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Issue #43

Meeting to control costs

Controlling Contact Center Costs—the Right Way

With the current economic challenges, many organizations are likely to look for ways to control costs as they serve customers. Done right, these efforts can be successful. But the wrong approach can backfire in the form of new and/or hidden costs, frustrated employees and dissatisfied customers.


One thing is certain: reducing costs across the board does not work well. Insufficient staff, network or other resources can quickly lead to long queues, additional contacts (e.g., when customers use multiple channels to reach the organization) and intolerable agent occupancy rates. The fallout, among other problems—costs go even higher.


"One thing is certain: reducing costs across the board does not work well.”

It is possible to control costs and maintain services that support your brand and great customer experiences. Here are some key principles..Read more

Companies that leverage the most customer data—those in the top 25% of managing data relative to other similar companies—see 36% faster resolutions and a 79% reduction in wait times. 

Source: Zendesk

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