June 22, 2021
 Issue: 53   
PFT Says Goodbye to Some Amazing Educators! 
A message from President Perry Fuchs 
Good afternoon Sisters and Brothers of the Plainedge Federation of Teachers,
As another great school year comes to an end in Plainedge, we will be saying goodbye to nine of our members who are completing their final year in education. Please take a minute to read about our retirees, as we honor them in this newsletter and wish them nothing but the best of health and happiness as they begin the next chapter of their lives! In solidarity.
Sharon Archer
Unbelievably, Sharon has been a teacher in the Plainedge School District since 1987. She started her career in Schwarting Elementary School teaching kindergarten and moved to teach 2nd grade at John H West in 1993. For the last 27 years, Sharon has taught every grade at West from 1st through 4th, and even spent some time teaching AIS. She is currently retiring as a 4th grade teacher.
When questioned about her plans in retirement, Sharon responded, "I am totally looking forward to spending a lot of time with my family - especially my grandsons - in my retirement. I also have another grandbaby on the way!"
While Sharon says that she won't miss the commute, she will definitely miss all of Plainedge and the very special, kind, caring, and amazing people that she has had the wonderful opportunity to work with. As Sharon departs Plainedge to spend more time with her family and grandchildren, she would like to share the following with her colleagues and friends: "Enjoy the summer.  My best to you all!"  
Lee Ann Cherpak
Lee Ann's astonishing career of 33 years at Plainedge started with teaching kindergarten at John H. West and then teaching kindergarten, 1st grade, and Reading at Eastplain. She feels truly blessed to share thatthe list of her fondest memories of Plainedge is enormous! According to Lee Ann, a few of her favorite include, "A child looking to me with incredible trust on the first day of school. Being honored by high school students years later when I only thought I was a shadow in their past. Thinking I was coaching my "sweeties" to be successful learners, critical thinkers, and inventors when all the while they were teaching me. Witnessing a child read for the first time regardless of his or her age. Being supported and loved to the ends of the Earth during my heart wrenching days with all of you never allowing me to lose an ounce of dignity. Laughing with colleagues (goodness, the laughs-vinegar tales, a resourceful child answering in "French" because he didn't know the name of the letter, dancing on stage in the talent show thinking we were the cat's meow, driving through the toll booth and inadvertently not paying on our way to TC, and oh so many blueberries) and sharing beautiful moments with my extraordinary colleagues." The endless memories are etched in Lee Ann's heart forever.
As Lee Ann contemplates different activities in retirement, she knows for sure that she will "spend more time with my dear family, precious granddaughter, and cherished friends. Instead of work, all the richness life has to offer will soon fill my days." To her beloved Plainedge Family, Lee Ann offers these final thoughts, "I wish you all laughter, joy, love, wonderment, and, yes, bountiful books!"
Donna Ciolino
Donna has been a permanent fixture at Plainedge Middle School since she was hired 32 years ago. She has spent her long and distinguished career mainly teaching ELA to 6th graders, but has also taught pretty much every subject that 6th graders would take during their educational journey. Donna feels very lucky to have spent her entire career with her Plainedge Middle School family.
Donna has many fond memories of Plainedge, but according to her, some that stick out the most are, "All the amazing co-workers and students I've had the privilege of working with throughout the years. I have made many lifelong friends who I will always treasure." Being born and raised right up the block from the High School, Plainedge has always been a huge part of Donna's life, and she's enjoyed seeing her childhood friend's children in her classes. Towards the end of her career, she's also had the pleasure of teaching children of former students as well.
When asked about her retirement plans, Donna responded that, "My husband and I just built a home in Southport, NC, and we will be moving down at the end of June.  I plan to continue working in education, volunteering in the schools in Southport and the surrounding area.   I am also looking forward to spending time with family and traveling when the world opens up!" As Donna moves on to enjoy time with her family in North Carolina, she would like to leave her colleagues with the following message, "I will miss you all and consider myself truly blessed to be part of the Plainedge Family!"
Jacqueline Collins

Jackie began her career teaching in Plainedge in 1990 and was very fortunate to spend her entire career educating children at Schwarting Elementary School. Over the years, Jackie has had the privilege of teaching a variety of grades including kindergarten, 2nd, 3rd, and as Jackie loves to exclaim, "I loved them all!"
Although Jackie is very excited to be retiring, she is definitely going to miss being part of such an incredible elementary school. According to Jackie, "I'm going to miss the wonderful colleagues, students, and families I have met throughout my time here. I feel truly grateful that teaching in Plainedge has been a part of my life!"
Joanne Joyce
Joanne has been teaching at Plainedge High School for the last 30 years. Although she was originally hired as a business teacher, she made her way over to the Social Studies Department when an opening occurred due to retirements. Since then, Joanne has enjoyed teaching history to countless Plainedge High School students. When asked to reflect on her long and distinguished career, the only thought that she could think of was that the "staff at Plainedge is absolutely wonderful."
Joanne is uncertain what the future holds for her in retirement, but she said there is one thing for sure: she will "relax and enjoy her well-deserved retirement". Throughout her time here in Plainedge, Joanne has made many lifelong friends and wishes them all the "best of happiness and good health," as she departs from the High School one final time.
Jonathan Mosenson
Jonathan came to Plainedge 8 years ago after doing a leave replacement for a semester at Long Beach High School teaching culinary arts and international cuisine. Throughout his time in Plainedge Middle School, Jonathan has enjoyed teaching both 6th grade Family & Consumer Sciences and 8th grade Entrepreneurship. Interestingly, because Jonathan was part time for a few years in Plainedge, he will also be receiving his tenure appointment this June at the same time he is retiring, a feat accomplished by very few educators.
When asked to recall his favorite memories while in education, Jonathan responded, "There hasn't been one day these past 8 years that I have woken up and haven't been happy to come to work.  Everyday brought something new.  Getting to meet and work with all of the staff throughout the district has been very rewarding."
As far as Jonathan's plans in retirement are concerned, Jonathan wanted his colleagues to know, "We just sold our house and are moving to our new home in Port St. Lucie Florida in August. In addition, I plan to spend a lot of time with my 10-month old grandson, Ryan."
Now that Jonathan's teaching career is coming to an end and he is embarking on the next part of his life's journey, he would like to share the following thoughts with his colleagues,"As a career changer, I never could have imagined how fulfilling these past 8 years have been in Plainedge.  I will certainly miss all of my colleagues, but even more, I will miss the kids."
Renee Stegner
Renee is ecstatic to finally complete her 30-year career as an educator in the Plainedge Public Schools! Perhaps unbelievably, Renee has been teaching 1st grade at Schwarting Elementary School throughout her whole time here in Plainedge. In addition to teaching, Renee started the drama club at Schwarting and was the club's first advisor for 5 years. She has also spent the last four years of her career on the PFT council, faithfully serving our Schwarting membership as PFT Building Representative - an experience that Renee feels has been very rewarding.
As far as retirement goes, Renee doesn't have any elaborate plans as of yet, but certainly wants to travel and spend a lot more time with her beautiful family. When asked to reflect on the fondest memories of her career, Renee said, "I have been so blessed to work with so many dedicated, caring teachers that have become my close friends. It has been a privilege to teach so many wonderful children. Schwarting has truly been my home away from home. I will miss the positive energy of the students and the creativity of my colleagues!"
Christine Rutigliano
Christine is thrilled to have completed an amazing 33 years in Plainedge as an elementary school teacher, spending her entire career at Eastplain Elementary School, mostly teaching fifth grade. Christine says she has so many fond memories of her "home away from home". According to Christine, "I will cherish the relationships I have forged with my colleagues and students as I begin this new chapter in my life. Plainedge is a place where we work together to find solutions when problems arise. Plainedge is a community that sticks together one generation to the next. I will miss the companionship and the joy I felt while teaching."
In retirement, Christine is looking forward to starting a new adventure exploring her love of art, music and nature. She is also looking forward to traveling and spending time with her many friends and family.
As Christine departs Plainedge for the final time to start the next leg of her life's journey, she would like to leave her colleagues with the following message, "Thank you to my Plainedge family for your support and encouragement through my 33 years!"  
Susanne Siegler
Sue has spent 32 out of 37 years of her teaching career in the Plainedge School District. Although Sue has taught music her entire career, her duties in that tenure area have included a mixture of band, orchestra, and general music. She has spent her time in a few different buildings, teaching 17 years at John H West, 10 years at the Middle School, and the last 5 years at Eastplain Elementary School.
When questioned about some of her fondest memories of Plainedge, Sue responded, "Some of my fondest memories would be when I took my Middle School students to competitions. Whether it was the LI Music Festival in 6th grade, NYSSMA in 7th grade, or Music in The Parks during 8th grade, it was always so much fun to be around the kids, outside of school and seeing their faces light up when the results came in." In addition to competitions, Sue recalls, "While at West, I enjoyed taking the band and orchestra to the Plainedge Community Center and local nursing homes to perform for our senior citizens each year. It was a positive experience for all." During her time in Eastplain, Sue's fondest memories include having many students take part in the NYSSMA Solo Festival. According to Sue, "Most of all, I cherish knowing that my students gained a love and appreciation of music.  It was an honor to work with so many students throughout the years and to inspire many of them to pursue a career in music."
In retirement, Sue plans on simply doing a lot of traveling while continuing to perform music when she can. Reflecting on her time here in Plainedge, Sue has these final words to offer her colleagues, "Having taught in multiple buildings, I had the opportunity to meet and get to know so many nice and friendly people along the way.  I will cherish the friendships I have made forever." 

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