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What's New in Sex Ed?
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Six thousand OER items added to Curriculum Matrix
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Updating Standards is Tricky Business
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What's new in the repository? 

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Computer Science is becoming the rule in American schools

Greetings everyone,       

Are there new markets you are looking to explore? Perhaps marketing your content internationally? Or to one of the many Catholic Dioceses in the U.S.? Or to the Department of Defense Schools? EdGate often adds standards to our repository in support of our client's unique opportunities.  We announce these new standards in our monthly newsletter and via social media (and we are working on a means for our clients to sign up for auto-notifications).  Please let us know if you are interested in any of the following standard sets. These are standards we have been closely studying!  
  • U.S. Catholic Dioceses curriculum standards
  • PRDEPuerto Rico Department of Education (English)
  • PRDESPPuerto Rico Departamento De Educación (Español)
  • Finland National Core Curriculum (in English)
  • India Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) 
As always, EdGate is your source for staying current with new developments in education and the impact of educational standards.

Gina Faulk
EdGate General Manager
HotTopicHot Topic

What's New in Sex Ed?

In the series "Educating the 21st Century Child" Erik Hawkins address the changing needs in Sex Education for today's teenagers. An unprecedented level of access to technology and near constant interaction with social media mean that students are often far ahead of sex education curriculum.

According to Nora Gelperin, the director of sexuality education and training at Advocates for Youth, a national education organization, "It takes someone with a strong educational background to be able to address more issues of mental health, navigating safely online and a lot of the issues regarding anxiety and depression - how does that show up in your friendships or romantic relationships?" Gelperin has been teaching human sexuality and training education professionals for more than 20 years, and was part of the team that developed a set of national sexuality education standards that has been adopted by 32 states.

Although students have access to an endless supply of information through the Internet, it can be hard to know what is accurate. The National Sexuality Education Standards Core Content and Skills, which Gelperin helped to develop, stress that by the end of eighth grade, students should be able to identify accurate sources of information about sexual health, gender expression and sexual orientation, as well as reproductive health care and sexually transmitted diseases. This is just one example of how national sex education standards directly address issues facing today's youth.

Contact EdGate if you are interested in National Sex Education Standards or visit http://www.futureofsexed.org/nationalstandards.html to learn more. 

Project Manager
ClientSolutionClient Solution

Need OER?  We've just added 6,000 new OER items to our Repository.  
Over the last few months EdGate has bolstered its vast repository of aligned educational resources by aligning more than 6,000 new resources for the Curriculum Matrix® from these sources: Algebra Help, Character First Education, Character.org, CommonLit, EconEd, Extreme Science, Georgia Virtual Learning, IEP, Math Assessment Resources (MARS), Math Facts Café, Mathway, National Zoo, Paul's Online Math Notes, Random Acts of Kindness, Science for Kids, The Ned Show, and Wonderopolis.  Additionally the alignments of another 4,000 resources will be available in the repository soon from these sources: E Reading Worksheets, GCFLearnFree, Grammar Revolution, GrammarBook.com, Illustrative Math, Royal Society of Chemistry, Smithsonian, Starfall, The Punctuation Guide, Weather Wiz Kids, and YouTube. The Curriculum Matrix was created almost two decades ago as a much needed resource for educators to easily access standards-aligned educational resources. The Curriculum Matrix has now grown to a repository of over 500,000 grade-specific, standards-aligned OER and free resources and is available for licensing or white labeling.  

If you would like more information about licensing the alignments of these resources please contact our  Account Executives  for more information.

By: Kathleen Ideguchi
Project Manager
TeachingTrendsState Highlight

California has become the first state in the US to adopt textbooks that highlight the contributions of people who contributed to the development of California and the US as lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender. State education officials and publishers struggled with how to describe the sexual orientation of people who in the past had hidden their orientation. With the adoption of the books, California has set a precedent, or at the least, provided a model for others. Eliza Byard, executive director of GLSEN, a national educational organization based in New York, says educators throughout the country are already incorporating LGBT lessons into their classrooms, helping to make schools 'safe and affirming' for LGBT students.
California's Social Studies Curricular framework requires publishers to "include the roles and contributions of people from different demographic groups, including LGBT Americans". In addition, the state's Social Content Standards, adopted by the state board in 2013, ensure that instructional materials reflect a pluralistic, multicultural society composed of unique individuals, and require LGBT contributions to be discussed when it is historically accurate to do so.
One ethics issue at large is one of privacy; is it right to publish one's orientation, if they do not want it public?

By:  Larry Johnson 
Project Manager
EdgateServicesEdGate Services

Updating Standards is Tricky Business

If you are an educational publisher, chances are you are painfully aware that keeping up with every state and the changes they make to standards is a sticky wicket.
It is estimated that changes to standards occur at approximately 30% each year across the U.S., but how do you know which ones update and when?
As a current recipient of this newsletter, you receive complimentary monthly updates in the section below.
For those who have an interest in International or Supplemental standards, below is a sampling of other sets we track in our system:

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • India
  • Mexico
  • Singapore
  • Thailand
  • United Arab Emirates
  • And more...
  • 21st Century Skills
  • Advanced Placement
  • Archdiocese
  • College and Career Readiness
  • HeadStart
  • And more...
For a full list of standards, please visit our website at http://correlation.edgate.com/standards/index.html.

For more information about EdGate, our services, and partners, please contact us and one of our Account Executives will be happy to schedule an appointment with you.

Gina Faulk 
General Manager 
Tracy Olstad,  
Senior Account Executive  
Heather Hawthorne
Account Manager
standardsStandards Update

Updates to The EdGate Standards Repository include:
  • College, Career and Civic Life (C3) Framework for Social Studies (2017 - Grades K-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12)
  • Georgia CTE Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) (2013 - Grades 9-12)
  • Model School Library Standards for California Public Schools (2010 - Grades K,1,2,3,4,5,6,7-8,9-12)
  • New York City Social Studies Scope and Sequence (2014 - Grades 6,7,8)
  • New York City Social Studies Scope and Sequence (2014 - Grades 9,10,11,12)
  • Utah CTE Technology and Engineering Education (STEM) (2016 - Grades 8-12) 

Using Dungeons and Dragons to teach English as a Second Language

West Liberty High School in Iowa is trying a new approach to ESL instruction. Using Dungeons and Dragons, an interactive storytelling gamestudents get to create stories and think about language in a way that hasn't been done before.

Computer Science is becoming the rule in America's schools

Schools around the country began embracing computer science in 2017. Now many states are moving forward with legislation to make it a mandatory subject.

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