 19, 2021)

The JCU Summer in the City Internship Program provides an opportunity for students to engage the issues of homelessness, advocacy, service, solidarity, and social change through this internship. Twelve paid internships will enable qualified students to explore the systems and structures behind many of the current social issues of our times. This ten-week, full-time, paid immersive experience will place students with a nonprofit community organization in Cleveland involved in advocacy work addressing these social issues. Students will use their internship experience to prepare a research project for the organization that promotes social change. Interns also receive a $3,500 stipend for their work. Internships are open to all sophomore, junior, and senior undergraduates and graduate students.

Visit THIS LINK for more information about the JCU Summer in the City Internship!

Questions? Email service@jcu.edu
All New: Social Innovation Summer Internships

This year three new internships in social innovation will be awarded. These three internships will enable qualified students who are committed to supporting and advocating for social innovation in the Cleveland community by creating, implementing, and assessing entrepreneurial ideas. Students will be placed with a social entrepreneur working for sustainable social change in their community. Possible internship placements would be working with organizations trying to develop cooperatives for services, developing incubators for social change, or in some way working for sustainable social change in their community.

For more information click THIS LINK
Should you apply? Find out why from past interns!

Watch the recording of our Advocacy and Social Justice Summer Internship Showcase. Also, explore our Summer in the City Internship Showcase website and hear from 2020 Summer Interns and explore their work, placement, and experience.

Do you need time to stop and catch your breath as the semester is coming to a close? Hit the pause button and reflect! Take time to explore where you have been, where you are now, and where you are going. The "Now What?" Workshop will help you reflect on your service experience and give you practical tools and supports to examine and discern the next steps you will take personally, practically, and academically.

Learn about exciting courses to take, service opportunities to think about for next semester, non-profit internships, and summer jobs that meet your needs and interests.

All students who have participated in community service and/or non-profit internships are encouraged to attend!

Date: Monday, December 7, 2020
Time: 5:00 - 6:15 pm on Zoom
Click here to register and bring a friend!

Join us and we'll help you figure out the "now what's" of service and learn how to move from experience to action - with door prizes included!

Questions? Email service@jcu.edu
Apply or Nominate for a 2021 Community Service Award!

John Carroll University recognizes and honors individuals who have made a difference in the lives of others through involvement in the community. Click on each award below to learn more about the application and nomination processes and see past winners.

  • In the spirit of St. Edmund Campion, the George B. Sweeney Endowed Campion Award for Community Service recognizes one sophomore student and one junior student each year with a demonstrated record of involvement in community service and social action, dedication to a faith tradition and/or spirituality, and strong evidence of leadership potential. Students - apply now!

Application deadline for all awards is Friday, December 18 by 5:00 pm.
Assist Low-Income Individuals with Preparing Their Tax Returns and Earn Class Credit!
The Center for Service and Social Action and the Boler College of Business Kramer School of Accountancy and Information Science Department are recruiting students to participate in the federal Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program, which helps low to moderate-income individuals and families prepare their income tax returns without professional fees. Service-learning courses are being offered for 0 and 1 credit options in Spring 2021 through the Department of Accountancy.
Course registration is open now!

  • 0 credit - AC 273
  • 1 credit - AC 270

  • 0 credit - AC 373
  • 1 credit - AC 370

  • 0 credit - AC 473
  • 1 credit - AC 470
There is a mandatory virtual training, Saturday, January 23 from 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM, and students in the course typically are required to assist with two tax preparation Saturdays in the spring. The tax preparation will be conducted virtually with the assistance of Cuyahoga EITC Coalition. 

Students of all majors are welcome to register! 

For additional information, contact Dr. Jerry Weinstein in the Kramer School of Accountancy at weinstein@jcu.edu or John Jackson in the Center for Service and Social Action at jnjackson@jcu.edu.
Sustainable Holidays

During the holiday season, food and gifts contribute to a high increase in household waste. According to the Ohio EPA, Americans throw out 25% more trash and 33% more food than any other time of the year. That amounts to 25 million extra tons of garbage that goes into landfills, creating more greenhouse gases such as methane, which is ultimately released into the atmosphere.

While this year’s holiday season may look a little different and perhaps include only your immediate household members, we encourage you to keep holiday waste to a minimum, to create a sustainable habit for years to come. Here are some tips to reduce waste over the holidays by making a few changes to our annual routines:
  1. Give Experiences
  2. Shop Local
  3. Give of your time, creativity, and presence

For more creative ideas on how to enter into the holiday season sustainably go HERE!

Why lakes and rivers should have the same rights as humans by Kelsey Leonard

Water is essential to life. Yet in the eyes of the law, it remains largely unprotected -- leaving many communities without access to safe drinking water, says legal scholar Kelsey Leonard. In this powerful talk, she shows why granting lakes and rivers legal "personhood" -- giving them the same legal rights as humans -- is the first step to protecting our bodies of water and fundamentally transforming how we value this vital resource.

Stop the damage to our national forests

Our national forests are home to tremendous diversity and richness of forest life that hold significant value for people across the country. Not only do they collect and filter our drinking water, clean the air we breathe, and provide habitat for wildlife, but they also generate jobs and special areas for recreation.

Despite the importance of our national forests, they are facing unprecedented threats: extreme drought, growing rates of pests, and worst of all — severe mega fires. These supersized fires, which burn more than 100,000 acres at a time, were once very rare, but now occur every single year.

The destruction caused by these wildfires has made it impossible for some of our precious forestlands to recuperate. But we can change that by passing the REPLANT Act in Congress. The Act would guarantee 1.4 billion trees are planted or restored over the next decade to help forestlands recuperate. It would also create close to 56,000 jobs that would strengthen rural areas hit hard by COVID-19.

Living the Mission Episode 8: Wrap Up and Reflect
We are so glad that you have joined us on this journey through Season 1 of Living the Mission. In the final installment for the season, Episode 8: Give Yourself Some Grace, Caroline and Delaney reflect on their conversations around the Social Change Model of Leadership and being a Socially Responsible Leader. They have explored the hardships and the struggles and learned how to embrace all of it, right where they are. Opening yourself up to different and difficult conversations allows you to recognize the challenges that come alongside this type of leadership, and also provides you the space for tremendous growth. Give yourself some grace for how far you’ve come, then join us next year for Season 2!

You can also listen to Living the Mission on Spotify, Overcast, Anchor, Google Podcasts, and Apple Podcasts
First-Year Student Rise to the Challenge Winners
First-Year JCU students participated in CSSA's Cards of Caring Challenge and the CSSA Sticker Challenge! CSSA sent out a mailing that included two blank, prepaid postcards and a #ServeCLE sticker. We invited First-Year students to be a force for good and send postcards to Eliza Bryant Village and Grafton Correctional Facility and send us how they planned to #ServeCLE while at JCU. Thank you to everyone who participated!

We received some great submissions and would like to congratulate our first, second, and third place winners!
First Place: Meghan Maselko won a CSSA Fleece

Second Place: Vilma Dudatis won a
CSSA Tumbler
Third Place: Michael Bevington

Third Place: Carson Konyecsni 
Third Place: Zachary Brinks

We had three third place winners and they each won a CSSA Baseball Cap!

Are you a First-Year student and forgot to send in your postcards? No worries! You can still mail your postcards to Eliza Bryant and Grafton Correctional Facility to brighten someone's day for the holidays!
Our #MyMagisMessage for the week comes from CSSA Student Liaison, Erin Ahern, a senior Sociology & Criminology and Psychology double major with a Statistics minor from Twinsburg, OH! Erin has served with St. Francis, the Intergenerational School, and Thomas Jefferson International Newcomer's Academy.

If you had to state your life mission off the top of your head, in one sentence, what would it be?
My life mission is simply to bring as much unconditional love and joy to the world as possible.

Where am I in my life? I would think this should be a simple question to answer, but with the change and pressure this semester has brought, I have not taken enough time to pause and reflect on where and who I am. I know I am a senior and will soon be graduating. I know that I am likely attending law school after graduation. I know, that like many people, I am struggling with all of the distraught 2020 has brought to our country and the globe.

But I am exactly where I am meant to be.

There is no doubt that this year has brought immeasurable struggle and hardship to people all over the world. We have all faced financial, physical, and mental challenges. It can feel extremely draining and at times hopeless. I am able to trust where I am meant to be in my life and that the challenges and disappointments of this year are shaping me into the woman I am on a mission to become, and allows me to see light past the struggle and live the magis. Right now, living the magis means putting faith into the process of self-growth and trusting that where I am now is leading me to a stronger version of myself. It means being able to see that while the world's struggle and my struggles are real, there is hope in knowing that I will be stronger because of it.

Where I see myself grow the most is in community with others. Whether it be friends, family, or colleagues, learning more about others helps me simultaneously learn more about myself and the world around me. Being a part of CSSA and having the opportunity to serve for and with others has led me to understand my mission. Seeing the immense joy and love that the students at all of my service sites have brought to those around them, including myself, has cultivated my passion for bringing more joy and love to the world. Especially during this semester, being able to form community with students at service has helped me recognize that building relationships and continuing to learn from others helps me live the magis, and the self-growth I have seen throughout service and throughout 2020 is leading me to my mission and to the person I hope to become.
Monday, November 30 .... Weekly Service Resumes
Sunday, December 6 .... Early Action Deadline for 2021 Summer in the City Internship Applications
Sunday, December 6 .... Last Day of Fall 2020 Service
Monday, December 7 .... Now What? Workshop | 5:00 - 6:15 pm
December 14-18 .... Final Exams - Good Luck!
December 23 - January 3 .... JCU Closed for Christmas and New Year Break
Sunday, January 31 .... Regular Application Deadline for 2021 Summer in the City Internship
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