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Issue #38

Breaking barrier

The Biggest Barrier to Improving Customer Experience

Whether you lead a team, department, division, or organization, customer experience leadership has never been more important. You might be surprised at what I've found to be the biggest barrier to success.

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Brad Cleveland in online course Customer Service Leadership

Prioritizing Service Improvements

As a leader, you face many choices when deciding where and how to improve service. So, which issues do you tackle first?

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Image-Nurse answering telemedicine calls

Being Available for Customers

One of the biggest challenges in many organizations is that the work arrives randomly from moment to moment. Those delivering services don’t control customer arrival rate. 

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Brad Cleveland in online course Calculating the Value and ROI of Customer Service

Calculating Referred Customer Value

Customers who are referred to a business tend to spend more than customers who come in from marketing. Good service gets referrals and those referrals are valuable. 

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When a company makes customers feel appreciated, 76% indicate they’ll keep their business with the brand, 80% say they will spend more with the brand, and 87% will recommend the brand to friends and family members.

(Forrester, 2021) More stats

Resource Spotlight

Customer Queue Calculator

Provides data on queue behavior given staffing levels, desired service level and average handling time.

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